Salary of an OFW in Sweden

Are you interested in working as an OFW in Sweden? If you haven’t thought about this possibility, then you should, because as you will soon know after reading this article, Sweden should be near the top of your list of work destinations.

To let us know more about the salary of OFWs working in Sweden, some Filipinos, including the one featured in this article, have generously provided us the details for free through the YouTube platform.

Disclaimer: The information posted here is based on the personal experiences shared by the OFWs in the video below. Please let this post serve as a guide only. If you have specific questions, you may ask the OFWs by commenting on their videos on their accounts.


How Much Do OFWs Earn in Sweden

OFW YouTuber Me With H.I.M. shares the minimum salary of ordinary workers in Sweden.


Me With H.I.M. shares that the minimum salary in Sweden, including taxes is 23,000 krona. The current exchange rate is 1 Swedish krona = 5.37 Philippine pesos.

Therefore, the minimum salary is equivalent to 123,381 pesos with tax.

Some companies even provide higher minimum salaries (reaching a little more than 30,000 krona per month).

Me With H.I.M. mentioned that you can even negotiate your salary in Sweden. If you think you deserve a higher salary with your experience and skill set, you can talk to your employer and tell them what salary you want.

You can get paid less than the minimum if you’re only working part time. For example, the OFW YouTuber once had a salary of 126 krona per hour for part time work.

Different Types of Contract

Tillsvidareanställning – With this contract, you can work continuously until you retire or when you can no longer work. You also have 5 weeks or 25 days paid vacation.

Provanställning – For this type of contract you have a 6 month working trial. If your employer likes your performance, then they can give you the Tillsvidareanställning

Visstidsanställning – This type of contract is time limited.

Different Types of Work Agreements

You can work:

  • Half day or full day – depending on your availability
  • Monthly salary or hourly pay

If you have a tillsvidareanställning, your salary is monthly.

Work hours are 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, and 160 hours per month.

Overtime Pay

The following figures are based on Me with H.I.M.’s work experience.

If you start early in the morning, end at 3.00 pm, then work until 6.00 pm, then according to the OFW YouTuber, the company will give you 50 percent of that day’s salary.

If you work from 6 PM then work until 12 midnight, the company will give you 75 percent.

If you work during holidays or weekends, the company will give you 100 percent.


According to Me with H.I.M., tax payment is very strict in Sweden because taxes include all benefits.

The benefits that go with tax include:

  • Free insurance
  • Free hospitalization
  • Free education
  • And more

By March, you will get a Tax Return. This depends on your annual income.

If you’re only working 8 hours a day, then there’s a good chance you will receive a tax return.

A typical tax return is worth 9,000 – 10,000 krona.

When this video was published, Me with H.I.M. still had a 6-month probationary contract. She was also receiving the minimum salary.

However, an update from her YouTube channel reveals she now has a tillsvidareanställning, and in fact she was the first to receive a full time contract from the company she worked in.

There you have it. The salaries mentioned in this video are some of the highest we’ve seen so far. Indeed, aside from all the other wonderful benefits of working in a country like Sweden, the salary alone should be a motivating factor for Filipinos dreaming of working abroad.

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