Filipinos in Bahrain Warned Against Online Scams

The Philippine Embassy in Bahrain has issued a warning to Filipino expats in the kingdom regarding internet and telecom scammers who are preying on their community.

The warning was issued after several incidences involving several Filipino citizens in the country have been reported, as per officials.

Filipinos in Bahrain Warned Against Online Scams

Pinoys in Bahrain Warned by PH Embassy against Latest Online Scams

According to Philippines Ambassador Alphonso Ver, they have received reports of Filipino nationals participating in fraudulent online sweepstakes, GDN Online reported.

Around 58,000 Filipinos are working in Bahrain, 18,000 of them are domestic workers.

Scammers use this method to entice Filipinos to join by promising “big prizes.”

According to Ver, several incidents occurred during the Philippines’ Independence Day celebration on June 12.

Ver urged Filipino nationals not to fall for Internet frauds that promised large profits and urged the community to avoid gambling, card games, and other similar activities forbidden in Bahrain and carry harsh consequences.

Because Bahrain is an Islamic country, all types of gambling are prohibited. Although sports fans in Bahrain can freely enjoy a wide selection of sporting activities, including Formula One racing, they will not be able to legally and freely bet real money on any of those sporting events.

Those caught gambling in public areas face a three-month prison sentence and a 300 BD (Php 38,289) fine. If a gambler is discovered repeating the offence, he or she faces a year in prison and a fine of 500 BD (Php 63,815). Those who run gambling establishments or host gambling activities face a fine of 1,000 BD and a year in prison. Furthermore, the government would close business establishments that sponsor gaming activities and remove their licenses.

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