11 Reasons Why Filipinos Should Work in Taiwan

If you are a Filipino worker and have been wondering why you should work in Taiwan, we can help you make that decision. There are many reasons why Filipinos should work in Taiwan, as it offers them higher salaries and better working conditions than other countries do.

Taiwan has been one of the choice destinations for Filipino workers and for other foreign nationals looking for better jobs. Here are 11 reasons why Filipinos should work in Taiwan:

11 Reasons Why Filipinos Should Work in Taiwan

1. Higher salary and benefits

You can earn a higher salary and benefits in Taiwan than you would at home. As of this writing, the average monthly salary for an entry-level employee in Taiwan is around $1,400 USD (PHP 79,772), while the average monthly income for low-wage workers in the Philippines hovers around $500 USD. According to state-mandated minimum wage standards set by the Philippine government, about 40% of Filipinos live below the poverty line with an annual income of less than $2,000 USD per year!

Depending on the kind of job you’ll get in Taiwan, you could earn up to three times your salary back home. In addition, Taiwan offers many benefits to its foreign workers, including airfare reimbursement, paid holiday leave and a pension fund that you can use after retirement. However, like all jobs abroad, nothing comes easy to achieving success. You should be prepared to work hard and adapt yourself to a new culture. But if you want to earn more money while learning a new language, Taiwan is definitely the place to be!

2. Visa application process is faster and easier

  • Unlike in other countries, Filipinos can apply for their Taiwan visas without the need to visit any Taiwanese diplomatic offices and without the hassle of getting an appointment. The whole process is done online, which means that you can apply within minutes and get your visa approval letter instantly.
  • After applying for your Taiwan visa, your application will be reviewed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs using the
  • information provided on your application form (i.e., passport number). Based on their review, you will receive an automatic email showing that they have accepted or denied your application. If approved, they will also send you an electronic copy of your approval letter so that it’s easy for foreign travelers in transit who want to stay longer than 15 days but might not have access to Wi-Fi or internet connections at airports worldwide – this is especially helpful if traveling from another country after arriving in Taiwan!

3. OFWs in Taiwan are protected by laws.

The Labor Standards Act applies to all Filipino workers in Taiwan, including those working for the government.

It ensures that OFWs are entitled to a fair wage, rest days and overtime pay. It also protects them from various forms of harassment and abuses. The Employment Insurance Act and the Employment Service Act are meant to help Filipinos find a job in Taiwan.

4. Cultural diversity in Taiwan

If you’re a Filipino who’s looking for a place to settle down and work, Taiwan is a perfect choice. Why? Well, let’s just say that it has a lot going for it.

For one thing, Taiwan is home to a large number of Filipinos. In fact, with over 250,000 Filipinos currently residing in Taiwan and many more already working there permanently (and many other foreigners too), you’ll find yourself surrounded by people from all over the world—which means that if you need help with anything at all or just want some company while exploring this amazing country, you’ll have no trouble finding someone who speaks your language!

On top of being able to connect with others who share your background as well as culture and heritage (or maybe even share similar beliefs), there are countless opportunities here because we’re still so new on this island compared to other nationalities—so if something doesn’t work out right away don’t worry: there’s always time left in life!

5. Filipinos are given access to one-year renewable working visas

Filipinos are given access to one-year renewable working visas that allow them to apply for permanent residency after five years. Once they have lived in Taiwan for more than one year, they can apply for a working visa. The process is easy and quick, with most applications being granted within two weeks. It’s only available if you have a college degree because this makes it clear that you have the necessary skills needed to fulfill the job requirements.

6. Foreign workers receive exactly the same national health insurance as the Taiwanese do.

Foreign workers receive exactly the same national health insurance as the Taiwanese do. They are entitled to free medical treatment at a public hospital or clinic and can claim disability benefits if they suffer an injury on the job.

All foreign workers are entitled to the same national health insurance as the Taiwanese. Filipinos can apply for permanent residency after working in Taiwan for three years, but even before that, they have access to these benefits—and at no cost!

7. Filipinos are given more opportunities to work in Taiwan, especially in the English education industry

Here are some reasons why Filipinos should work in Taiwan:

  • You have more opportunities to work in Taiwan, especially in the English education industry. Taiwan is a growing economy, and English is one of its most sought-after languages. To cater to this need, many companies have opened up centers that teach English to Taiwanese children and adults, making it a lucrative job market for foreigners who know the language well enough to teach it effectively. If you’re an aspiring teacher or tutor who knows or wants to learn how to speak fluent English (or any other second language), then applying for jobs here will be easier than back home because employers are constantly looking for native speakers of different languages like Chinese or Japanese who can also read and write their native languages fluently (or French). This will give you more chances at landing a job here because employers won’t have as much competition from other applicants trying out for the same position as yourself!

8. Filipinos can apply for permanent residency three years after they started working there

Filipinos can apply for permanent residency three years after they start working there. To qualify, they must have worked in Taiwan for at least two years and have a clean criminal record. They must also be able to speak Mandarin fluently.

9. The Taiwanese government offers free Mandarin language classes for foreign workers, including Filipinos

  • Many people ask if it’s really possible to learn Mandarin in Taiwan. The answer is yes! There are several opportunities for you to take mandarin classes at no cost. The Taiwanese government offers free Mandarin language classes for foreign workers, including Filipinos. If you work as an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Taiwan, this opportunity is open to you too!
  • When taking up free mandarin courses offered by the Taiwanese government, they do not impose any deadline on how long or when exactly you should finish your coursework. In fact, it doesn’t even matter how fast or slow you learn since no set schedule requires completion within a certain timeframe; it’s entirely up to each individual student how frequently they want or need to attend their lessons. You can simply enroll yourself in an online program or join a face-to-face class anytime during the weekdays from Monday through Friday—the choice is yours!

10. Vibrant Filipino Community

The Philippine community in Taiwan is a very active one. Every year, they celebrate Philippine Independence Day on June 12th with a parade and other festivities.

The Filipino Association of Taiwan is also very active, and you can join them on Facebook if you’d like to find Filipinos in your area or attend their events.

If you want to get involved with the Filipino community in Taiwan, there’s no better way than by making friends with someone who lives here!

11. Close to the Philippines

Taiwan is close to the Philippines. This means you can go back home for holidays, visit your family and friends, or just go to your favorite beach resort. In addition, it’s a lot easier to get around compared to other countries in Asia (even if you don’t know Mandarin). You won’t have trouble getting around Taiwan because English signs are everywhere!

Working abroad is a good way to improve your quality of life financially and professionally

Working abroad is a good way to improve your quality of life financially and professionally. Here are some of the benefits:

  • You can earn more money. On average, Taiwanese workers earn more than their Filipino counterparts—they make more than double what they would in the Philippines. (Note: this only applies if you’re working in an industry that requires you to have extensive experience or education.)
  • You’ll have access to better training opportunities and resources. One reason why Filipinos don’t get paid as much as their Taiwanese counterparts is that many Filipinos lack proper business training or certification; this is something that employers value highly here! So if you get hired by a Taiwanese company, they will likely offer additional training courses for employees who want them. In addition, because Taiwan has stricter labor laws than its Southeast Asian neighbors do (including stiffer penalties for violating those laws), workers are protected from exploitation by employers or contractors who don’t pay them properly or provide decent working conditions

Video: Some 35,000 OFWs in Taiwan eligible to become permanent residents

As mentioned, one of the perks for Filipinos working in Taiwan is the opportunity to become permanent residents. In this video update, some 35,000 overseas Filipino workers in Taiwan are eligible to become permanent residents of the island under a new law, an official said. This is a welcome development for the Filipino community in Taiwan. Many have been working there for years and have formed strong bonds with their families back home. Now, they can be assured that their children will not have to go through the same hardships when it comes time for them to find jobs abroad.

Final Thoughts

If you’re considering working abroad, why not try Taiwan? It’s a great place to live and work, with a lot of opportunities for Filipinos. You can improve your quality of life financially and professionally, while also making new friends from around the world. The process is easy, and once you get there, you’ll feel right at home in this beautiful country with its friendly people who will help make your transition easier

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