List of Trucking Services in the Philippines

If you’re living in the Philippines or planning to move goods within the country, you’re likely to be familiar with the importance of the trucking industry. From transporting essential goods to construction materials, trucking services in the Philippines play a vital role in the economy. Whether you’re a business owner or an individual, finding the right trucking service can make all the difference in ensuring your goods’ safe and efficient delivery.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at a comprehensive list of trucking companies in the Philippines. From small, independent operators to large fleet companies, this list will provide valuable information and options to help you make the best choice for your transportation needs. So, if you’re curious about what the trucking industry in the Philippines offers, read on to find out more!

List of Trucking Services in the Philippines

1. RLH Trucking Service

RLH Trucking Service offers a wide selection of trucks for rent, making it an ideal choice for those who require additional transportation options for either temporary or seasonal purposes. Regardless of the type of truck required, RLH Trucking Service is capable of fulfilling the demand, providing light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks to suit specific needs. Choosing RLH Trucking Service ensures immediate access to a variety of trucks for rent, making it the optimal solution for those in need of fast and reliable transportation services.

To find out more about RLH Trucking Service, feel free to contact them via their Facebook page.

2. Cartrex Trucking

Cartrex Trucking is a service company that has been providing hauling services for general cargoes, household moving, office and warehouse transfers, as well as lifting and moving of heavy equipment since 1995. Over the years, the company has gained exceptional experience in these areas. Its primary goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by delivering fast and reliable services.

For more information on Cartrex Trucking, interested parties can learn more about the company via their website.

3. Jhamal Trucking Services

Jhamal Trucking Services, a transportation company based in Carmona, Cavite, aims to transport valuable materials to their intended destinations on time and without damage to provide customer satisfaction. They offer both open and closed trucks as well as car rentals as part of their trucking services.

To find out more about Jhamal Trucking Services, interested individuals can seek further information via their website.

4. Cortransport Corporation

Cortransport Corporation is a company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and holds a franchise from the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB). Their focus is on providing trucking and hauling services, and their fleet includes open-type cargo trucks such as 10 Wheeler, 6 Wheeler, and Elf. Their services are available for transportation needs that span from Manila to any location in Luzon. The company offers customized solutions to meet specific requirements and interested individuals can find out more about Cortransport Corporation via their Facebook page.

5. A. Mendoza Trucking Services

A. Mendoza Trucking Services has been in operation since 2000, specializing in Trucking Services with a variety of open and closed trucks in different sizes. Over time, the company has expanded its fleet and services, providing a comprehensive package for nationwide transportation, including Luzon and Visa.

To discover more about A. Mendoza Trucking Services, visit their Facebook page here.

6. Lanz Matthew Trucking Services

Lanz Matthew Trucking Services (LMTS) began its operations in May of 2002, providing transportation services through two 4-wheeler Elf trucks. These trucks initially serviced Gem Freight Logistics Corporation, which is now known as GemEx Cargo Forwarder, a freight forwarding company that caters to a large part of Metro Manila, as well as the provinces of Negros, Bacolod, and Iloilo.

LMTS has since expanded its services and now offers a wide range of transportation solutions to businesses and individuals across the Philippines. With a commitment to providing reliable and efficient trucking services, LMTS has become a trusted partner for clients across various industries.

In addition to its standard transportation services, LMTS also offers specialized solutions to meet the unique needs of its clients. These services include refrigerated trucks for the transport of temperature-sensitive goods, as well as flatbed trucks for oversized or irregularly-shaped cargo.

LMTS has built a strong reputation in the trucking industry for its dedication to safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Its team of experienced drivers and support staff work closely with clients to ensure that their transportation needs are met on time and within budget.

If you’re in need of reliable and efficient trucking services in the Philippines, Lanz Matthew Trucking Services is definitely worth considering. With years of experience and a commitment to meeting each client’s unique needs, LMTS can help ensure that your goods are transported safely and efficiently to their destination.

Learn more about Lanz Matthew Trucking Services by visiting their website.

7. Inland Corporation

Inland Corporation is a full-service Total Logistics Company that has been in operation since October 1975. The company is registered under SEC reg. no. 64038 and has diversified its offerings from its original primary purpose of Customs Brokerage. In addition to Customs Brokerage, Inland Corporation provides a variety of other services that support the logistics needs of businesses and individuals.

Among the services offered by Inland Corporation are Freight Forwarding, which involves the organization and management of shipments, Trucking services for the transportation of goods by land, Container Yard Operations, which entail the storage, maintenance, and movement of shipping containers, Heavy-lift Movement, which involves the transportation of large, heavy equipment, Rigging and Crating for the safe and secure handling of goods during transportation, and Warehousing for the storage and distribution of goods.

Inland Corporation is committed to providing top-quality services to its clients, whether they are moving small packages or large, bulky equipment. The company’s experienced and knowledgeable team is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of each customer and ensuring the safe and timely delivery of their goods. Whether you need assistance with customs clearance, transportation, or warehousing, Inland Corporation is equipped to support every move you make.

For more details on how to get in touch with Inland Corporation, please visit the company’s website.

8. Glorious Trucking Services

Since 1996, Glorious Trucking Services has been operating in the industry and has consistently made progress in its operations. By collaborating with established companies such as Boeing, Monark Equipment, and 2Go, the team has acquired knowledge and earned a reputation for delivering a comprehensive range of services.

If you’re interested in discovering more about Glorious Trucking Services, be sure to visit their Facebook page.

9. Royal Cargo

The passion to serve is what fuels Royal Cargo’s dream of becoming the preferred partner in their industry. Despite humble beginnings, the company carries stronger hopes and bigger goals to grow and succeed. For more than four (4) decades, Royal Cargo has been relentlessly striving to provide specialized logistics services to fulfill the growing demand in the industry.

Feel free to explore their expertise in logistics services by checking out Royal Cargo’s website.

10. Infinity Logistics Philippines

In 2005, the company Infinity Logistics Philippines was established as a Licensed International Freight Forwarder and NVOCC, with a primary focus on providing sea freight cargo and land transportation services. As a Non Vessel Operation Common Carrier, the company is well-equipped to handle various types of freight forwarding needs for businesses and individuals, ensuring safe and efficient delivery of goods across different locations. With years of experience in the industry, Infinity Logistics Philippines has established a reputation for providing high-quality services to its clients, ensuring timely delivery of their goods and exceptional customer satisfaction.

Find out how their services can help you meet your shipping needs by visiting their website.

11. 3PL Service Provider

In 1996, 3PL Service Provider was founded with a specific objective in mind: to furnish transportation and forwarding services that are dependable, timely, and tailored to individual needs, resulting in a boost to companies’ productivity and profitability. Through perseverance and diligence, the organization was able to demonstrate its competence as a service provider.

If you want to discover more about 3PL Service Provider, be sure to visit their website.

12. Cheska Freight

The process of customs clearance in the Philippines is known to be intricate, both for exporting and importing goods. To prevent any delays in the supply chain and business operations, it is crucial to streamline the process. At Cheska Freight, they offer their expertise to ensure a hassle-free experience with their customs clearance services. Their customs clearance agents possess a vast knowledge of the process and are well-versed in handling imports and exports. By entrusting your customs clearance to Cheska Freight, you can focus on your business operations while leaving the complexities of customs clearance to the experts.

Learn more about Cheska Freight by visiting their Facebook page.

13. Manila Forwarder

Manila Forwarder comprises a network of self-governing business entities that have collaborated to offer top-quality balikbayan box services at a cost-effective rate. Their comprehensive range of services includes door-to-door shipping, travel, and money remittance, which aim to facilitate a seamless reconnection with the Philippines. Manila Forwarder is committed to providing the best possible solutions that cater to all of your requirements.

To know more about Manila Forwarder and its services, please visit their website.

14. Dependable Global Express

Dependable Global Express (DGX) is widely recognized as a reliable provider of international ocean and air freight services. Their extensive network covers various global destinations accessible through major ports and airports, facilitating shipping to and from any location in the United States, as well as between foreign points. DGX offers a range of freight options, including consolidation, Full Container Load (FCL), and Less Than Container Load (LCL).

For more information on the trustworthy services provided by Dependable Global Express, please visit their website.


The strength and integrity of the company are maintained by aligning with the customers’ expectations in terms of quality and value for money. The company strives to deliver excellent service performance to ensure that the customers’ needs are met.

Learn more about GCLPI by visiting their website.

16. Cadano Cargo

The International Freight Forwarding Company conducted a thorough analysis of their clients’ individual requirements and unique situations. Based on the findings, the company provides expert advice to clients on the most suitable methods for importing or exporting their goods. The company offers a comprehensive range of solutions, not just limited to the supply and logistics aspect of the transactions.

Furthermore, clients can also learn more about Cadano Cargo, a potential option for their cargo needs, by heading to their website.

17. Ernest Logistics

Ernest Logistics Service was established in April 2009 by a young entrepreneur as a trucking business primarily focused on providing containerized hauling services for domestic markets. Despite starting as a small-scale enterprise, the founder had ambitious plans to expand the business. Thus, the company gradually diversified its services and ventured into the freight management and domestic forward industry. As a result of this expansion, the company has been able to broaden its horizons and cater to a broader range of customers.

Interested parties can visit the company’s website or contact its customer service representatives to learn more about Ernest Logistics.

18. Metro Combined Logistics Solutions

In 1997, a joint venture was formed between Gulf Agency Corporation (GAC), a global leader in shipping, logistics, and marine services, and Metro Alliance Holdings Equities Corporation (MAHEC), a Philippine company established in 1927, which primarily engages in distribution. The partnership resulted in the formation of Metro Combined Logistics Inc. The company offers a comprehensive range of logistics solutions for various industries, leveraging the expertise and resources of its parent companies.

For more information about the services provided by Metro Combined Logistics Solutions, interested parties may inquire further via their website.

19. Explorer Freight Corporation

Explorer Freight Corporation began its journey as a single proprietorship in 1987, operating under the trade name JHK Forwarders and Custom Brokerage. In 1990, the company was incorporated as a 100% Filipino-owned corporation, taking on the name Explorer Freight Corporation. The company’s services started with simple trucking and customs brokerage. As the years passed, Explorer Freight Corporation expanded its freight services, growing into a larger and more comprehensive logistics company. Today, the company provides a wide range of logistics solutions, and it remains committed to delivering reliable and efficient services to its clients.

For more information about the company, interested parties can visit Explorer Freight Corporation’s official website.

20. KF Projekts

The company provides logistical support to various industries looking to outsource a substantial portion of their requirements to KF Projects. By doing so, these industries can attain peace of mind. KF Projects is proficient in providing equipment to customers, whether for sale or rental purposes.

Additionally, the company employs a team of experts in the shipping and transportation industry. This allows them to offer cost-effective, efficient, and secure solutions for international, domestic, or regional shipping needs. They are well-equipped to handle transportation by land, sea, or air.

To learn more about KF Projects and their various services, visit their Facebook page.

Video: BAKIT PATULOY NA LALAKAS ang Trucking and Logistics Business Dito sa Pilipinas | Trucking Business

The video discusses the reasons why the logistics industry and the trucking business in particular, will continue to grow in the Philippines. The focus of the discussion is to provide viewers with an understanding of the factors that contribute to the success of the trucking business in the country.

The video addresses the question “Bakit patuloy na lalakas ang trucking and logistics business dito sa Pilipinas?” which translates to “Why does the trucking and logistics business continue to grow in the Philippines?” The purpose of this video is to help those who are considering entering the trucking business make an informed decision.

Throughout the video, the presenter explains the various factors that contribute to the growth of the trucking business. These include the increasing demand for goods and services, the expanding e-commerce industry, and the development of infrastructure in the country. So for OFWs, you might want to invest in a trucking business once you come home. It’s a sure way to make money and help the country grow at the same time!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is trucking service in the Philippines?

Trucking service is the transportation of goods using trucks, from one location to another in the Philippines.

2. What types of trucks are commonly used for trucking services in the Philippines?

The most commonly used trucks for trucking services in the Philippines are flatbed trucks, container vans, and refrigerated trucks.

3. What are the typical services offered by trucking companies in the Philippines?

Trucking companies in the Philippines typically offer transportation services, warehousing, logistics, and delivery services.

4. What factors should I consider when choosing a trucking service in the Philippines?

When choosing a trucking service in the Philippines, you should consider the reputation of the company, their experience, reliability, cost, and the type of services they offer.

5. What documents do I need to provide for shipping goods using a trucking service in the Philippines?

You will need to provide a bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing list, and any other relevant documents for shipping goods using a trucking service in the Philippines.

6. How do I calculate the cost of shipping goods using a trucking service in the Philippines?

The cost of shipping goods using a trucking service in the Philippines is typically calculated based on the weight, size, and distance of the shipment.

7. How long does it take for goods to be delivered using a trucking service in the Philippines?

The time it takes for goods to be delivered using a trucking service in the Philippines depends on the distance, traffic, and the type of service selected. Delivery times can range from a few hours to several days.

8. Is insurance available for goods shipped using a trucking service in the Philippines?

Yes, most trucking services in the Philippines offer insurance coverage for goods shipped. However, checking with the company to understand their insurance coverage and limitations is important.

Final Thoughts

List of Trucking Services in the Philippines

In summary, trucking services in the Philippines are a crucial part of the country’s economy, with a wide range of services available to suit every transportation need.

As a consumer, it’s important to understand the various factors to consider when choosing a trucking service provider, including their reputation, experience, cost, and the type of services they offer.

With the information provided in this guide, you should better understand the trucking industry in the Philippines and be able to make informed decisions about your transportation needs.

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