Visa-Free and Visa on Arrival Upon Entry as a Philippine Passport Holder

Where can your Philippine passport take you? When many countries are demanding Visa for certain people to get into their country, it is comforting to know that there are still those who openly welcome tourists without the hassle of requiring Visa before entry or otherwise offer Visa on Arrival instead.

As a Philippine Passport Holder, to be able to get into countries Visa-free is a boon to pocket money as it no longer necessitates the need to pay for Visa application and is even more convenient than having to go through the trouble of doing it before any trip.

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Our Philippine passport and the countries we can visit without the need to get visas beforehand.

List of Countries to Travel Visa Free or Upon Arrival with Philippine Passports

But while being able to get into and out of any country via a Visa-free privilege may sound like an indefinite stay to a particular nation overseas, there are still some restrictions that must be heed to ensure a problem-free visit to a foreign land.

As such, the following are the list of countries that offer Philippine Passport Holders Visa-free or Visa on Arrival entry:


Brunei Darussalam Visa-free 14 days
Cambodia Visa-free 15 days
Indonesia Visa-free 30 days
Laos Visa-free 30 days
Malaysia Visa-free 14 days
Myanmar Visa-free 14 days
Singapore Visa-free 30 days
Thailand Visa-free 30 days
Vietnam Visa-free 21 days



Azerbaijan Visa on Arrival 30 days
Taiwan Valid entry if holding Visa for the following countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States 30 days
Georgia Visa on Arrival 90 days
Hong Kong Visa-free 14 days
India Visa on Arrival 30 days
Iran Visa on Arrival 15 days
Israel Visa-free 90 days
South Korea Visa-free (if bound for Jeju Island) 30 days
Macau Visa-free 30 days
Maldives Visa on Arrival 30 days
Mongolia Visa-free 21 days
Nepal Visa on Arrival 90 days
Sri Lanka Visa on Arrival 30 days
Timor Leste Visa-free 30 days


Central America

Costa Rica Visa-free 30 days
Dominica Visa-free 21 days
Haiti Visa-free 90 days
Nicaragua Visa on Arrival 90 days
Saint Lucia Visa-free 42 days
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Visa on Arrival 30 days
Turks and the Caicos Islands Visa-free 30 days


South America

Bolivia Visa-free 90 days
Brazil Visa-free 90 days
Columbia Visa-free 90 days
Ecuador Visa-free 90 days
Peru Visa-free 183 days
Suriname Visa-free 90 days



Kosovo Visa-free 30 days



Cook Islands Visa-free 31 days
Fiji Visa-free 120 days
Marshall Islands Visa on Arrival 30 days
Micronesia Visa-free 30 days
Niue Visa-free 30 days
Palau Visa on Arrival 30 days
Samoa Visa-free 60 days
Tuvalu Visa on Arrival 30 days
Vanuatu Visa-free 30 days



Burundi Visa-free 30 days
Cape Verde Visa on Arrival Undefined


Due to changing circumstances, the above-mentioned details may change without prior notice. We will try to keep this post as updated as possible. As it does not hurt to get informed about the possible changes with your intended destination, it is always wise to refer to the embassy or immigration of the country you are willing to visit.

We hope you find the info above helpful as you plan your trips in the future. It’s good to know that even if we might not be able to get free visas on countries like the US or those that belong to the European union, there are still a number of places we can visit with our Philippine passport.

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