7 Best Reasons to Live and Retire in Cavite

Thinking of acquiring a property in Cavite? or do you plan to settle down there once you retire or start a family? You may have visited Cavite once or twice during your vacation and have fallen in love with the city from Tagaytay to Maragondon.

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If you’re keen on moving to the land of the brave or the historic capital of the Philippines, then you should know why it’s best to live in Cavite. There’s a reason why Caviteños are known to be resilient and dauntless, and OFWs also have that heroic trait.

why retire in cavite

1. Near to Metro Manila

Cavite is perfect for those who have to go to Metro Manila often; there are plenty of transportation options for you to go, from jeepneys to buses. Most people working in Manila live in Cavite, specifically Imus and Bacoor since it’s an hour away from Manila.

If you’re an OFW who also has properties North and worries that living in the South might be a hassle for you, then you don’t have to since there’s an expressway called Cavitex that efficiently helps travelers from South to North. Of course, OFWs who have to travel back and forth and need access to the NAIA or airport don’t have to worry about not getting there on time since it’s near too.

2. Near Tagaytay and other provinces

Who doesn’t know Tagaytay? It’s the perfect wedding spot for those who love to have a garden or nature-themed wedding in the South with a breathtaking view of Taal Volcano. Living in Cavite is ideal for you if you want to enjoy the cold climate of Tagaytay and nearby provinces. You can go on a road trip to Laguna, Batangas Rizal, and more!

For OFWs who love to buy plants and other fresh produce, visiting the provinces of Silang or Alfonso is a must-visit since you can buy the best deals for your home garden. There are plenty of tourist spots in Cavite and its surrounding areas, from the historic Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit to the Marcia Adams restaurant in Alfonso.

3. The city is rich in history and traditions

Suppose you’re a history buff or someone who loves visiting historical places like the ones you see in the Filipino megaserye Maria Clara at Ibarra. In that case, you should settle down in Cavite. This hooked-like city is home to numerous historical sites, events, and people.

Cavite is a massive part of the Philippines’ history and revolution; you can see countless museums and historical sites this city has in store for tourists and history lovers alike. You can also see evidence of Spanish influences in Cavite, like the town of Cavite, a port city where people speak Chabacano.

4. Affordable houses and properties

Yes, if you have probably heard of the running joke that the Villars are conquering many lands and developing them into many properties, then Cavite is one of them. There are plenty of housing and rental properties in Cavite that OFWs can take advantage of to buy a home or open their businesses.

Cavite is one of the cities with a good location since it’s near to other provinces and has a low cost of living. If you’re someone who wants to have a home filled with nature and also accessible to different routes. If you’re an aspiring homeowner, then you can pick the best subdivisions in the city.

Opening up your business can be easy since Cavite is a prime spot for customers if you’re a business owner. Whether your business is Airbnb rental or food, Cavite will surely be a great location to boost your business and, at the same time, help you live comfortably in the area.

5. Its highly urbanized

Yes, Cavite is highly urbanized and tourists often visit the Cavite for it’s numerous cafes, staycations, hiking spots, beaches, and more!

Cavite is a nature-filled paradise with lots of opportunities for OFWs who want a lifestyle striking a balance of quiet yet never dullness. There are plenty of schools in Cavite for your children, from St. Dominic College of Asia to De La Salle College- Dasmarinas campus. There’s no shortage of hospitals in the city, and most definitely food crawls and malls!

6. The city has plenty of beaches and resorts

Here’s for the ones who are nature lovers whether you want to live a Nadine Lustre-like lifestyle but not on a remote island with gorgeous beaches and mountains. Cavite is one of the best cities for those who constantly want to visit the beach. You can see stunning blue waters of Maragondon and Ternate. You don’t have to worry about where to go every summer since Cavite is home to numerous hotel resorts and pools that families can enjoy!

7. Cavite is perfect for those who have family or retired OFWs

If you’re planning to retire someday and are looking for a city that is far from the hustle and bustle but has a touch of a slow living lifestyle then Cavite is the best option. In the sleepy cities of Silang or Tagaytay, you can live quietly and peacefully among nature without losing accessibility to important amenities such as malls or hospitals. However you can still settle down in the busy cities of Imus or Bacoor with your families and still have the luxury of peace and security in countless highly regarded subdivisions.

All you have to do is pick what is best for your needs and goals. As an OFW, investing in your home is a major decision; therefore, picking your dream home’s location is challenging. Cavite is a must-visit city if you ever find yourself in Manila and in need of peace. OFWs know all too well how tiring working abroad can be, and settling down is one way to help them reintegrate into society. For retirees, there are plenty of elderly homes or bungalow homes in the city that are very practical for them.

For newlyweds or couples who plan to settle in Cavite, they don’t have to worry about their future since many subdivisions already have what they need for their growing families. For digital nomads, Cavite is also a prime location to settle in since there are numerous working spaces and cafes to cater to them.