Turkey Do’s and Dont’s

dos and donts turkey

If you are planning to go to Turkey, there is a set of rules that you have to follow. Actually, the laws there are different if you will come from the Philippines or any other … Read more

Taiwan Do’s and Dont’s

Taiwan is a place of good tourist spots. And aside from that, it’s also a country where there are OFWs working for the short and long term. In case you are heading to Taiwan anytime … Read more

UK Do’s and Dont’s

dos and donts in london

Whether you are visiting the United Kingdom as a tourist or as travelling as an overseas worker, you have to remember that there might be differences as to culture, tradition, religion, and the environment itself. … Read more

Netherlands Do’s and Don’t’s

Amsterdam Do's and Dont's

In case you are planning to go to the Netherlands, you should first prepare by equipping yourself with the right amount of information regarding the country. If you are coming from the Philippines, there will … Read more

Jordan Do’s and Dont’s

do's and dont's jordan

If you are planning to go to Jordan to work or visit, you need to know that there are practices there that are worthy to point. Why? Because you might not get used to it … Read more

Libya Do’s and Dont’s

dos and donts in libya

Libya is home to some OFWs. There are a few Filipinos who work here despite its location and other internal conflicts. If you are planning to work or visit here, there are sets of standards … Read more

New Zealand Do’s and Dont’s

dos and donts in new zealand

Many OFWs and expats are looking to moving to New Zealand for a couple of good reasons. Some think that there are good career opportunities here. Some also look forward to earning their residence visas … Read more

Brunei Do’s and Dont’s

Brunei Do's and Dont's

Brunei has its own dos and don’ts, which is part of its norms. If you are visiting the said country whether for work or for a vacation, it’s better to prepare yourself and learn the … Read more

Indonesia Do’s and Dont’s

dos and dont's in indonesia

In Indonesia, there are dos and don’ts that you need to acknowledge. By learning these things, you are preparing yourself for a big change that will happen. Since you are moving from one country to … Read more

Lebanon Do’s and Dont’s

dos and donts lebanon

If you are planning to go to Lebanon sooner or later, you should learn first about its dos and don’ts. If you are a first-time visitor of Lebanon, knowing these things will help you become … Read more