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From engineers to restaurant supervisors, nurses, and meat cutters, Magsaysay Global Services Inc. (MGSI), has been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to land-based recruitment manpower and human resources services. An expansion from the Magsaysay Group of Companies, Magsaysay Global has been building networks and offering expert recruitment and management services to clients in the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Middle East, the United States, Canada, Eastern Europe, Central America and North America since it started.

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For over 75 years, Magsaysay Global continues to commit to its values and deliver end-to-end recruitment, management, and search solutions as they continue to look for the next wave of new clients and Filipino talents to work with. Their network of offices in the Philippines, Indonesia, and China, along with their partners and subsidiaries, ensure that they continue to successfully help all the stakeholders by pairing the right talent of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) with the right clients to ensure that the process ends up as a win for everyone.

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What is Magsaysay Global Services Inc. (MGSI)?

Originally a subsidiary company of the Magsaysay Group of Companies founded by Robert C. F. Ho and Don Ambrosio Magsaysay, Magsaysay in 1948, Magsaysay Global has since expanded into various business groups—People Resources, Shipping and Logistics, and Affiliated Businesses.

Magsaysay Global Services Incorporated (MGSI) is a land-based manpower and recruitment agency of the Magsaysay Group. Magsaysay Global’s people resource services range from sourcing, screening, and selecting competent and skilled individuals to conducting assessments and background investigation, processing of documents and exit and entry clearances, skills and cultural training, and travel arrangements until the actual deployment of the candidate to their workplace.

Magsaysay People Resources Corporation (MPRC)

As a personnel placement firm, Magsaysay People (MPRC) of the Magsaysay Group takes care of people’s development and welfare, providing Filipinos with the best resources and employment opportunities. From the onshore staff to the crew members, MPRC’s investment in human capital is professional, diverse, and dedicated enough to meet the needs and expectations of their global clients and create value for their stakeholders.

Their reputation in the Human Resources industry allowed them to locate the best companies and resources for Filipinos seeking to put their talents and skills to good use in various countries.

Magsaysay Careers

Magsaysay Careers, an online portal, was launched by Magsaysay Global in 2005 to feature global employment opportunities for Filipinos. Through Magsaysay Careers, Filipino talents gain access to all the available jobs sourced by Magsaysay Global.

They also get to build the talent pool of skilled and dedicated people from the world’s best and most reputable companies involved in the maritime, cruise, hospitality, healthcare, oil and gas, engineering, tourism, and construction industries, among others.

With Magsaysay Careers, applicants can:

  • Easily create an account.
  • Conveniently update the account they created.
  • Apply for their desired jobs in the Magsaysay system.
  • Save their favorite jobs.
  • Browse through the latest news and announcements.
  • Send inquiry about job openings, application status, training, and many others.
  • Get to know Magsaysay culture and values along with their partners.

Magsaysay Maritime Corporation (MMC)

Just like Magsaysay People, Magsaysay Maritime Corporation (MMC) is also another subsidiary of the Magsaysay Group that specializes in recruitment of Filipino professionals for global opportunities. Though Magsaysay Global has been well known for their land-based placements via Magsaysay People, the Magsaysay Group originated from shipowners and ship managers.

That said, it is only natural that they hold the title for the most awarded human resource company in the shipping industry. With its reputation and the positive experiences of all customers and partners, both the Magsaysay Group and the MMC remain one of the world’s leading human resource companies.

With an impeccable overall service delivery process developed from years of integrating the concepts of strategic recruitment, training and development, employee retention and family care, Magsaysay Global and all related businesses under the Magsaysay group remains one of the most well-known recruitment firms that has successfully placed thousands of Filipino workers with the best employers, as a result of the company’s efforts and philosophy.

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List of Job Vacancies in Magsaysay Global Services Inc.

From being a manpower and recruitment agency built by ship owners and ship managers, Magsaysay Global has long branched out and expanded into serving other industries and businesses as follows:

  • Maritime and Marine Support
  • Hospitality and Food Service
  • Health and Medical
  • Engineering and Trade
  • Information Technology
  • Facilities and Household Support
  • Children and Senior Care

For more detailed information on available jobs under Magsaysay Global Service Inc., applicants may visit and search through the Jobs page on Magsaysay Careers website by visiting

Other options would be to go through Magsaysay Global and Magsaysay Careers’ social media pages and view the available job openings by clicking the following links:

Magsaysay Global Services Inc. Facebook Page: @magsaysayglobalservices
Magsaysay Global Services Inc. Twitter: @GlobalMagsaysay
Magsaysay Careers Facebook Page: @MagsaysayCareers
Magsaysay Careers Twitter: @MagsaysayCareer

How to Apply for a Job at Magsaysay Global Services Inc. Agency

If you are an applicant, then you’d want to know about the stringent process that Magsaysay Global imposes over all applications along with the recruitment process. In this article, we documented the application process along with the documentary requirements you need to prepare to get started.


For the required documents, all job applicants are expected to prepare and provide Magsaysay Global with the following:

  • Resume/CV with detailed job description of all previous position held
  • All relevant employment certificates
  • Copy of all certificates of trainings and seminars the applicants attended
  • Valid copies of both the applicant’s Passport and NBI Clearance
  • 3 copies of the most recent 2×2 Photo of the applicant

On top of the following documentary requirements, other requirements may be requested depending on the position applied for as well as the deployment location.

Application Procedures

There are various channels available to applicants who wish to apply for work via Magsaysay Global Services Inc. Along with the different channels, we listed the procedures for application for any available positions advertised by Magsaysay Global Service Inc.


Via Magsaysay Global Services Inc.

One way to apply for any of the available positions at MGSI is to go via Magsaysay Global webpage.

  • Visit Magsaysay Global Jobseekers page at
  • Key in your full name and email address.
  • Upload your resume/CV.
  • Click Submit.

Applicants may also contact Magsaysay Global by calling 86289730; 85672222 ext 9781. They may also submit applications via email so the recruiter can contact them for further instructions. If an applicant wishes to walk in and visit the agency, they may submit their resume/CV for immediate screening at the office of Magsaysay Global Services, Inc. located at Unit SV-1A, 7F, Times Plaza Bldg., U.N. Avenue cor. Taft, Ermita, Manila.

Via Magsaysay Careers

If the applicant wishes to go via the online portal of Magsaysay Careers, the first step is to create a free account at To do this, key in your full name, birthdate, email address, contact number, and desired password then click Sign up. Once done, applicants may then apply for their desired jobs. The recruitment specialists at Magsaysay Global will then review the applicant’s profile and assess it according to their job requirements.

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Video: Introducing the Magsaysay World

To learn more about the invaluable contribution of people development to Magsaysay’s journey to diversification and world-class service, you may check out this video:

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check out these common FAQs people ask about MGSI recruitment agency:

1. What is Magsaysay Global Services Inc.?

Magsaysay Global Services Inc. (MGSI) is the human resources and recruitment arm of the Magsaysay Group of Companies’ Magsaysay People Resources business. It was established in 2001 as Magsaysay Group expanded and started offering its services to the hospitality and tourism, healthcare, oil and gas and specialized engineering and trade industries in the Middle East, Asia, the United States, Canada, and Europe.

2. What services does Magsaysay Global offer?

Magsaysay Global offers recruitment and search solutions to their clients, starting from the sourcing, screening, and selection of competent and skilled individuals to conducting assessments and background investigation, processing of documents and exit and entry clearances, skills and cultural training, and travel arrangements until the actual deployment of the candidate to the workplace. Their expertise gave them the leverage to match the best talents with the best employers in the Maritime and Marine Support, Hospitality and Food Service, Information Technology, Health and Medical, Engineering and Trades, Retail and Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Facilities and Household Support, and Child and Senior Care industries.

3. How do I apply for a job through Magsaysay Global Services Inc.?

Applying for a job through Magsaysay Global means going through the stringent process of recruitment and selection either through Magsaysay Global, MPRC, MMC, or Magsaysay Careers. They offer multiple channels, either via email, by going through their websites, or by making a personal appearance at any of their offices in Manila.

4. What are the requirements for applying for a job through Magsaysay Global Services Inc.?

There are numerous requirements when applying for a job through Magsaysay Global Services Inc. Other than the general requirements for getting hired which includes qualifying for the position being applied for, applicants must submit the basic requirements which includes their resume/CV with detailed job description of all previous position held, all relevant employment certificates, copy of all certificates of trainings and seminars the applicants attended, valid copies of both the applicant’s Passport and NBI Clearance, and three (3) copies of the most recent 2×2 photo of the applicant. Other requirements may also be required depending on the job position and the country where the applicant will be deployed.

5. What is the process for hiring an Overseas Filipino Worker through Magsaysay Global Services Inc.?

Just like in any international recruitment agency, Magsaysay Global employs a stringent recruitment process that starts with an initial evaluation. Once the application makes it beyond the initial evaluation, a recruitment staff will reach out to the applicant for further instructions and additional screening and selection process.

6. How can I stay updated on job openings through Magsaysay Global Services Inc.?

If you wish to keep yourself abreast with the latest updates on available positions via Magsaysay Global, then you will need to regularly visit their websites at either Magsaysay Global or Magsaysay Careers. There are also updates on the social media accounts of both pages, if you wish to stay updated on the latest job openings.

7. Do I need to register for an account online when applying at Magsaysay?

Yes, at least when you wish to go through the online portal of Magsaysay Careers. When applying through Magsaysay Global, applicants will simply need to upload their resume/CV via the website, make a call, send their resume via email, or make a personal visit to any Magsaysay Global Service Inc. offices.

8. I can’t register for an account at Magsaysay Careers. What should I do?

If you are having a hard time registering for an account via Magsaysay Careers or you simply wish to check on the status of your application, you may send an email to You may also regularly check your email to find out about the status of your application.

9. How do I go to Magsaysay Global’s Office?

To make a personal appearance and make a walk-in application at Magsaysay Global doesn’t require any special preparations. Simply prepare all the required documents as posted on their website and make sure you are qualified for the position. There is no need for an appointment either. You only need to go early so that the recruitment staff can assist you and get your application evaluated during your visit.

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Magsaysay Global Services Incorporated (MGSI) is now considered one of the world’s leading human resource companies, having placed numerous talents with market leaders in various international locations in the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Eastern Europe, Central America and North America.

The premier solutions provided by the company and its subsidiaries in the areas of Manning and Crew Management, Ship Management, International Recruitment and Staffing, Maritime and Technical Skills Training, Hospitality and Culinary Training, Cadet Development and Skills Management Training, Language and Cultural Training, Food Management and Audit, and Onboard Food and Provision Management industries is something that contributes to the recovery of the nation’s economy and transforming the lives of Filipino people by opening doors to work abroad.

Contact Information

For more information on either recruitment, job openings, or the latest news regarding Magsaysay Global, applicants may reach out to Magsaysay Global via their Manila office through the following address:

G/F, Suite 1A, G.E. Antonino Building, Jorge Bocobo corner T.M. Kalaw Streets, Ermita, Manila (1000), Philippines
Tel. No.: +63 2 8526 9600
Other options for reaching out to Magsaysay include reaching out to Magsaysay Global via their Contact Us page at

They may also reach out to Magsaysay Careers via their Contact Us page at

Other options include sending emails or by sending messages to their social media pages:

Magsaysay Global Service Inc. Facebook page: @magsaysayglobalservices
Magsaysay Careers Facebook page: @MagsaysayCareers

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