3 Things to Expect When Studying and Working Overseas

Many Filipinos not only aspire to find work abroad; others also take the opportunity to live overseas to work, travel, and study. Who wouldn’t want to have this – to enjoy the best of everything a foreign country has to offer, right?

If this has crossed your mind, too. Then give it much thought and consider what you want to achieve in your career and life in the long term by taking this step. In this post, we will share the things you can expect from working and studying overseas according to our resource OFW vlogger from Singapore, Francis Alex.

Disclaimer: The information published is based on the experience shared by the vlogger/YouTuber. The information provided may change without prior notice and may differ in actual scenarios. Let this article serve as a guide only.

Here is the video guide shared by a Pinoy OFW in Singapore, Francis Alex on YouTube. If you find his tips helpful, you may check out his channel to catch more interesting content about his work and life as an OFW in Singapore. 


What to Expect When Working and Studying Abroad

While some people may think that there are other better options for them to invest their money in than take up further studies, especially abroad. Remember that the decision when it comes to investing your hard-earned money will always be yours. That said, the best thing you can do once you have decided on where you will invest your money from working overseas, is to do your best and succeed in that path you chose.

And for some OFWs like Francis Alex, pursuing higher education has given him great results in terms of his career advancement and personal development. 

That said, here are some of the things you need to know to set proper expectations before choosing to work and study at the same time overseas:

1. Since you are experiencing greater independence abroad, you’ll find it easier to balance your work and studies at the same time. 

Deciding to become an OFW takes a lot of guts. And with it, determination, patience, and discipline. That said, if an OFW masters these qualities, then pursuing higher education while working abroad may surprisingly be much easier than expected. 

According to Francis Alex, at first, he was hesitant to push through with the master’s program he enrolled in, thinking that there could have been other opportunities he should’ve pursued instead such as investing in a house, a business, or his own car back home. But in the video, he shares that pursuing higher education is also a form of investment, but one that puts focus on your personal and career growth. If this is something that you really want and is aligned with your goals later on in life, then there’s no reason for you not to pursue it. After all, you might even do really well once you get on this track. Give it a try and do your best!  

2. It’s going to be stressful most of the time mainly because you don’t have a lot of immediate support systems like close friends and family who can console and encourage you in person. 

Contrary to the first point, working and studying at the same time can be extremely stressful. Even if you have good time management skills and unwavering focus, there will come a time when you would hit a rough spot. And during these times, what makes the situation more stressful than it really is, is the fact that you don’t have the support system as you do back home. 

Yes, technology has made communication much more convenient these days, but this does not change the fact that you won’t have the company you need the most during your struggles and hardships as a working-student abroad. For this reason, Francis shares that it’s important to pick yourself up if you find yourself in a slump. In his case, he watches motivational videos on YouTube to help him refocus and find the strength to keep pushing through. And true enough, he was able to get his degree earlier this year. This just shows that if you are determined to achieve something, no matter how difficult that is, you can achieve it if you put your mind to it. 

3. It’s going to be one of the most memorable and fun experiences you can have as an individual. 

The sense of fulfillment and personal achievement that you’ll get from completing your studies without depending on your family for help with your expenses and in your studies is something every OFW can be extremely proud of. Also, the people around you will also recognize how hard you have been working to get to that point. Because of this, they can’t help but share in your joy and pride in accomplishing what you have set out to do on your own, in a foreign country without your close friends and family to offer much help. 

Also, going back to school will teach you a lot of valuable life lessons and open you up to new opportunities such as meeting new people, who can help you become a better person than before you started studying or even working abroad. 

According to Francis, this new achievement and sense of accomplishment will only lift you up to higher places, much closer to your dreams. So if you think it’s impossible to work and study abroad, think again. The only decision you need to make is to start and do whatever you need to accomplish your goals in life. Everything else can be set aside in the background for a while.

There are plenty of opportunities for OFWs abroad. One of these is the opportunity to pursue higher education. By exercising discipline and unwavering commitment, this seemingly challenging point in your life can be overcome and be part of your accomplishments as an OFW and as a person, in general. Just keep pushing yourself to your limit and never lose sight of your goals and dreams. This way, you can remain motivated and determined to overcome all odds as you reach for your dreams. 

Are you also considering to study while working abroad? How do you prepare for this point in your life and what are some tips you can give your fellow OFWs who wish to do the same? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below!

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