20 Facts and Trivia about Malaysia

Malaysia is considered as one of the exotic places in Southeast Asia, what with its teeming flora and fauna that is seemingly existing with such wonderful infrastructures that seem to pierce the skyline. It seems to strike a balance between what is natural and what is contrived – a yin and yang that continues to spread its influence all over.

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Here we share some random facts and tidbits about the country.

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Tips and Things to Know about Malaysia

flag of malaysia
Malaysia flag

Here are some interesting facts and trivia about Malaysia. Check them out so you can get a better understanding o the country.

  1. Malaysia is also known as Aurea Chersonesus which is translated as peninsula of gold. According to historical accounts, the name was given by Ptolemy in AD 150.
  2. The country is the world’s second largest producer of refined tin, a vital industrial resource material.
  3. The third largest island in the world is Borneo, which is after Greenland and New Guinea. The island is being shared by three countries – Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia.
  4. Believe it or not, the national language, Bahasa Malahy does not have a written script. They use jawi for the script and is till used for formal and religious functions.
  5. Malaysia is one of the major sources of tongkat ali – a snall tree witrh thick, deep and straight roots which is also known as a potent aphrodisiac and is also known as Malay Viagra.
  6. Because silver Spanish dollars were once widely circulated in the region and sported jagged edges, Malaysia’s currency is known as ringgit.
  7. Malaysia has a network of highways which comprise at least 40,934 miles – which is quite longer than the Earth’s actual circumference which is 40,075 miles.
  8. Kuching City in Sarawak boasts of 253 rainy days in a year. Better bring your umbrellas at the ready just in case.
  9. The Petronas Towers, found in Kuala Lumpur, used to be the world’s tallest buildings and held the record from 1998 up to 2004.
  10. Petronas is a Malaysian company which is prominently in the Fortune Global 500 companies. It is quite economically viable as it made up a third of the revenue of Malaysia.
  11. Do not expect to find fourth floors in the country. These floors are designated as3A because of linguistic similarities to the Chinese name for death
  12. One of the oldest sultanates in the world is to be found in the Malaysian Peninsula. This is the Sultanate of Kedah which was established on 1136 AD.
  13. There are nine royal families in the country which is basically the highest number in the world.
  14. A king is elected from the members of the nine royal families and he is to serve for a five-year term as the ceremonial head of the country.
  15. The 11-hectare Bukit Nanas is the country’s oldest nature reserve and is located in Kuala Lumpur.
  16. Kelabit Highlands houses Bario which is considered as the most isolated community in the country. There are no roads that lead to the settlement as all things have to be transported by air.
  17. Malaysian Chinese follow the Chinese lunar calendar and celebrate the new moon by burning incense sticks and burning hell money to pay for their celestial debts.
  18. Malaysia is one of the homes of the king cobra – so if you are afraid of snakes, stay clear.
  19. Enjoy a spectacle and an art form? Then you would find that the teh Tarik or pulled tea as one of the best things around. It is not spilled by Mamak men who throw it at least 3 feet from one cup to another.
  20. If you are a shoe addict, then you would be glad to find out that renowned Jimmy Choo is a Malaysian!


Malaysia is a hidden gem in Asia – shimmering, brilliant and alluring. Keep it in mind once you set foot in the country as you explore and absorb the sights, the culture and the people.

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