HYPE Unveils New Pinoy-Made Transport App

After months of long wait, the newest Filipino-made ride-hailing app, HYPE, has finally been introduced last Oct 21 (Sunday) at the SMX Convention Centre.

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Like its Singapore-based counterpart, Grab, Hype was created to offer pre-arranged transportation services between passengers and registered car owners and taxi operators.


HYPE Introduces New Pinoy-made Transport App

One of the key differences between the two, however, is that Hype is founded and managed by a Filipino company – from the owner down to the staff.

Operated by Hype Transport System, Inc, the latest ride-hailing service brands itself as a “viable transport alternative.”

According to Mr. Nicanor Escalante, president of Hype Transport Systems, Inc., the brand aims to provide Filipinos the option to choose the most affordable, convenient, and safest, with the most number of transport options available.

The Hype app has five (5) ride options: HYPE Taxi, HYPE Pool, HYPE Sedan, HYPE AUV, and the brand’s premium ride, HYPE SUV.

Base fare starts at PHP 40 with an additional PHP 14 charge for each kilometre travelled. Price surges will be capped off at twice the original fare.

Another key difference between the two ride-hailing services is that the Hype app allows users to book rides through text messaging.

Hype’s Chief Technology Officer John Cordoniz Jr. explained at the event launch that the app has the capability to detect whether the user is connected to a Wi-Fi network or on mobile data.

Otherwise, the app will redirect the user to a page with the option to book a ride via text message.

Additionally, the app also has unique features such as the “panic button” which notifies customer service if the driver or passenger is in danger or in an emergency situation. This was due to the fact other vehicle network service providers have seen an increase in harassment cases among riders in the past months.

The entry of a new industry player should benefit the riding public since having more players would mean lower fare costs. Also, not one company would dictate how prices will be set. This means that fairness will be emphasized and the major deciding factor would be the riding public.


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