How to Get a BIR TIN ID in the Philippines: Requirements, Procedure, Fees, and Everything You Need to Know

Whether you are starting a business or applying for your first job, you need to register with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), get your  BIR TIN (Tax Identification Number), and pay your taxes. You may also secure a BIR ID, too, if you need proof that you are, indeed, a taxpayer registered with the BIR or if you simply need an extra card for identification purposes. 

In this guide, we will walk you through the simplest procedures of acquiring a BIR TIN ID card, regardless of whether you already have a BIR TIN or not. We also listed everything you need to know about getting a BIR TIN ID, including the requirements and fees and everything else that you will need in the process.

TIN ID Prerequisites: Getting a BIR TIN

According to the BIR: “Every person subject to any internal revenue tax shall register once with the appropriate Revenue District Officer.”

guide to getting a tin id in philippines



BIR also said that they must acquire a BIR TIN as follows:

  • Within ten (10) days from the date of employment, or
  • On or before the commencement of business, or
  • Before payment of any tax due, or
  • Upon the filing of a return, statement or declaration as required in the NIRC.
  • Death of individual;
  • Full settlement of the tax liabilities of the estate;
  • Discovery of a taxpayer having multiple TINs; and
  • Dissolution, merger or consolidation of juridical person

BIR TIN Card Basics: What is it and What it is for

The BIR TIN ID Card, also known as the BIR ID, is a lifetime proof of membership issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to all registered taxpayers. It bears the ID holder’s TIN, full name, address, birth date, photo, signature, and card issue date.

Besides serving as proof of being a Filipino taxpayer, the TIN ID card also works as a free valid ID that is acceptable to many institutions including banks and some government offices. It is made of yellowish paper or thin cardboard with the BIR logo. It doesn’t expire as well, which means you can use it for free forever. You only get it once and there is no need to renew it.

However, because the TIN ID card is essentially issued as a paper card with printed details and no photo or signature, some businesses refuse to consider it as a standalone valid ID. According to the naysayers, the TIN ID is easy to forge as anybody can just put their photo and signature and no one will be able to prove that they are not who they say they are. 

Getting a BIR TIN ID Card

Regardless of the truth about the TIN ID’s accessibility to forgers, the fact remains that it is a valid government-issued ID that some government institutions and banks accept. It is also one of the easiest IDs to acquire, so you’d want to get your hands on one as early as you can.

Let us show you how to get a TIN ID card, regardless of whether you have an existing TIN number or not.

TIN ID Requirements

The requirements may vary, depending on whether the applicant has an existing TIN or not or if they only need a replacement ID.

For New Employees or First-Time Taxpayers

First-time TIN ID applicants must, however, bring the following requirements to the nearest Revenue District Office (RDO) to apply for both a TIN number and TIN ID:

  • Duly accomplished BIR registration form (BIR Form 1902 or 1904)
  • 1 valid government-issued ID
  • Community Tax Certificate (CEDULA)
  • PSA Birth Certificate
  • 1 x 1 picture
  • Marriage certificate / contract (if applicable)

If the Applicant has an Existing TIN Number

People who already got their BIR TIN need to present one government-issued ID when applying for a TIN ID card. 

For Unemployed Individuals Seeking to Get a TIN ID Card

To help them apply for a TIN and consequently, a TIN ID Card, unemployed individuals would need the following:

  • Any valid government-issued ID including:
    • Birth Certificate, 
    • Driver’s license, 
    • Passport (for non-resident aliens), 
    • Community Tax Certificate (CEDULA), or 
    • Any valid government-issued ID showing their full name, address, and birthdate
  • Marriage certificate (if married)
  • Other documents that might be requested by the Revenue District Officer, depending on your purpose for applying for TIN. 

For Lost, Damaged, or Un-updated TIN ID Replacement

Whether it is due to loss, theft, or damage, or if you are a recently married woman who wishes to change their maiden name to their married name, then here are the requirements that you need to prepare:

  • Accomplished BIR Form 1905 (Application for Registration Information Update / Correction / Cancellation)
  • Accomplished BIR Form 0605 (Payment Form)
  • If the TIN card is lost: Notarized Affidavit of Loss (You can draft your own affidavit or get one from a notary public near you. It usually costs Php 150 to Php 300+)
  • If the TIN card is damaged: Old TIN card (both original and photocopy)
  • For married women: Marriage certificate and old TIN card (both original and photocopy)

Once the following requirements are prepared, the application for a TIN ID can be started. 

Procedures for Applying for a TIN ID Card

The following are the different steps to apply for a TIN ID Card, and the process may vary depending on whether the applicant is a registered taxpayer or not yet.

For New Employees or First-Time Taxpayers

First-time TIN applicants must follow these steps to obtain a TIN before they can proceed with getting a TIN ID:

  • Apply for a BIR TIN.

If you’ve never been issued a TIN, then the first step is to get this number from BIR. Getting a TIN ID card issued is not possible if you don’t have a TIN.

For online freelancers, the steps in applying for TIN is listed in the article entitled, How to Register for BIR Tax as a Freelancer in the Philippines

For OFWs who need to apply for a BIR TIN, then the instructions can be found in this article about How OFWs can get BIR TIN in the Philippines

  • Once a BIR TIN is issued, the first-time applicant can then proceed with the application for a TIN ID at the same RDO that issued the number.

After the registration process at the BIR RDO is complete, applicants can already start processing a request for a TIN ID card. It’s best if they do it right after the registration officer issues the BIR TIN. The application process doesn’t take all that much and BIR usually issues the TIN ID card within a few minutes to an hour,depending on how busy the RDO is during your visit and if they have enough supplies to print IDs. Otherwise, it will take about one to three days.

  • Receive your TIN ID.

When you receive your TIN card, attach your 1 x 1 photo and put your signature. Have your ID card laminated as soon as you can to keep it from getting damaged.

If the Applicant has an Existing TIN Number

Whether you are an employee or a business individual who’s already been issued a TIN, then you should:

  • Visit the Revenue District Office (RDO) where you’re registered for a BIR TIN.

For employees, employers typically process the TIN application via and a batch request for their employees’ TIN cards. However, since the Revenue Memorandum Order No. 37-2019 was issued by the BIR in May 2019, the employees were required to make a personal appearance at their respective RDO to apply for their TIN ID card.

For others with existing TIN, they must go directly to the RDO where you registered as a taxpayer to apply for a TIN card.

  • Apply for a TIN ID.

To request and receive a TIN card, employees and other applicants with existing TIN will just need to present at least one valid government-issued ID. Those who cannot personally receive their TIN card on the claim date may assign an authorized representative to claim it on their behalf. If the TIN ID is to be claimed by an authorized representative, the authorized representative must submit a Special Power of Attorney to the RDO that will issue the TIN ID card.

For Unemployed Individuals Seeking to Get a TIN ID Card

Under the Executive Order 98, unemployed individuals, students, and other unemployed Filipinos who are at least 18 years old may apply for a TIN and TIN ID card. This ID card will enable them to transact with any government and private institutions even if they don’t have a job.

If you are an unemployed Filipino and you wish to apply for TIN and TIN ID, then here’s how to do it:

  • Visit the Revenue District Office (RDO) with jurisdiction over the applicant’s place of residence.
  • Fill out and submit two (2) copies of the BIR Form 1904.
  • Submit all the required documents.
  • Wait for your TIN to be processed.
  • Once the TIN is issued, apply for a TIN ID card.
  • Wait until the TIN ID Card is issued.

For more information, any applicant who needs more information will need to contact the RDO where they filed their taxpayer registration. 

You may also follow the steps listed in our previous article about How to Apply Tax Identification Number (TIN) for Unemployed.

For Lost, Damaged, or Un-updated TIN ID Replacement

If you lose or damage your TIN ID Card or if you need to update the information on your TIN ID Card, then you will need a replacement. 

In this section, you can find everything you need to know about getting a replacement TIN ID Card at the nearest Revenue District Office (RDO). 

  • Visit the RDO where you’re registered and your TIN was issued.
  • Fill out the BIR Form 1905.
    • Provide all the required details under Part I which includes all Taxpayer Information.
    • Under Part II complete the details stating the Reason or Details of Registration Information Update / Correction. 
    • Mark the “Replacement of Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Card” box with an “X”.
      • For lost/damaged card: Under “Reason/Details,” mark the “Lost/Damaged” box.
      • For changing to married name: Under “Other Updates,” mark the “Change of Civil Status” box. Then proceed to Number 9 and fill out all the fields.
    • Under Number 12 (“Declaration”), write your name and put your signature over it.
  • Proceed to the BIR Certificate of Registration (COR) Update window.
  • Submit your accomplished BIR Form 1905 together with all the other requirements for TIN ID card replacement.
  • Fill out the BIR Form 0605. 
  • Once done, proceed to the Payment window and submit the accomplished payment form to have it verified.
  • Go to your RDO’s authorized agent bank to pay the TIN card fee. 
  • At the bank, request a BIR payment slip and fill it out. 
  • Once paid, you’ll be issued a receipt along with the machine-validated BIR Form 0605.
  • Return to the RDO and submit your payment receipt and machine-validated BIR Form 0605 to the COR Update window. You’ll also need to surrender the original and photocopy your old TIN card (if damaged or changed to a married name).
  • Receive your TIN card. It may be released on the same day or after up to five working days. 
  • If the card is to be issued at a much later time, then the officer will issue a TIN Card Claim Slip that indicates the release date of your new TIN card.

How long does TIN ID Card Replacement take?

The application process for TIN card replacement, including payment at the bank and excluding card pickup, can take more or less 2 hours. You may speed up the process by downloading the BIR forms online and accomplishing them before you go to the nearest BIR RDO.

How much does TIN ID Cost?

The TIN ID card is free and valid for life. However, taxpayers who will be requesting a replacement for a lost or damaged TIN ID card will be charged a Php 100 processing fee.

Tips and Warnings for People Applying for a TIN ID Card

  • It is not advisable to deal with fixers selling TIN cards online.

These days there are a lot of scammers all over the Internet and the whole world. Nowadays, there are people who sell TIN ID assistance services in exchange for a fee and claim that their TIN cards are legitimate. They also approach people transacting in government offices for the sale of these cards.

Although it’s easy to avail of these services as it saves time and effort, note that the BIR offices did not authorize any third-party provider to process TIN ID cards. Instead, they advise the public to never fall for this scam. They also issued a public warning against fixers that sell fake TIN cards, with a reminder that genuine cards are not for sale.

  • An authorized representative can claim or receive the TIN card on behalf of the applicant.

If the applicant is unable to personally claim his or her TIN ID card. An authorized representative can do it on behalf of its owner provided that the said representative will bring a notarized Special Power of Attorney (SPA) along with the applicant’s and his own valid government-issued IDs.

  • Note that the TIN ID cards can only be claimed at the RDO where the taxpayer is registered.

Chances are you will be dealing with scammers as BIR doesn’t authorize any third-party provider to process TIN ID cards.

Where Can I Get My TIN ID?

You may apply for and claim your TIN ID Card at the Revenue District Office (RDO) where you are registered or will be registered. Personal appearance is also required, though authorized representatives can also make the request on their behalf as long as they can provide a Special Power of Attorney. 

Note that in accordance with the Revenue Regulations No. 7-20122, the Revenue District Offices (RDO) will have to process and release new TIN ID cards within the same day, but only if it was filed before the cut off period of 1 PM.

As of this writing, while the TIN can be applied online, there’s still no option for applicants to apply for a TIN ID online.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I recently got married. How can I update my name and civil status on my TIN card?

If you wish to change your name, then you will have to update your COR at the RDO where you are registered. Once done, you may follow the steps for requesting a replacement ID card.

  • The name shown in my TIN card is misspelled/incorrect. How can I update/change it?

Like when you need to update your COR when you get married, you will also have to follow the same process for updating the COR and requesting for a replacement TIN ID Card.

  • How can I know the RDO Code of the place/BIR office where I’m currently registered?

If you wish to check the location and the RDO code or BIR Office where you are registered, then you would want to contact BIR to verify that information. Once you know the RDO Code, you may want to check on this article including the List of BIR Regional and District Office (RDO) and Codes in the Philippines.

  • I’ve lost / forgotten my TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number). How can I recover it?

You will have to reach out to BIR via the hotline to recover your BIR TIN registration via the Customer Assistance Division via hotline no. 8538-2000 or email  them at

  • I already applied for a TIN but my previous employer didn’t provide it to me. How can I verify if I already have a TIN or not?

To verify if you already have a TIN or not, you will have to reach out to BIR. You may then contact the Customer Assistance Division via hotline no. 8538-2000 or email  them at

  • Is a TIN Card a Valid ID?

Even though the TIN card is a government-issued ID, it’s not always honored as a valid ID. For instance, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) doesn’t allow the use of the TIN card as a primary ID card for passport applications and renewals. However, the digitized TIN card is an acceptable valid secondary ID in some banks and for some government transactions like applications for postal ID, NBI clearance, and police clearance, as well as SSS transactions.

If you badly need a valid ID for bank transactions such as opening a savings account or applying for a loan, you may use other IDs that are easier to get, like the postal ID and UMID.

How to contact the BIR?

For any BIR-related concerns, you may reach out to BIR’s Customer Assistance Division.

To reach the Customer Assistance Division, you may call the hotline number at 8538-2000 or email them at

Final Takeaway

A TIN ID Card can be a useful ID in the Philippines. It’s not always a valid ID, but it can be useful as a valid requirement in most places. It’s free and valid for a lifetime. It’s also useful as it is one of the easiest ID cards to get. 

For more information on all the other acceptable valid IDs in the Philippines, you may also check the previous article on Complete List of Valid Philippine IDs You Need to Have as a Filipino.

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