Caught on Tape: Domestic Helper Tries to Break Free from Employer’s Advances

A video of a woman trying to escape from the harassment of an employer went viral on Twitter, the employer was arrested.

On History Seekers’ social media account in Twitter, a video was posted depicting a domestic helper being harassed by her Arab employer in his own home. According  to sabq news, the man who has been identified as Salem Al Zaharani, was allegedly the same person who took the video doing the unprofessional deed.

This caused the discussions on the post to quickly escalate and even further develop into a human rights sensation. This is no longer so surprising anymore knowing that gender equality is one of the most talked about topics in the whole world these days.

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Arab Employer Films Himself Harassing Asian Domestic Helper

The uploaded material contains the offender keeping the Asian domestic helper still and forcefully pointing her face towards the camera; he can also be observed casually having a good laugh doing it. You can definitely tell that the woman was indeed a victim since she can be seen trying her best to break free from the man and flee the scene. Which thankfully, she was able to do so towards the last part of the footage.

Apart from the outrage that spurred on the account, it was also discussed that the Arab man was actually trying to video himself forcing a kiss on the lady.

When authorities got wind of what was happening, they were able to immediately go to the employer’s house in just a couple of hours and seize the offender which in turn truly impressed the online community.

Although the real identity of the victim together with her nationality is still yet to be revealed, The Human Rights Watch in the Middle East acknowledges the occurrences of sexual harassment between employers towards their workers. A lot of these reported activities however, involve skilled workers from the Philippines.

Here is the actual video uploaded in Twitter:

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