Former OFW Writes Suicide Note, Jumps from Cell Site Tower

Amid a global outbreak, rising unemployment, and increasing costs of food and other goods, these are troubling times, indeed. However, things becomes even more heartbreaking when we hear tragic stories involving our fellow Pinoys, such as the one we share below.

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Recently, a 37-year-old man was declared dead on arrival at a hospital. The man, a former overseas Filipino worker (OFW), had jumped off a cell site tower in the town of Benito Soliven, Isabela.

Former OFW Writes Suicide Note Jumps from Cell Site Tower 2
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Man Jumps to His Death from Cell Site Tower

The man was identified as Jerome Kervy Mapilisan, a resident of Barangay District 1 in Benito Soliven, reported last Thursday, January 14.

In a statement to the police, Jerome’s family said that depression could have been the reason why he decided to end his life. He left behind a suicide note stating that he had a big problem, but he did not share any details. He also sent a text message, saying that he did not want to be a burden to his parents.

Meanwhile, Bombo Radyo also reported about the incident, stating that Jerome’s parents did not expect he would commit suicide, especially since he got involved in an accident a few months ago.

The report mentioned that in his text message, Jerome asked for forgiveness from his parents, and requested them to take good care of his children. The message also mentioned that his family would remember him every time they looked at the abandoned cell site tower.

Notably, the family is convinced that there was no foul play in the way that Jerome died.

We may not know the full story of why Jerome decided to end his life, but still, we would like to extend our sincere condolences to the grieving family. Mental health is a serious issue that could affect anybody, and it’s important for us to be aware of such matters.

If you or anyone you know is going through a tough time right now — please do not hesitate to reach out to your family, friends, counselors, and other people who care about you. More importantly, do not forget to pray and seek God when you are feeling sad and troubled.

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