3 Touching OFW Christmas Videos by Century Properties

It’s the most wonderful time of the year once again. Everyone is probably busy preparing for the year-end parties, completing their wish lists, and wrapping gifts to give away. They say Christmas is for the kids, but for overseas Filipino workers and their loved ones, it’s all about family.

In true Filipino Christmas fashion, Century Properties has shared three heart-warming videos with the theme “Kami Naman” to pay tribute to OFWs and their families this holiday season. Get ready with your box of tissues and remember a loved one today . . .

[WATCH] OFW Christmas Videos to Tug at Your Heartstrings

“Balikbayan Box”

Many Filipino families may have built their Christmas traditions behind this stash of goodies. Too often that it has become a cycle – a relative based overseas filling up these big boxes, thinking of what to get everyone back home. But have you ever paused and wondered what this would mean to our loved ones abroad if we do it for them instead?


Christmas traditions are typically built around food and big family reunions in the Philippines. For a returning OFW, this is but a small price to pay (even when it can cost them a lot) just to be with family and the people they love back home.

We’ve all probably been in one of those seats before, taking part of a meal (most likely in a reunion, a homecoming or a send-off party) “sponsored” by an OFW relative as we may fondly recall. But what if we challenge this culture and have everyone share something for everyone over a festive meal? Wouldn’t that hold more meaning in line with the true spirit of Christmas, which is giving?

“Kami Naman”

It may be an old story told too often: A parent leaving his/her family to work for a living overseas, as this is the only way to secure their family’s future. Many years pass, many important life events often missed, and the OFW parent still works hard for a living overseas. But what if there comes a time when we can make them come back home, once and for all, and taking it upon ourselves to secure the dream they have always wanted for us? Think about it.

This Christmas, more than the feasting and celebrations, let’s take the time to think about our OFW loved ones and try to challenge the tradition that we’ve come to embrace for the longest time and do something for them instead. From all of us, we wish you and your loved ones a blessed and merry Christmas!

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