Pinoy in Abu Dhabi Arrested for Robbing a Money Exchange Center

Desperate for money, a 54-year-old Filipino has been arrested after trying to rob a money exchange center in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

He was wearing mask, and used a stone to break the glass and tried to attack the cashier using the pepper spray.

According to a report from Abu Dhabi Police website, Col Dr Rashid Borshid, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department at Abu Dhabi Police, the man was identified through surveillance camera footage in the area and tracked him to his wife’s residence where he was arrested.

During the questioning, the suspect admitted that he resorted to this criminal method because of his need for money. He tried to steal the money from the staff by force in accordance with a pre-planned plan, using some tools in the crime – face mask, stone, pepper spray, and a knife that he hid in his possession

Below is a photograph posted by Abu Dhabi Police of the said Filipino being arrested.

ضبطت شرطة أبوظبي، فلبينياً، مرتدياً قناعاً، حاول سرقة محل صرافة مستخدماً حجراً لكسر النافذة الفاصلة عن المراجعين، ورذاذ الفلفل لشلّ حركة أحد الصرّافين. وأفاد العميد الدكتور راشد محمد بورشيد مدير مديرية التحريات والتحقيقات الجنائية في قطاع الامن الجنائي أنه تم اتخاذ جميع الإجراءات والتدابير الفورية لضبط المشتبه (54 سنة) بمجرّد تلقي بلاغ بوقوع الجريمة، وفراره من المكان. واعترف المشتبه، خلال الاستجواب، بأنه لجأ إلى هذا الأسلوب الإجرامي بسبب حاجته إلى المال، فقام بمحاولته سرقة النقود من محل الصرافة، بالقوة، وفق خطة مسبقة #أبوظبي #شرطة_أبوظبي #أخبار_شرطة_أبوظبي ‏ ‎‏#AbuDhabi #ADPoliceHQ ‏#AbuDhabipolice

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The director of Criminal Investigations and Investigations Department in the Criminal Security Sector said that the police will remain vigilant against every person who tries to harm the security of people and abuse their property. He stressed the keenness of Abu Dhabi Police to strengthen ties between them and the public and strengthen bridges of communication to cooperate in fighting crime and spreading peace and security in our country.

We hope that this serves a reminder to everyone that we should avoid breaking the law and that there are consequences for every action that we take.

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