Switzerland Dos and Don’ts

dos and don'ts in switzerland

Switzerland is a country that resides in a mountainous location in Central Europe, between France and Italy. It is home to numerous lakes, villages, and high peaks of the alps. Switzerland is best known for … Read more

Austria Do’s and Dont’s

Austria Do's and Dont's

Those who are soon going to Austria, remember that you have to equip yourself with at least a couple of facts about the norms and culture in the country. Being an expat in a stranger … Read more

Syria Do’s and Dont’s

If you are going to Syria, you need to be aware of the do’s and don’ts of the country. This is to help yourself become aware of the common practices in Syria. If you haven’t … Read more

Greece Dos and Dont’s

dos and don'ts in Greece

Just like with any destination, Greece has its own set of rules and etiquette that need to be followed for you to fit in fine and dandy. In this article, we’ll be going through the … Read more

Hong Kong Do’s and Dont’s

dos and donts in hong kong

If you are planning to go to Hong Kong, you must know first the dos and don’ts in the country. This is so you can get used to your new environment and be able to … Read more

Spain Do’s and Don’t’s

Spain Do's and Dont's

If you are going to Spain as a tourist or an overseas worker, you need to learn the acceptable and not acceptable behavior in the country. Spain has different traditions, cultures, and norms. If you … Read more

Ireland Dos and Don’ts

dos and don'ts in Ireland

Ireland has become a lucrative country for many aspiring expats. Things such as weather, housing, culture, and healthcare are all great reasons to consider the Emerald Isle. But before moving to this rainy nation, one … Read more

Costa Rica Do’s and Dont’s

do's and dont's in costa rica

Thinking of going to Costa Rica to work or to visit? Then you have to know the dos and don’ts in the country. As an expat who is ready to go to Costa Rica, you … Read more

Palestine Do’s and Dont’s

dos and donts in palestine

There are OFWs who are in Palestine. If you are one aspiring OFW and you are eyeing this country, you have to know the things that you should follow. In Palestine, there are rules and … Read more

Oman Do’s and Dont’s

dons and donts in Oman

When planning to go to Oman, you need to be mindful of their laws and culture there since they might be different from what you are used to. For example, if you are from the … Read more