How to Check SSS Loan, Contribution, & Benefits via Text SSS Mobile Service

Even with the accessibility and convenience offered by the Internet nowadays, there are still some Social Security System (SSS) members who are having a hard time to take advantage of SSS’s online facility, either because they do not have access to Internet service, or lack the technical know-how to do so.

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For this reason that, SSS has established an automated SMS/text service to extend their services to more Filipinos. This means that even when you can’t go online, you do not have to travel to the nearest SSS branch in your area just to get information on your SSS contributions, loan standing, and such. You can do all these with just the use of a working mobile phone – here’s how:

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How to Use the Text SSS Mobile Service

As with most SMS-based services out there, you first need to register into the system to use their service. To do this, simply type SSS REG <SS Number><Date of Birth> and then send to 2600 for Globe, Smart, and Sun Cellular users.


SSS REG 0123456789 10/24/78

Important: Be careful with the spacing and make sure to follow the correct format for the birth date. It should follow the (mm/dd/yy) format.

After you’ve successfully registered into the system, you will receive a text message from 2600 with your PIN. You can now start using the SSS Text Service.

SSS Text Services:

Text SSS service codes

Important: In case you forget your PIN, you can always reset it through the text inquiry service. Text SSS RESET. Keep in mind that the date format should be (mm/dd/yy).

Other Text-based Services:

Text SSS service codes for requirements

For a complete list of services and their corresponding keycodes, text SSS HELP.

Important: All keycodes must be sent to 2600. Globe and Smart subscribers will be charged PHP 2.50 per SMS/text message whereas Sun Cellular users are charged PHP 2.00 per text message. Rates may change without prior notice.

With the various initiatives being set in place by the government and its agencies to extend its services to more Filipinos — including OFWs — there should be no reason for any Filipino citizen to get left out or left behind with what our government is striving to do for us.

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