Official List of Certified Filipino Voters in Mexico for 2022 National Elections

If you are an overseas Filipino in Mexico who has registered to vote in the 2022 elections, you may find out if you are qualified to vote by looking up your name on the list of certified overseas voters released by the Philippine Foreign Mission in your host country.

The list of Filipino voters in Mexico has been produced by the Philippine Embassy in Mexico. You may find out more by visiting their website or calling the nearest embassy or consulate. Filipinos in Mexico City and elsewhere in the nation can look up their names in the files below.

Official List of Registered Filipino Voters in Mexico for 2022 National Elections

Philippine Elections 2022: List of Registered Filipino OFW Voters in Mexico

The Philippine elections are just around the corner. This year’s event could be the most significant in the history of the country. With this in mind, it’s important that the citizens of the country as well as those based in the overseas regions prepare for the upcoming elections.

Many Filipinos in Mexico also need to learn how to vote in the upcoming elections. This is because they’ll need to verify their registration details in order to participate in the process. That said, regardless of where you are located, it’s still important that you get up to speed with the details of who you can vote for and the upcoming elections, in general.

Despite the fact that they’re not in the country, Filipinos in Mexico have a significant impact on the Philippines’ next presidential election. Because of the number of Filipinos in this region, their votes are expected to have a significant impact on the results of the election. In addition, these sections will help you identify various ways to participate in the election.

In preparation for the actual voting dates, you may also need to visit different websites to find information about the various candidates. It’s also beneficial if you take time off from work to participate in this national event.

The Philippine Embassy in Mexico will also provide assistance for registered voters on how they can participate in the overseas voting process. This guide will help you prepare for the upcoming elections. The first step is to check if your name is on the list of certified overseas voters (CLOV).

Certified List of Overseas Voters in Mexico

You can easily check the information provided by the Philippine Embassy in Mexico on its website or in person. You can also check the details of Filipinos who are eligible to vote at the link provided below.

The above list only covers Filipinos who are living in Mexico. If you need assistance or have any questions, you can contact the officials of the Philippine Embassy in Mexico. The list is very easy to use since the names are arranged alphabetically. There are two ways to navigate through this: by scrolling through the entire document or with a quick shortcut.

Tip: To avoid having to go through a long list of names, use the CTRL + F key. It will pull up a search box that will allow you to enter your last name. Make sure that the document has all the details you need to complete it. Also, make sure that the name is spelled correctly and that there are no additional spaces or characters in the field.

You can vote in the 2022 presidential elections from April 27 to May 9 after you’ve confirmed your details in the country’s list of certified overseas voters. Also, as you verify your name and registration details, you can get assistance from the Philippine Embassy in preparation for the overseas voting process in your country.

Question: What if I’m not on the list, can I still vote?

Answer: Those who have not registered will be denied their right to vote. Since they will not be able to vote during the current election period, they will have to wait for the election period to end before they can register for the next one. If you are living abroad, here’s a simple guide on how to register to vote. Remember to do this immediately once the election season has ended.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the voting process in Mexico, please contact the Philippine embassy, whose officials would happily assist you. You may refer to the contact information at the end of this guide.

How to Find your name in the list of overseas voters?

Answer: To search your name, just open the PDF file that’s provided on the website of Philippine embassy. Although it’s possible to download the PDF list, make sure that you confirm the details in its contents before proceeding with the overseas voting.

What does it mean if my name is included in the list of Overseas Voters?

After successfully completing the registration process, you can now vote in the elections from abroad. Vote confidently because every vote counts!

What if my name is not on the list of registered voters?

Unfortunately, there will not be able to participate in the 2022 elections. Instead, you will have to wait for it to finish before you can register for the next one. With this in mind, to exercise your right to vote, make sure that you register correctly and on time.

I registered as an overseas absentee voter in 2013 and I was able to vote in the 2013 and 2016 National Elections but was unable to vote in 2019 National Elections. Do I still need to apply for certification to vote abroad?

No, your name will still appear on the National Register of overseas voters and the verified voter list at your home country. Despite this, your name will be removed from the list of voters at the embassy or consulate of your home country if you do not vote in the 2022 elections.

I registered as an overseas voter in 2019 but I know I will be in the Philippines come May 2022. Can I vote in the 2022 elections in the Philippines?

Yes, but you’ll need to request a transfer from your host country by sending a Letter of Registration to the COMELEC-OFOV.

When will the list of certified absentee voters in Mexico be released?

Within 120 days before the May elections, the Commission on Elections will compile a list of voters who are residing in other countries.

You may read the official statement here: “Preparation and Posting of Certified List of Overseas Absentee Voters. – The Commission shall prepare the Certified List of Overseas Absentee Voters within one hundred twenty (120) days before every election, and furnish within the same period copies thereof to the appropriate embassies, consulates, and other foreign service establishments, which shall post the same in their bulletin boards within ten (10) days from receipt thereof.”

Reminders When Voting During PH Elections

Your vote is very important to the country’s government as it allows citizens to make important decisions. It’s also critical that they exercise their rights on Election Day. That said, the country’s future will be decided by how it tackles issues such as education, health, and economics. A leader who can manage these critical tasks will be a shining example for the country’s residents and abroad.

Remember To Vote Wisely

Through their right to vote, citizens can participate in various political activities and social programs that benefit the country. It is up to them to ensure that their votes are being used to enact needed reforms.

The day of the election is a day when the public can cast their votes for the best leader for the country. This guide aims to help overseas Filipinos prepare for the upcoming elections.


In the case of overseas Filipinos and overseas Filipino workers, voting for a candidate whose program is concerned with the rights and welfare of citizens residing abroad must be seriously examined. Consider the candidate’s initiatives, motivations, and overall aims for modern-day heroes as well as Filipino nationals worldwide.

So, after seeing the confirmed list of overseas voters, will you be qualified to vote in the future elections? How does this procedure go with the help and organization of the Philippine abroad missions in Mexico? Do you have any words of wisdom for fellow Filipinos who have yet to determine whether or not to vote in this year’s national elections? Is there anything you’d want to share with other Filipinos who are overwhelmed by this procedure? Please leave a comment in the appropriate field below – we’d love to hear your thoughts! Also, please forward this information to any friends or family members who may find it useful.

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