How to Claim your iDOLE OFW ID Card

how to get ofw id card

The promise of change has come but it has also brought some confusion along with it. A few weeks ago the Department of Labor and Employment issued a directive stating that there will be a … Read more

7 Tips to Save Money as an OFW

OFW-save-money tips

No one would like to spend the rest of their lives working. And no one would ever want to spend the rest of their lives working away from their loved ones. We compile some ideas and … Read more

USA Do’s and Dont’s

america dos and donts

It is not a secret that millions upon millions of people want to immigrate to the United States of America. Being considered the premiere country in the world, the US is a tantalizing prospect for … Read more

Japan Do’s and Dont’s

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Japan is one of the first world countries in the world. It has a great economy backed with a population that realizes the importance of working for the common good and the common goal. Its … Read more

Top Companies to Work for in Singapore

top employers singapore

Singapore is a land of opportunity in Southeast Asia. It is a melting pot of cultures and traditions which make it a truly remarkable place to work in.  Opportunities for career development, advancement and growth … Read more

Kuwait Do’s and Dont’s

kuwait dos and donts

If you’re a new OFW planning to go or are already staying in Kuwait, there are a handful of things you have to keep in mind. It is a Muslim country, so unless you are … Read more

OFW ID Card to Replace OEC

ofw id card

Good news to all OFWs as the OEC will be scrapped and will be replaced with an OFW ID called iDOLE (ID of the Department of Labor and Employment). This OFW ID card is free … Read more

United Arab Emirates Do’s and Dont’s

uae dos and donts

The United Arab Emirates and its premiere territory, Dubai, are among the most open societies in the Western Asian hemisphere as a Muslim region. Being open to the influences of Western culture but still rooted … Read more

How to Renew your Philippine Passport in USA

renew passport united states

Recent legislation has mandated the use of the electronic passport system for the citizens of the Republic of the Philippines. The ePassport uses a microchip technology and a lot of security features that make it … Read more