Oman Do’s and Dont’s

When planning to go to Oman, you need to be mindful of their laws and culture there since they might be different from what you are used to. For example, if you are from the Philippines and you decide to work in Oman, you will see a lot of differences. To start learning Oman’s culture and laws, you need to begin with the dos and don’ts, which are basically the practices that people do or avoid everyday. Once you are aware of the dos and don’ts, it is easier for you to adapt to the new surroundings.

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In this article, we talked about the dos and don’ts in Oman. Most of them are about basic etiquette. Try to remember all these things as you venture outside your home country. This will help you establish a good life abroad without looking rude to some locals there.

So, what are the dos and don’ts in Oman?

dons and donts in Oman

How to Behave when you are in Oman?

Behaving in a country you don’t know is confusing and challenging. But, you don’t have to study about the whole Oman just to know the actions and behaviors that are acceptable. Knowing the basics is enough. To behave in a new country, you need to know the dos and don’ts as they will serve as your guide to regulate your actions towards locals.

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Here are the dos and don’ts in Oman.

Dos in Oman

The dos represent the actions that can be practiced in Oman. Try to experience this all so you can have a great experience talking to the locals.

  • Do follow the dress code. Oman is a country where a lot of expats work and live. Although you will see a lot of foreigners wearing shorts and sando, it’s improper not to follow the country’s dress code especially if you are visiting sacred places.
  • Do respect the country’s mosques. Islam is the main religion in Oman, which is why you will see a lot of mosques where Muslims worship. Do respect every mosque you will see in the country.
  • Do accept the invitations of Omani. Omanis are truly hospitable. If you receive an invitation from an Omani, do accept it. They will really appreciate if you will reciprocate their kindness by accepting such an invitation.
  • Do try local food. Since Oman is different from the Philippines or any other Asian countries, their food tend to be different as well. Do try their local food for a different experience.
  • Do speak with decency. Since you are in a different country, you should pay attention to how you speak. You might not be able to speak Oman’s local language but you can blend in by speaking in English but without being arrogant. Speak with decency.
  • Do ask permission when taking pictures of Omanis. If you are used to taking pictures of people in your home country, treat Oman as different. You will need to ask permission from Omanis before you can take pictures of them. Taking their photos without consent is a violation of their personal privacy.
  • Do learn about Oman’s laws. Try to allocate time to study their laws, specifically about road signs, visas, passports, and other legal things. This will help you with a lot of issues in the future.

Don’ts in Oman

Now that you are aware of the dos in Oman, here are the “don’ts” or the things that you should avoid.

  • Don’t bring alcohol or drugs in the country. Bringing these types of beverages and drugs is strictly prohibited in Oman. If you get caught, you will end up in jail. You can consume alcohol and buy them inside the country if you have a permit to do so.
  • Don’t drink alcohol in public. Since you are generally allowed to consume alcoholic drinks, the restriction is where to consume them. It’s better to take it inside your home or in a restaurant rather than in public places. If you get caught, you might pay a fine or spend time in jail.
  • Don’t mock Omani tradition. If you want Omanis to respect you and your culture, don’t mock Omani tradition. Show your respect every time you see people act or behave based on their tradition. Show that you are willing to learn them as well so that more Omanis will appreciate your actions.
  • Don’t laugh or speak loudly while you are on the street. This is a basic practice in Oman. You have to be respectful to some people walking or passing by. Speak decently without increasing the volume of your voice when you are outside.
  • Don’t wear too short clothes. You need to be conservative as Omanis don’t wear clothes that are too revealing. As stated above, there is a dress code in Oman. You have to follow it and wear decent clothes.
  • Don’t carry weapons. Oman is considered one of the safest countries in the Middle East and carrying deadly weapons will make you end up in jail or paying fines.

Tips when going to Oman

Before going to Oman, you need to carefully study the dos and don’ts. The practices mentioned above are pretty sum up the basics that you need to remember. The actions might be different from the country where you grew up. It’s essential that you are aware of the basics even by words. You will learn more about Oman’s culture once you experience staying there.

Also, expect that there will be big changes or if not, it’s going to be minor if you are used to some of the practices mentioned above. Managing your expectation will help you adapt to your new environment easily. You will be accustomed to the practices if you prepare yourself for the changes. Always manage your expectations. Stay subtle until you learn more about the basic practices in Oman.

Final Thoughts

The dos and don’ts are usually overlooked. The basic etiquette is simple to practice if you are aware of it. Remember to do your own research, set this blog as your guide, and be prepared to embrace the changes that you might encounter as you explore Oman.

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