OWWA Introduces New OFW E-Card

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration has recently launched the new OFW E-Card through Philippine Overseas Labour Offices (POLOs) abroad.

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The OWWA OFW E-card is currently still on its developmental phase and will be issued to active OWWA members and OFWs who possess a valid Balik-Manggagawa OEC/Exemption Number and a Philippine passport for FREE. The card shall be considered a valid government ID which can be presented at any POLO or Consular Office of the Philippine government overseas.

OWWA Rolls out New OFW E-Card

Holders of the new OFW E-card shall enjoy the following benefits:

  • Faster transactions and availment of OWWA programs and services;
  • Possession of a digital OWWA OFW e-card via the OWWA mobile app, which can be used as the actual OFW e-card;
  • Less paper requirements as this will also serve as an exit clearance when leaving the Philippines;
  • Issuance of a permanent OWWA/OFW membership number;
  • Additional government-issued ID.

How to Apply for the OWWA OFW E-Card

As of now, only OFWs under the Balik-Manggagawa Programme are entitled to apply for the new e-card, since the initiative is still on its first phase of implementation. However, according to the OWWA website, other active OWWA members an soon apply for their new ID in the coming months once the project enters its second phase of implementation. Here are the steps on how to apply for the e-card online:

  1. Visit the OWWA website.
  2. Fill out the OWWA OFW E-Card Application Form.
  3. Select your preferred OWWA Regional Welfare Office where you wish to claim your OFW E-Card.
  4. Tick the Data Privacy Act and complete the CAPTCHA.
  5. Click ‘Submit.’
  6. You will be shown a Tracking Number as proof that your transaction has been processed.
  7. Input your e-mail address or Facebook Profile name to check the status of your OWWA OFW E-Card.
  8. Claim your OWWA OFW E-Card at your preferred OWWA Regional Welfare Office.

If the OFW-applicant is currently based abroad, his/her authorized representative may claim the card in the Philippines on their behalf.

To know more about the OWWA OFW E-Card, visit the OWWA’s official website or personally consult an OWWA representative at the Philippine Embassy in your country.

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