Syria Do’s and Dont’s

If you are going to Syria, you need to be aware of the do’s and don’ts of the country. This is to help yourself become aware of the common practices in Syria. If you haven’t experienced visiting the country or staying here for a while, then you should at least be aware of what are the acceptable and not acceptable behaviors there. With enough knowledge of the basics, you will see yourself adapting easily to your new environment and confirming the behaviors that seem right for the locals. You can also make friends easily given that you know about how they behave.

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In this blog, we shared some of the basics about the behavior of the locals in Syria. You will see the dos and don’ts in this article, which we think can help you prepare before you fly to the country. We think that this list of the things you can do and should avoid can help you become comfortable staying in Syria despite the fact that you might be away from your family for a while. So, what are the dos and don’ts in Syria? Check out the details below:

syria dos and donts

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How to Behave in Syria?

One of the questions you might have right now is “how do you behave in Syria?” First, you need to know what’s acceptable. In this blog, those are the “dos.” Next, you should learn the things to avoid, which are the “don’ts” we are about to share. These are pretty basic things. You don’t have to acquire special skills to be able to adapt to your new environment or try to do some new practices.


To start off, here are the dos in Syria.

  • Be sensitive to someone’s mental health. Whether they are going through something or not, you need to watch out for someone’s mental health by being careful with your words and actions. Many people from Syria have experienced the post-traumatic effect of the Syrian War. Be nice and kind to the people around you.
  • Show your sympathy if an opportunity arises. Syrians are good at appreciating things. They respond to the gesture with warmth.
  • Expect to receive more questions from Syrians since they usually want to know more about it after your first conversation. Their questions might too straightforward but there’s no need to be annoyed. Be courteous and understand. This is one way you can acquaint yourself with Syrians.
  • You can speak informally. There’s no need to be formal in Syria. You can speak informally like in other countries. Though Syrians are known to be cordial, being informal doesn’t mean you are rude.
  • Offer compliments and point out the good ones if possible. Syrians welcome compliments. You can also point out the good sides of something and say them to Syrians so as to show that you are appreciating the thing.

So far, these are the basic practices in Syria. Some of these are novel. You may have been doing some in your home country, which means that you don’t have to adjust big to do them.


Now, let’s go to the “don’ts.” These are the things that you should avoid at all costs. These practices are considered rude in Syria. So, as much as possible, avoid them.

  • Don’t look down on Syrians if they can’t speak English well. You will meet more people, even expats, who can’t speak English properly when you go to Syria. Be kind to people always. If you can speak in English, then good for you. Let other people communicate through the means they know.
  • Don’t tell dirty jokes. If dirty jokes are acceptable in your home country, don’t ever tell them to Syrians. They won’t appreciate it. So, better tell them other things instead.
  • Don’t talk about Syrian politics unless the person you’re talking to initiates the conversation about it. Politics is a sensitive topic in Syria. It’s painful for Syrians and they don’t want to talk about it most of the time.
  • Don’t ask a Syrian to explain to you the conflict. However interested you are, don’t ask about it. Let a Syrian initiate the conversation with you to avoid issues. These are frustrating topics in their history so better make a good discussion rather than politics or other conflicts in Syria.
  • Don’t say anything insulting. It’s rude to say something insulting to a Syrian especially when they’re friendly, hospitable, and all. When trying to say something derogatory, make sure to say it indirectly to avoid misunderstanding.
  • Don’t ask about Syrian female members of the family. It’s inappropriate to do that. However, it’s pretty basic and fine to ask them about their health in general. The private lives of female members should not be looked into. They should be respected no matter what.

These are so far the don’ts in Syria. If you avoid these things, you will live peacefully with Syrians. Always try to avoid these practices and stick to the norm.

Tips when going to Syria

When going to Syria, the first thing you have to do is to stick with the dos and don’ts. These things will save you from trouble in the future. Aside from the fact that there are actions that are unacceptable or acceptable in Syria, there are also rules and regulations. You need to follow those rules so you won’t end up getting the punishments of the authority. There are also laws that should be complied with.

Laws are what keep the land together. You also need to follow the laws if you want to live without trouble in the country. Even if this is your first time coming to Syria, your experience with its laws, tradition, or culture doesn’t matter if you know them by writing. Use this blog as your guide to evaluate whether what you are doing is right or wrong. We’ve shared here the basics that you can definitely use even if you travel around Syria. Don’t forget to be nice but not too nice. Respect every local and as well as every expat you see.

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