How to Renew Philippine Passport in The Netherlands

Filipinos living in the Netherlands have grown in number exponentially through the years. For those who need to renew their Philippine passport, we have written this article guide to help you with the process of applying for this renewal at the Philippine Embassy in The Netherlands.

Many Filipinos transfer to the country because of the numerous opportunities companies from different sectors have provided to Overseas Filipino Workers. Several Pinoys have also taken an interest in permanently living in this place, where they feel that the way of living and their quality of life has become better.

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Knowing how to renew your passport in the Covid-19 pandemic is something that you should be knowledgeable about. There have been changes to adapt to the new normal of doing things as the safety of Filipinos is being considered whilst having to process your important papers. The Embassy now is only accommodating applicants with confirmed appointments. To help you get a headstart on your passport renewal journey, here is a comprehensive guide to answer some of your queries on the whole process.

renew philippine passport in netherlands

Requirements in renewing your passport

Thinking of starting to prepare for your passport renewal may sound like a burden to your usual activities, but it’s not. The documents that are being asked from you are simple, readily available, and some may even already be in your possession.

Just remember that when you are applying to something as important as a passport that you provide correct and complete information as these may affect how your renewal application may come out. Here are the documents and requisites that will be asked from you for your passport renewal, as provided on the official website and Facebook page of the Philippine Embassy:

Contact the Embassy for an appointment

Everyone is now adjusting to the new normal that this pandemic has forced us to be in. To keep you safe and make the application process faster and more efficient, the Embassy now requires everyone availing consular services to book an appointment first. With this new practice, the number of people that will appear at the Embassy will become limited.

This would ensure that physical distancing can be practiced properly and that all who have a confirmed appointment will be accommodated. You may secure an appointment for your passport renewal by emailing them through their email address at or by calling them through their telephone number at 070360-4820 between 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm.

Prepare your documents

After the Embassy has provided you a confirmation for your appointment, you must now prepare your documents for your scheduled reservation. You only have to provide two (2) papers, a duly accomplished application form, and your old, current passport. When filling out the application form, make sure to tick the boxes that apply to your application and provide correct and complete data. For your contact details, make sure that you provide your active email and updated contact information. You must also bring with you your old passport for verification and cancellation.

Personal appearance

Your personal appearance on the day of your appearance is required to complete your application. This is true even with infants as your biometrics and photo will be taken personally, which is why the Embassy will no longer be requiring you to bring a photo with you.

All applicants will be asked to arrive at the Embassy wearing decent clothing. During the taking of your photo, you will be asked to look neat and remove any accessories that might alter your look on the photo. This includes your glasses, contact lenses, hair accessories, and earrings. You will also be asked to fix your hair if it obstructs the full view of your face and ears.

For infants, the parents will be asked to assist them in making sure that the photo of their baby will be taken properly.

Facial expression must be neutral, and contrived facial expressions will not be allowed.

In this pandemic, everyone entering the premises of the Embassy are required to wear a facemask and observe proper physical distancing.

Passport Renewal Fee

For the processing of your Passport Renewal, you will have to take care of 54 euros.

Additional Requirements

These supplementary documents are required for those with special cases. To verify that these special cases are true and meet the necessary checks for renewing your passport, you are required to comply and provide these documents. But again, you don’t have to worry as some of these documents can be secured through the Embassy, and some are also already with you. As provided on the website of the Embassy, here are additional requirements that will be asked from you:

For Brown Passport Holders:

  • Photocopies of the first three pages (and the pages showing the latest Bureau of Immigration departure and arrival stamps)
  • Supporting documents with a complete middle name, for example, apostilled birth certificate issued on PSA security paper. Please present original documents as stated above.

For MRP Passport Holders hose City/Municipality of Birth is not Specified in place of Birth Entry (example: NCR instead of San Juan, Metro Manila)

  • Original apostilled birth certificate on PSA security paper.

For Seafarers

  • Duly accomplished passport application form
  • Previous or current passport
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Present original documents with one (1) photocopy.

For Change of Name on Passport

  • For applicants who wish to change their name in their passport due to marriage, divorce, or widowhood, please submit the additional requirements below:

From single name to MARRIED name 

  • If married in the Philippines, please present the original Marriage Contract (MC) printed on PSA security paper with an apostille from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Office of Consular Affairs (DFA-OCA).
  • If married in the Netherlands, please present the original Report of Marriage (ROM) issued by the Philippine Embassy in The Hague; or if married in another country other than the Philippines or the Netherlands, ROM issued by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in the country where the marriage took place.

From married name to SINGLE name

  • Birth Certificate on PSA security paper
  •  Marriage Contract with the previous spouse on PSA security paper with an apostille from the DFA-OCA or Report of Marriage issued by the Philippine Embassy in The Hague or by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in the country where the marriage took place. Please present original documents as stated above.

Additional Requirements:

*In case of divorce

  • Divorce decree with an apostille issued by the Netherlands authorities, if divorced in the Netherlands. If divorced from another country, certified true copy of the first page and the dispositive portion of the judgment on divorce with apostille (if the country where the divorce was decreed is a party to the Apostille Convention), or authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate where the divorce is obtained 9f the country where the divorce was decreed if not a party to the Apostille Convention.
  • PSA-issued Marriage Certificate with the annotation on the divorce with apostille for the DFA-OCA
  • Please present original documents as stated above.

*In case of annulment of marriage

  • Certificate of Finality of Decision and Court Order/Decision with an apostille from the DFA-OCA.
  • Amended Marriage Contract (with annotation of the annulment of marriage) on PSA security paper with an apostille from the DFA-OCA Please present original documents as stated above.

 *In case of widowhood

  • For those whose spouse died in the Philippines, an original Death Certificate issued on PSA security paper, with an apostille from the DFA-OCA or Court Order of presumptive death (in case the husband had been missing for a number of years and has been presumed dead) with an apostille from the DFA-OCA.
  • For those whose spouse died outside the Philippines, original or certified true copy (CTC) of the Death Certificate, with an English translation and with apostille issued by the competent authority of the country which issued the Death Certificate, or of the country where the Death Certificate was issued (if that country is not a party to the Apostille Convention).

Lost/Destroyed/Damaged Passports

  • Duly accomplished passport application form.
  • Sworn statement narrating the circumstances on how the passport was lost or destroyed/damaged, which will be notarized by the Embassy.
  • Police Report for lost passport cases.
  • If available, photocopy of lost/destroyed/damaged passport.
  • Birth Certificate issued on PSA security paper with an apostille from the DFA-OCA.
  • If applicable, a Marriage Contract is issued on PSA security paper and with an apostille from the DFA-OCA or Report of Marriage issued by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in the country where the marriage took place.
  • Applicants may also be required to submit one or more of the following supporting documents depending on the assessment of the application (e.g., discrepancies in personal information such as name or date of birth, etc.):
    • Voter’s Registration Record
    • PRC / IBP ID
    • Baptismal Certificate
    • Land Title
    • Seaman’s Book
    • Driver’s License
    • Income Tax Return (Old)
    • Government Service Record
    • Old SSS-E1 form/or digitized SSS-ID
    • School Form 137 or Transcript of Records
    • Seaman’s Book
    • Certificate of Identity and Tribal Membership issued by the Office of the Muslim Affairs
    • Counselling Certificate issued by the Commission on Filipino Overseas (CFO)
    • Other documents that show the full name and birth details of the applicant and citizenship
  • Original documents must be presented.

If an applicant is not able to present a copy of his/her passport, the applicant is required to pay additional fees for verification.

The processing of the new passport shall only begin after the 15-day clearing period of the verification with the Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila. If the applicant isn’t able to wait for this long, he/she may apply for a Travel Document.

Important Things to remember

While processing your documents, always practice the minimum health standard protocol being imposed to ensure that you are safe. The pandemic is real and is still happening. With the situation today, you must also stay updated with what is happening in the Netherlands as there might also be changed in the schedule of your appointment.

After you have provided all the needed documents and had your biometrics and photo taken, passport renewal will not take between 30 to 45 working days before release. You will be given an approximate release date, but if in case that it already has exceeded 45 working days, you may follow up on your application or verify at the Embassy’s website if your name is on the E-Passport Release section.

You must personally get your new passport at the consular section of the Embassy and present your previous passport (if still valid). Your signature will be collected to verify your identity, then both your cancelled passport and new passport will be given to you.

Contact information

As easy and simple as these steps are, it won’t be avoided that there will be a time that you might have further queries and assistance in processing your papers. If you have encountered any problems or need more help, you can reach the Embassy with this contact information:

Address: Laan Copes Van Cattenburch 125
2585 EZ, The Hague, Netherlands
Tel. No.: (+31) 70360-4820
Fax No.: (+31) 70356-0030
Emergency No.: (+31)(0) 65261-1079
Facebook: @PHinTheNetherlands
Schedule of Services:
Monday to Friday 9:00 am-3:30 pm (except Philippine and Dutch Holidays.

Final Thoughts

Adjusting to the new normal is something that all of us must be able to adapt to. The new system won’t add much additional work to the renewal process of your passport, but complying with these new rules and steps would help you get your document swiftly and safely so long as you know and practice the minimum health standard protocols. Just follow this guide and prepare your documents beforehand, and you won’t notice you’re already on your way to the Embassy to get your new passport.

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