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9 Reasons OFWs are Tagged as Modern-Day Heroes

Migrant Filipino workers have been regarded as modern-day heroes since the start of the century, when more and more Filipinos started moving out of the country to work. The martyr-like display of love manifested by their intense desire to improve the lifestyle of the entire family despite the lonely nights in a foreign land is nothing if not admirable.

Many people may argue about them being heroic but no one can deny that the aspirations for a better life is what sends these Filipinos out. Along with it comes a number of positive change for the rest of the country.

One such negative comment about OFWs posted on social media prompted a Twitter user to react and another one to rush to the defense of OFWs in general.

The original post which was made by someone on Facebook registered as Geoof Blanco reads, “OFW mga hero daw?? Pano naging hero yan mga yan e para lag sa sarili nila sahod nila samantalang kami para sa bayan silbi namin..” 

The post, which many found offensive, also tagged the migrant workers as “patay-gutom” which invited more support for the migrant workers.


Photo credit: Twitter/ rene_Twilight

Another Twitter user,an OFW himself who is based in Thailand and uses the handle @eMCee_sadt went on and listed what he believes to be the reason for the migrant workers’ ‘hero’ title.

6.We are known and well respected around the world because OFWs perform well compared to other countries. We get the job done. We have patience and sense of professionalism. We are honest and respectful.

No reply was posted but if only for these reasons, OFWs deserve respect. Nobody has to sing their praises but the least that we all can do for these modern-day heroes is to acknowledge the hardship – be it physical, mental, social, or  emotional – that they had to go through as they live without their families in a foreign land.

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