Philippine Embassy in Rome, Italy  

Filipinos who are currently in Italy, you can refer to the embassy and consulate if you need services from the Philippine government. The Philippines has a presence in Italy and it is evident in the Philippine embassy in Rome and the Philippine consulate in Milan. If you want to apply for a new passport, renew your passport, renew your visa, record the birth of your child, record the death of your loved one, get married, or record a marriage certificate, you can head to the Philippine embassy in Rome and ask for the assistance of the government.

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In the Philippine Embassy in Rome, you will find POLO and OWWA—the agencies established to represent the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) abroad. POLO or the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) works directly under the Office of the Secretary of Labor. It is the operating arm of DOLE to facilitate, enforce the policies of the agency, and accommodate Filipinos in other countries. To date, POLO has 34 branches all over the world, specifically in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. POLO also works with other agencies organizations, and the host government to further assist OFWs and eventually maintain the stability of the workforce abroad.

As a Filipino working abroad, you should keep the information about the embassy as your emergency contact. There are a lot of Filipinos abroad who don’t have relatives in the country where they are working or residing. Because of that, they can only turn to their respective embassy or consulate and since there are overseas workers who tend to forget to keep the information of the embassy, they can’t call right away during emergencies.

In this article, we shared the most essential details of the Philippine Embassy in Italy to help our OFWs locate the information they need. Refer to the details below to know more.

Philippine Embassy in Rome, Italy
Philippine Embassy in Rome, Italy

History – PH Embassy Rome

The Philippines and Italy have established their diplomatic relations on July 9, 1947. The relations started when both of the countries signed the Treaty of Friendship and General Relations in Rome. On July 5, 1948, the first Philippine Diplomatic Mission to Italy was built in the form of a legation, and eventually, it escalated to an embassy level in August 1956. The People Power Revolution helped the expansion of the bilateral relations between the two countries. In fact, Italy was among the first countries to recognize the government of former President Aquino.

Service Offered

If you want to know the services offered by the Embassy of Italy, here’s the list:

  • Consular Outreach Program
  • Passport
    • Adult New Applicant
    • Adult Renewal Applicant
    • Minor New/Renewal Applicant
  • Travel Document
  • Authenticating Documents Made Simpler by the Apostille
  • Civil Registry
  • Solemnization of Marriage
  • Report of Marriage
  • Report of Birth
  • Report of Death and/or Consular Mortuary Certificate
  • Dual Citizenship
  • Visa
    • Non-immigrant
    • Immigrant
  • Waiver of Exclusion Ground
  • Certificate of Not the Same Person
  • Balikbayan Program
  • Schedule of Consular Services and Fees
  • Consular Service Fees and Turnaround Time
  • List of Other Services
    • Transport of Pets
    • NBI Clearance
    • Renewal of Philippine Driver’s License
    • Securing a J1-Waiver
    • PH Requirements for Medical Missions
    • Departure Formalities
    • Philippine Overseas Labor Office
    • Issuance of Overseas Employment Certificate
    • OWWA Membership Program
    • Employment Contract Verification and Authentication
    • Implementation of POEA Rules on Direct Hiring

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Services

What are the documents I should bring during my passport renewal?

To renew your passport, you have to submit a list of documents that serve as requirements. Here are the papers you need to secure if you want to renew your expiring passport.

  • Original old or expired passport.
  • Complete passport application form.
  • Photocopy of your passport’s data page
  • Photocopy of your permanent resident card, a record of landing, and work permit.
  • Passport processing fee

What are the documents needed when a minor wants to obtain a passport?

Minors can obtain their own passports from the Philippine Embassy in Rome with the following requirements. They also need to be with both of their parents when applying for one.

  • Birth certificate
  • Report of birth form
  • Letter from the doctor who delivered the child attesting to the birth.
  • Medical record of the child from the hospital where the child was delivered, in case the doctor can’t be located anymore.
  • Original and photocopies of the passports of the parents.
  • Letter of consent with the signature of both parents

What happens if I lost my Philippine passport?

If you lost your passport, the first step to do is to report the matter to the police or other designated authorities. After that, you should keep the police report and submit it together with the other documents:

  • Police report or case certificate
  • Affidavit of Loss of Passport (this can be completed in the Philippine embassy but with a separate processing fee).
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate if applicable
  • A legal document showing your name, date of birth, and place of birth.
  • Photocopy of your lost or destroyed passport, if applicable.
  • Death certificate of spouse, if applicable.
  • Annulment/divorce, if applicable.

Is dual citizenship allowed?

Dual citizenship is generally allowed by the Philippine Government. However, you should be able to get a certificate so that the embassy will allow you to apply for a Philippine passport.

Tips When Visiting the Embassy

When visiting the embassy, here’s what you need to consider:

1. Do your own research.

Before you visit the embassy, you should do your own research first. You can refer to the official website of the embassy for announcements, news, and the latest updates.

2. Secure all the papers needed.

The requirements of the embassy are essential and they would depend on the service you are going to avail. Ensure that you have all the documents already when you visit the embassy.

Opening Hours

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Contact Information

Embassy of the Philippines in Rome, Italy
Contact Person: H.E. (Mr.) Domingo P. Nolasco – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Address: Viale delle Medaglie D’Oro 112-114, 00136 Rome, Italy Via Aurelia  290 / A, 00165 Rome, Italy
Tel. No.: (+39) 06 397 46621
Fax No.: (+39) 06-3974-0872
Duty Officer: (+39) 328-690-7613
Email: /

Google Map Location

In case you are wondering where the Philippine Embassy in Italy is located, below is a map guide in Rome for you. Take note that they just moved to a new location. The new PH Embassy in Rome is located at Via Aurelia  290 / A, 00165 Rome, Italy. Below is the map:

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