Lebanon Do’s and Dont’s

If you are planning to go to Lebanon sooner or later, you should learn first about its dos and don’ts. If you are a first-time visitor of Lebanon, knowing these things will help you become aware of what to avoid and what to practice. You need to gear yourself with useful things you can utilize to avoid appearing rude to the people in Lebanon. Studying the dos and don’ts will also help you manage your expectations. There are things that might be forbidden in Lebanon but can be practiced in your home country. There will be big changes so you need to be prepared for those.

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In this article, we shared some of the dos and don’ts that you should know before you fly to Lebanon. This will guide you especially during times when you don’t know what to do. These are the basic practices you can bring with you. Although you don’t have experience living or staying in Lebanon, at least you have knowledge about the things that should be done or shouldn’t be done.

You are free to share this with your family, friends, or relatives who are in Lebanon as well!

dos and donts lebanon

How to Behave in Lebanon

To behave in London, the very basic thing you need to learn is the dos and don’ts. These things sum up the basic actions and behavior that are acceptable in the country. Lebanon is different from the Philippines if you are an aspiring OFW. You will see big differences in terms of their laws and culture. By knowing the dos and don’ts you will know what exactly to do and to avoid.

Do’s in Lebanon

These are dos in Lebanon or the things you can do. Some of these may feel new to you but as you start practicing these behaviors, you will discover how you can easily adapt to the country’s practices when you have knowledge about them. Here are the dos and don’ts of Lebanon.

  • Do act politely around a Lebanese who is older than you. We’re sure that this is nothing new compared to other countries. Respect and be polite to those who are older than you, especially if you are having a conversation with them.
  • Do offer sympathy. No matter what situation it is, Lebanon is appreciative of sympathy. Always make sure that you offer sympathy not just to a Lebanese but to your co-expats as well.
  • Be open about yourself and your life when you are in Lebanon. The Lebanese also appreciate it when you open something personal to them. Don’t be afraid to open up.
  • Expect a Lebanese to do what he says. It’s normal in Lebanon to keep their words. If you see someone acting by his word, don’t be surprised. Lebanese do what they say.
  • Do accept favors. If someone asks you to do something for him/her, don’t reject the request. Accept favors as this is one way you can be friends with some locals. Lebanese always agree to help each other, even expats. So, if you agree with the favor and try to do it but failed to complete it, it doesn’t matter to them. Your agreement still stands as long as you show them that you tried your best.

Don’ts in Lebanon

Here are the don’ts in Lebanon. Make sure you observe these things as these are avoided or not practiced in the whole of Lebanon. These might be new to you but as you stay in Lebanon, you will eventually get used to these restrictions.

  • Don’t say anything insulting. This is not new. Being respectful towards the person you are talking to is so basic. When in Lebanon, try not to say anything derogatory or insulting. To say something to someone, do it indirectly. For example, if you are trying to give corrective remarks, make sure it is indirect.
  • Don’t be too restrictive in terms of time. Lebanon is lenient in terms of punctuality. So, don’t be too restrictive when someone is late. It’s acceptable in Lebanon to be a little late during meet-ups.
  • Don’t reject favors. Lebanese always accept favors. Don’t be reluctant to do the same. Even if you don’t do the favor completely, you will be appreciated by Lebanese for trying your best.
  • Don’t give something to someone to hold as you do something else. In Lebanon, this is a sign of slavery. Put the object you are holding somewhere else if you need to do something.
  • Don’t use your left hand to pass an object to someone. This is considered rude in Lebanon. Instead of using your left hand, it’s more acceptable to use your right hand or both hands.
  • Don’t cross your legs when you are in the presence of someone. Again, this is considered rude especially to the point that you are pointing your feet at someone. Avoid raising your feet.

Tips when traveling to Lebanon

When traveling to Lebanon, of course, you have to observe the dos and don’ts first. To remember these things, you don’t have to memorize them. You can use this article as your guide so that by the time you are in Lebanon, you know the basics things to do. Always stick to the basics and don’t complicate yourself. You will easily adapt to your new environment if you keep yourself open to changes.

Another tip is to manage your expectations. Always assume that there will be changes. There will be something different when you go out of your home country. If you are from the Philippines, Lebanon would be a lot different. Its culture and laws are more like those Middle East countries rather than Asian.

Study the laws of Lebanon. Just the basics ones like traffic rules, airport rules, and the guidelines about visas and residence visas. If you are planning to work in this country, you need to know the basic rules to follow. The dos and don’ts mentioned above don’t include the country’s laws. It’s better to know them beforehand for your own safety.

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