Benefits and Ways of Becoming a Permanent Resident in Australia

Are you considering the possibility of migrating to Australia and obtaining permanent residency? Australia offers a wide range of benefits and opportunities for individuals seeking to settle in the country for the long term. Being a permanent resident in Australia grants you numerous advantages, such as the ability to live and work in the country indefinitely, access to healthcare benefits like Medicare, and the opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship.

In this article, we will explore the benefits and ways to apply for permanent residency in Australia, providing you with essential information and guidance to make informed decisions about your immigration journey. Whether you are planning to reunite with your family, pursue higher education, or explore job opportunities, understanding the pathways to permanent residency in Australia is crucial.

benefits of being a permanent resident in Australia
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Benefits and Ways to Get a Permanent Residency in Australia

The information presented in this article comes from an OFW YouTuber through her channel Introvert Gail. In this video, the vlogger talks about her permanent residency in Australia, how to obtain it, and more. If you want to watch the full video, then click on the link below:

Benefits of Being a Permanent Resident in Australia

Gaining permanent residency in Australia is a significant achievement for individuals seeking long-term settlement in the country. While it differs from Australian citizenship, being a permanent resident comes with a range of advantages and opportunities. In this article, we will explore the benefits of Australian permanent residency and discuss the various ways to apply for it, providing valuable information for aspiring migrants and overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) considering Australia as their new home.

Indefinite Stay and Work Opportunities:
As a permanent resident in Australia, you have the privilege of residing in the country for an unlimited period. This means you can live in Australia as long as you desire. Moreover, unlike other visa holders, such as students, permanent residents have no restrictions or limitations on employment. You enjoy the freedom to work in any occupation without any set hours or conditions.

  • Gaining indefinite stay in Australia
  • Unrestricted work opportunities
  • Access to comprehensive healthcare through Medicare
  • Financial opportunities and property ownership
  • A pathway to Australian citizenship
  • Flexibility in travel to and from Australia

Access to Medicare and Healthcare Benefits:

Obtaining permanent residency entitles you to access Australia’s comprehensive healthcare system, known as Medicare. Comparable to the Philippine PhilHealth, Medicare offers a broader range of benefits. As a permanent resident, you can enjoy medical services without having to pay out-of-pocket expenses. This includes consultations with general practitioners (GPs), blood tests, ultrasounds, and even the entire process of giving birth. However, it is still advisable to have private health insurance to avoid potential charges and levies.

Financial Opportunities and Property Ownership:

Having permanent residency status opens up avenues for financial stability and growth. You gain eligibility to apply for bank loans, enabling you to secure funds for significant investments such as purchasing property in Australia. With the assurance of your permanent residency, banks are more likely to consider your loan applications.

Pathway to Australian Citizenship:

Permanent residency is an essential step towards becoming an Australian citizen. Although citizenship offers distinct advantages and privileges, being a permanent resident provides a solid foundation for pursuing Australian citizenship. Once you meet the necessary requirements, you can apply for citizenship, gaining additional benefits and a stronger sense of belonging in your adopted country.

Travel Flexibility:

As a permanent resident, you can travel to and from Australia with greater ease. With the appropriate travel facility permits, you can enjoy the convenience of hassle-free travel, making it easier to visit your home country or explore other destinations. While you still need to comply with necessary paperwork, the process becomes smoother and more streamlined.

Ways on How to get a Permanent residency in Australia

Obtaining permanent residency in Australia is a significant milestone for individuals seeking long-term settlement in the country. Being a permanent resident comes with numerous advantages and opens up various opportunities.

The following are the different pathways to acquiring permanent residency and the benefits it offers:

  • Family Stream Permanent Visa: This visa option is available to relatives, partners of Australian citizens, or carers of permanent residents in Australia. If you fall into any of these categories, you can apply for permanent residency and enjoy the benefits of living in Australia.
  • Work Stream Visa: Similar to the journey of our featured vlogger, the work stream visa allows workers with employers in Australia to be sponsored for permanent residency. Alternatively, you can also apply for this visa on your own if you possess skills that are in demand in Australia. This pathway provides a great opportunity for skilled individuals to establish themselves in the country.
  • Business Stream Visa: The business stream visa offers another avenue to obtain permanent residency in Australia. This option is available for individuals who wish to engage in business or investment activities in the country.

Additional Options:

  • Retirement Visa Pathway: Designed for those who want to retire in Australia and enjoy the country’s high standard of living during their golden years.
  • Former Resident Visa: Intended for individuals who were previously Australian permanent residents or citizens and wish to return to the country.
  • Global Talent Visa: This visa is specifically designed for individuals with internationally recognized records of exceptional and outstanding achievements in their respective fields.
  • Refugee and Humanitarian Visa: Reserved for people who have fled their home countries due to persecution, offering them a chance to rebuild their lives in Australia.

Australia offers a comprehensive range of pathways to permanent residency, catering to various circumstances and aspirations. Whether you have family connections, valuable skills, entrepreneurial ambitions, or unique talents, there is a pathway that can lead you to permanent residency in Australia. Embracing this opportunity not only grants you the privilege of indefinite stay but also opens doors to a better future filled with exciting opportunities and a high quality of life.

How to Know What the Right Visa is for you

To explore the various visa options for permanent residency in Australia, it is recommended to visit the official Australian government website, specifically the Immigration and Citizenship section at Once on the website, navigate to the “Visas” section and click on “Getting visa” followed by “Explore visa options.”

Within the visa options, you will find a range of categories to choose from, including:

  1. Visit and Tourism: This visa category is suitable for individuals planning to visit Australia for tourism or short-term purposes.
  2. Study: If you intend to pursue higher education or undertake a course in Australia, this visa option is relevant to your needs.
  3. Work: For individuals seeking employment opportunities in Australia, this category provides visa options tailored to different skill sets and occupations.
  4. Live Here Permanently: Clicking on this option will lead you to the details of the “Permanent Resident” visa, which offers the opportunity to reside in Australia indefinitely.
  5. Join Partner or Family: This visa category is designed for individuals who have an Australian partner or family member and wish to join them in Australia.
  6. Stay Longer in Australia: If you are already in Australia on a temporary visa and wish to extend your stay, this category provides options for visa extension.
  7. Refugee and Humanitarian: This category is specifically for individuals who have fled their home countries due to persecution and seek refuge in Australia.
  8. See Other Visas: Explore additional visa options not covered in the above categories.

For detailed information on the “Permanent Resident” visa, click on the “Live Here Permanently” option. This page will provide you with comprehensive details, requirements, and guidelines to assist you in understanding the process of obtaining permanent residency in Australia.

Other facts about being permanent resident

  1. Access to quality healthcare: As a permanent resident, you are eligible for Medicare, Australia’s universal healthcare system. This provides you with affordable or free medical services, including doctor’s visits, hospital care, and prescription medications.
  2. Educational opportunities: Permanent residents have access to a range of educational opportunities in Australia, including public schools, universities, and vocational training institutions. This allows you or your children to receive high-quality education and pursue academic or career goals.
  3. Employment prospects: Being a permanent resident opens up numerous employment opportunities in Australia. You have the freedom to work in any field or industry, without the need for employer sponsorship or work restrictions imposed on temporary visa holders.
  4. Pathway to citizenship: Permanent residency serves as a pathway to Australian citizenship. After fulfilling certain residency requirements, you can apply to become an Australian citizen, gaining additional rights and privileges, such as the ability to vote and hold an Australian passport.
  5. Protection under Australian law: As a permanent resident, you are entitled to the same legal protections and rights as Australian citizens. This includes access to the judicial system, social security benefits, and safeguards against discrimination or exploitation.
  6. Family reunion: Permanent residency enables you to sponsor eligible family members to join you in Australia. This allows you to reunite with loved ones, including partners, children, parents, or siblings, and build a life together in Australia.
  7. Freedom to travel: With permanent residency, you can travel in and out of Australia without the need for a separate visa. You have the flexibility to explore the world, while having the security and stability of your permanent resident status.
  8. Economic opportunities: Australia offers a thriving economy and various business opportunities. As a permanent resident, you can establish and operate your own business, invest in properties, or pursue entrepreneurial ventures.
  9. Cultural diversity and vibrant lifestyle: Australia is known for its cultural diversity and welcoming society. As a permanent resident, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Australia’s vibrant multicultural communities and enjoy its rich cultural experiences.
  10. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it: While the process of obtaining permanent residency in Australia may involve significant costs, the benefits and opportunities it provides make it a worthwhile investment for individuals seeking a better future and a higher quality of life.
  11. If you get pregnant and give birth in Australia, as a permanent resident, your child is already a citizen of Australia: One remarkable advantage of being a permanent resident is that if you have a child while residing in Australia, your child automatically becomes an Australian citizen. This grants them access to the privileges and rights of Australian citizenship from birth, including access to education, healthcare, and various social benefits.

Skills Assessment Calculator

In Australia’s immigration website, you will find a useful tool called the Points Calculator. This calculator helps determine your eligibility for different visa subclasses based on several factors.

First, you need to select the appropriate visa subclass from the following options:

  • Business Innovation and Investment
  • Skilled Independent Visa
  • Skilled Nominated Visa
  • Skilled Regional Visa
  • Skilled Work Regional Visa

If you choose the Skilled Independent Visa, the calculator will prompt you to indicate your age band. The age bands include:

  • Business Innovation and Investment
  • Skilled Independent Visa
  • Skilled Nominated Visa
  • Skilled Regional Visa
  • Skilled Work Regional Visa

Each age band corresponds to a specific points system. This step helps determine if you meet the requirements for the Skilled Independent Visa application.
Next, you will be asked to assess your English language proficiency. The options include:

  • Competent English
  • Proficient English
  • Superior English

The calculator also takes into account your skilled employment experience, both overseas and within Australia. For each, you will need to indicate the duration of your employment, ranging from less than 3 years to at least 8 years.

Educational qualifications are another crucial factor. You will be asked about your highest educational achievement, such as:

  • A doctorate from an Australian educational institution or a recognized institution
  • At least a bachelor’s degree from an Australian educational institution or another recognized institution
  • A diploma or trade qualification from an Australian educational institution
  • An assessed qualification or award suitable for your nominated skill occupation

If your total points add up to 65 or above, you are likely to qualify for a Skilled Independent Visa. However, it’s important to note that the final decision still depends on Australia’s current immigration needs and policies.

Obtaining permanent residency in Australia opens up a world of possibilities and opportunities for individuals and their families. Throughout this article, we have explored the benefits and ways to apply for permanent residency in Australia, shedding light on the different visa options and pathways available. Whether you are considering reuniting with loved ones, pursuing higher education, or seeking employment in Australia, the process of obtaining permanent residency requires careful planning, thorough understanding of the requirements, and adherence to the immigration guidelines. While the journey may have its challenges and expenses, the rewards are truly worthwhile.