VIDEO: Supercar Blondie Surprises Filipino with Brand New Car

There’s no question that the past few months have hit a blow on everyone, whether financially, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Imagine how hard that is for Filipinos working abroad (sometimes by themselves) with people back home depending on them solely, as well.

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While there’s every reason for most OFWs to feel depressed or to give up, they simply can’t or rather – won’t because of their families back home.  Despite the struggle, Filipinos still need to do what they have to do and do what they can to make things better for their families back home.

Video: Supercar Blondie Surprises Filipino with Brand New Car
Screengrab of a video posted by Supercar Blondie / YouTube

Supercar Blondie Surprises Pinoy Office Worker in UAE with Brand New Hyundai Elantra

It’s also quite fortunate for everyone that there, too, are people like Supercar Blondie, who are thinking of others and trying to bring smiles and joy to those who are struggling at a time like this.

On her Instagram page, the YouTube sensation announced that she is holding a competition, where she is giving away three brand new cars from Hyundai UAE and the Middle East: an Elantra, and two Creta.

They are looking for three people who are deserving of the prizes, and within 24 hours after posting the announcement, they received more than 2,700 emails nominating people hailing from different countries and backgrounds – yet, all deserving, for the prize cars.

One of which came from Abir, an office manager nominating her Filipino assistant, Jeric, whom she considers one of her main team members.

Abir had nothing but praises for her prized team member, especially since she knows his humble beginnings, where he came from, and how he started to build a life in Dubai – with their company.

According to Abir, Jeric has the memory of an elephant. He memorizes orders with zero mistakes. And on top of that, he works hard and keeps a smile on his face – ready to help everyone. Jeric is very reliable and does not say no to the team, especially when they know and believe that it is something that Jeric can do well and great for the team.

It is for this reason that Abir expressed in a sincere manner that only if she had the capacity to help Jeric with what he had been going through, especially the past few months, she said that she definitely would. And so, when the opportunity came up, she immediately nominated Jeric.

Abir and everyone in the team knows that Jeric is a big fan of Supercar Blondie, and so they told him that he was going to have a photoshoot with her at the carpark.

So when Jeric saw Alex (Supercar Blondie) in person, tears immediately flowed from his eyes. He’s such a big fan and had wanted to meet her in person for a very long time now.

Video: Supercar Blondie Surprises Filipino with Brand New Car
Screengrab of a video posted by Supercar Blondie / YouTube

But what really touched Jeric the most was the kind words that Alex said to him –the hard work he did for his team and his efforts to make their work fun and a great place to be in, echoing his manager’s feedback about her Filipino colleague.

So when Supercar Blondie told him that he was one of their winners, with a brand new Hyundai Elantra waiting for him to check out, Jeric was speechless and over the moon. He was crying and thanking Alex in between sobs.

It was such a heart-warming moment and Alex said that she’s dying to give her big fan a nice tight hug, but they couldn’t because that would be irresponsible of them. And so she just took a bit more time to talk to Jeric and know more about him, inside his brand new car.

Jeric, who’s now recovered from his emotions shared that it’s because of his mom that he’s working so hard. He said that even when his mom tells him that she’s okay, he knows that she is feeling lonely, too. And so, he couldn’t help but worry more about her and want to take care of her as best as he can. But for now, this means that he has to work hard and to support her during this difficult time, even if they’re not together.

This might not be understood very well by other people, but Filipinos put a high value on the family – to the point of sacrificing what they can just to see that they are doing well and happy, in general.

And so, Jeric, as most Filipinos would have done as well, told Alex that he is dedicating the car to his mom.

To catch the full clip of the heart-warming turnover, check out the video posted by Supercar Blondie on her YouTube page below:  

In the video, two other families were gifted with brand new Cretas – two fathers who both strived to support their families during the pandemic. This also goes to show that the human spirit is much stronger than any fear over an unseen virus, which has affected economies and nations, bringing the most powerful countries at its heel.

But the UAE, as a nation, has also shown the importance of taking care of each other by observing discipline and appreciating those who do their jobs in the service of others, such as the doctors, nurses, police officers and other front liners, who ensure that the people’s needs are taken care of during this time. So when you can, make sure to appreciate these people, too, and do your part in making their jobs and lives much easier – by following safety protocols.

Indeed, nothing in the world can touch hearts as the fact that others appreciate every small thing that you do. And that, despite the challenges and personal struggles we’ve all faced and experience to this day, people are still looking out for each other, and no hard work goes unnoticed, especially from family and teammates who are relying on your strength during this time.

Congratulations, Jeric on your brand new car! And thank you for doing your best at what you do. We are proud to have Filipinos like you all over the world!

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