20 Fun Facts and Trivia about Singapore

One of the most affluent and forward-thinking territories in the world happens to be the little city-state in Southeast Asia – Singapore! Also considered as one of the younger nations in the world, it has developed quickly under a dedicated government which invested on human capital and industries to keep it apart from other countries in the world. Today, it is considered as one of the financial and technological hubs in the world.

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Singapore has been named as the most expensive city in the world. There are also plenty of expats who go the Lion City in search for work. With so many businesses and companies, this has been a global hub for OFWs and other expats who want to build a career in this side of Asia.

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Tips and Things to Know about Singapore

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Singapore flag

Here are some pretty interesting facts and trivia about Singapore that you should know especially if this is your first time to visit this country/city.

  1. Singapore got its name from Singapura – a name derived from the story of Sang Nila Utama, a Palembang prince who thought he saw a lion on the island. The truth, however, is that there were never any native lions in Singapore.
  2. It is also one of only three surviving city states in the world – because they have no capital cities. It can even be argued that these city states exert a huge influence in global affairs, as Singapore is lined up together with Monaco and Vatican City.
  3. The lyrics of the Singaporean national anthem in its entirety can be seen at the back of the $1000 bill. If you have the bill, you can look at it and find it true!
  4. Singapore still has 63 other islands in its territory – most of them uninhabited as most of the activity is located in the city-state.
  5. Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world and became the 117th official member of the United Nations General Assembly on September 21, 1965.
  6. The symbol of Singapore – the merlion – is part lion and part mermaid – a complete throwback to the lion (as per Utama’s sighting) and the fish (represented by the mermaid) that was among one of the trademarks of Temasek – the fishing community upon which modern day Singapore came from.
  7. Singapore has four official languages – namely, English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. Do not be surprised though with a smattering of other Asian languages and dialects in the air.
  8. Government subsidized housing caters to 80% of the population while a staggering 92% of the population own their homes!
  9. While Jamaica may boast of the fastest runner in the world in Usain Bolt, Singaporeans can be considered as the world’s fastest pedestrians with some traveling more than 6 kilometers per hour!
  10. The Vanda Miss Joaquim, the country’s national flower, is named after an Armenian horticulturist Agnes Joaquim who discovered in in 1893.
  11. The Night Safari, the world’s very first night zoo can be found in the territory.
  12. A quarter of the world’s exports of tropical and ornamental fish are coursed through Singapore.
  13. The 164-meter high Bukit Timah Hill – yes- you read it right – 164-meters – is the country’s highest point.
  14. No building can exceed the 280-meter limit in the territory. To date there are only three structures which measure exactly 280 meters – the Republic Plaza, the UOB Plaza and the UOB Centre.
  15. If the UAE boasts of a manmade island – Singapore has towers that have been built in the shape of the palm of one’s hand to symbolize and attract good feng shui.
  16. One in six people in Singapore are millionaires! An astonishing 17% of the population are worth seven figures – and most of them made it in tech companies, finance industries and other conglomerates.
  17. Singaporeans are expected to live to 85 years old – in fact one of the highest age expectancies in Asia!
  18. Changi Airport has been named as Best Airport in Asia starting from 1987 and is on the verge of its 30th consecutive award!
  19. The tiny city state has an effectively laid out 3,000 kilometers of roadways. Stretched out in its entirety, it can span the distance between Singapore and Hong Kong.
  20. Despite the reputation of being a concrete jungle – almost half of the territory is covered by vegetation and gardens are abundantly found and nourished by the government.

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Discover for yourself the vibrant culture, sights and sounds and the food of Singapore! You will certainly be able to find yourself engrossed in this ever refreshing, ever-developing city-state that is fast becoming one of the melting pots of Asia.

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