7 Reasons Why Filipinos Should Work in Japan

Working in Japan is definitely a great opportunity for Filipinos. The Japanese economy is strong and growing, and it’s easy to find opportunities as an OFW to find work in Japan if you have the right skillset.

Working in Japan has been the dream for many Filipinos, and in this article, we’ll discuss why it makes sense for Filipino workers to consider working in Japan and what they can expect when they arrive there. Read on to find out more!

7 Reasons Filipinos Should Work in Japan

1. It gives an opportunity to learn the Japanese language and culture.

Although the Japanese language is difficult to learn, it’s worth the effort. The Japanese language is rich in its vocabulary and grammar, and many different dialects can change depending on where you live. While learning the language may seem daunting at first, it will help you understand more about Japan’s culture, traditions and customs.

Learning how to read and write Japanese is also important because it will assist you with learning how to pronounce words correctly when speaking the language. A good way to practice this would be by looking up some online videos or books that teach how each letter sounds in order for you not only read but also speak better when communicating with your employer or coworkers while working abroad.

2. Job opportunities for OFWs

If you are an OFW, Japan is definitely a great place to work. The country has long been a popular destination for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) because of its higher pay scale compared with other countries. The Philippines and Japan also share good relations, which makes it easier for Filipinos to find jobs there.

There are many job opportunities in Japan for Filipinos who want to work there as nurses or caregivers, construction workers, factory laborers and even waitresses at restaurants. If you want to be hired as one of these professionals by Japanese companies, then all you need is the right training in your field of specialization before going there as an OFW!

3. Relatively high pay

The minimum wage in Japan is higher than other Asian countries. It’s true that the cost of living is high in Japan but salaries are also relatively high. This means that even if you have a low-paying job, you can still earn a living and get by comfortably on your salary, provided that you don’t spend too much on luxuries and other non-essentials.

As of this writing, the currency exchange between the Philippine Peso and Japanese Yen is at around P50 to ¥100. This means that if you work in Japan at the minimum wage of ¥8,000 per month, then you can earn around P40,000 per month! This is a lot more than the average salary in the Philippines.

4. Japanese work culture is unique

Japanese work culture is unique. There are many things that Filipinos can learn from the Japanese, such as loyalty and being punctual. If there is one thing you should take away from working in Japan, it’s how to be respectful at all times. The Japanese have a strict code of conduct for their workers, and if you follow their rules closely, you can expect to get promoted faster than your counterparts back home!

Japanese employees tend to stay with the same company for years on end because they see themselves as part of a family; this is why they are so dedicated when it comes time to work hard on a project or task given by management.

5. High demand for English teachers

One of the biggest reasons to consider working in Japan is that there’s a high demand for English teachers. There are many schools and universities that hire foreign teachers, from young children to adults who want to improve their skills. Many people are interested in learning English because it will help them get a job or gain access to new opportunities.

The good news is that you don’t need teaching experience before landing a job as an English teacher in Japan; many people have done so without any prior experience. In fact, some employers prefer candidates with no previous teaching experience because they feel these individuals are more likely to be flexible and open-minded about their approach towards the subject matter.

6. Work-life balance in Japan is great!

The Japanese are known for having an extremely strong work-life balance culture, which means that they value their time off at home and with family members. They have long summer vacations and even shorter winter breaks; they take many holidays throughout the year; they go on many business trips (like to Thailand) or pleasure trips (like to Hawaii). In other words, there is plenty of time for relaxing and enjoying life outside of work! As a result, you will find that your Filipino coworkers in Japan are very relaxed and happy individuals who enjoy life to the fullest. You may even see them taking naps during lunchtime or enjoying a drink together after work hours.

7. Filipinos are in demand because of our strong work ethic and soft skills.

You’re in demand because of your strong work ethic and soft skills. As a Filipino, you’re known for being hardworking, friendly and good communicators—and that’s just the beginning! You also have a strong sense of family, which means you’ll be able to maintain a great relationship with your co-workers and supervisors.

This makes Filipinos great team players no matter what industry they’re working in—and Japan is no exception. If you want to find a job overseas but are worried about how it will affect your personal life, moving to Japan could be the right move for you.

There are many reasons why you should consider working in Japan.

Japan has a long history of immigration and is home to over 3 million foreigners, with the majority being Chinese and Koreans. While the country’s population is small in comparison to other countries in Asia, it still makes the list of the most densely populated nations on earth. In terms of safety, Japan is one of the safest countries in the world with a low crime rate, even if you compare it to other developed Asian nations like Singapore or Hong Kong.

Japan is also known for having some of the cleanest streets and cities in Asia and being one of the most polite nations in the world. The Japanese people are respectful towards each other and tend not to litter or make noise when walking around with their friends or family members. They are also known for being very disciplined when it comes down working hard at school; this has resulted into having high standards when it comes to educating themselves about certain subjects such as Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM).

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Final Thoughts

Working in Japan is a good idea if you are looking for job opportunities. The culture and lifestyle are very different from the Philippines, but it can be an enriching experience for whoever wants to learn more about Japanese people and their way of life.

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