23 Fun Facts and Trivia about Kuwait

We know that Kuwait is one of the countries located in the Middle east or the geopolitical region known as Western Asia. It is one of the most affluent countries in Asia and probably the world because of its rich oil reserves and industry. However, there is more than meets the eye to Kuwait as it also teems with a rich culture that has been forged by thousands of years of history.

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Exploring Kuwait is probably one of the best things that you can do when you set foot in this country. Again, the caveat is to keep in mind the prevailing local statutes so you wouldn’t get yourself into trouble with the local authorities.

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Tips and Things to Know about Kuwait

flag of kuwait
Kuwait flag

Here are some of the fascinating facts and trivia about Kuwait which would probably keep you on your toes when you get to roam the territory.

  1. Kuwait was formerly under British rule and only earned its independence in 1961 – quite surprising to know.
  2. The country is mostly flat but with varying heights of sand dunes – and is pretty hot and sunny too – so better bring water everywhere you go.
  3. Kuwaiti dinars are among the highest valued currency in the world!
  4. The falcon is the national bird of the Kuwaitis – as it is known for its regality and its stature among the birds in flight.
  5. There are no fresh water reserves in Kuwait. All the water being used in the pipes come from desalinated sources.
  6. The capital Kuwait City is a mere 43 feet above sea level.
  7. There are more males than females in the country – though not by much. According to the latest estimates, there are 1.43 males for every female in the population.
  8. Camel racing with remote controlled robots serving as jockeys is a popular sport in the territory.
  9. Kuwait is composed of nine desert islands which are basically oil-rich – in fact Kuwait has the world’s fifth largest oil deposits.
  10. A typical year in Kuwait yields about two days of rain – but be wary about sandstorms as they occur with more frequency.
  11. Aspiring archeologists would do well with a trip to Failaka – an ancient trading outpost that survives to this day.
  12. Kuwait joined the United Nations in 1963 and finally gave women full political rights only in 2005!
  13. Kuwait was the 111th member of the United Nations upon their entry.
  14. The Kuwaiti flag was adopted on the 7th of September 1961.
  15. The first official hoisting of the Kuwaiti flag happened on November 24, 1961.
  16. There are four colors in the Kuwaiti flag – red, green, white and black. There is a triband of green white and red with a trapezoidal black on the left.
  17. Only about a third of the population are native Kuwaitis – the rest are expatriates and immigrants and even refugees.
  18. Kuwaiti males wear dishdashas which are either white (during the summer months) or dark colored (during the winter months)
  19. The Avenues is a world-class shopping center in Kuwait that caters to every possible need of the population.
  20. A Kuwaiti’s name is composed of his personal name (the first name) and his father’s personal name (the second name).
  21. Meals are served based on age – the older you are, the better – because you get to be served right after the guests.
  22. Just like in Japan, business cards are a huge thing in Kuwait.
  23. And yes, gas prices are lower than water prices in Kuwait. Eighty-five percent of the country’s revenues are from oil.


Kuwait holds a lot more to uncover – just mind the local traditions and customs and you would certainly have a fine time. It is generally peaceful and safe to travel in the territory but of course, precautions still have to be considered from time to time.

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