5 Problems Only Children of Overseas Workers Will Understand

A set of parents and kids makes up normal family units. However, life isn’t always perfect, so this description does not always apply. Nowadays, the re-invented concept of families were made available as a result of the combative efforts to escape omnipresent poverty.
A classic illustration of these re-invented families would be those with one or both parents employed abroad. In the Philippines, these migrant workers or OFWs are considered modern heroes. For one out of four Filipino kids, these modern heroes are their parents, most of whom, they might not see around for a very long time.

Common Problems Kids of OFWS Face

OFW parents may think that their efforts are all for the benefit of their kids, but to these kids, it may feel differently. We rounded up some “concerns” that only children of OFW parents will understand or complain about.

1.Communication is hard.


2. Some things are impossible to explain.


3. Regardless of your country, parents always love their kids to bits, it’s exaggerated.


4. They can’t help but express their love and support by buying things.

5. Christmas Day reactions because you had to spend it without one or both of your parents.


Parents who work abroad assume that their kids understand the reason for their decisions. However, it might be worth knowing that sometimes, this assumption is based on the false premise that children are mindful of the benefits they are receiving. While Philippine households view overseas work as a means to provide a better future to their kids, the lack of intimacy and bonding, as well as the other dilemma that the children face remain unclear.

So if you have kids and are in the process of deciding about whether to work abroad or not, ask yourself, do your children really understand why you are leaving? Is it really for their future? Is the years of separation worthwhile?


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