COMELEC Warns Citizens Against ‘Fake’ Voters List

In a few weeks’ time, the Philippines will be having its midterm elections to appoint lawmakers who will handle legislative thrusts in the years to come.

Needless to say, this will be an important event for all Filipino nationals both here and abroad, and so the primary agency involved, the Commission on Elections (Comelec), is organizing the process to hold a fair and clean election all over the world.

COMELEC Warns Citizens Against ‘Fake’ Voters List
Credits: Philippine News Agency

Comelec Cautions Citizens Re: Rumoured Registration Activities

On Friday, the Commission on Elections reminded the public that there are no ongoing voter registration activities held by the agency, as shared in a report by the Philippine News Agency.

According to Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez, voting registration has ended as early as last year. This means that there are no ongoing registration activities of any kind, as opposed to the alleged biometrics registration announcement circulating on social media or other news outlets.

Jimenez pointed out that if there are people claiming to be from your barangay inviting you to have your biometrics information taken so that you can vote on Election Day, this is definitely a fake propaganda.

The last time the Comelec conducted voter registration was from July 2 to September 29, 2018.

Moreover, as per the agency, the only legitimate list documented by the Board of Election Inspectors (BEI) is the Election Day Computerized Voters’ List (EDCVL).

If members of the public encounter any misleading propaganda claiming to be from the barangay, they can check the EDCVL from the BEI.

Jimenez explained that the use of the “fake” voters list is to prevent people from voting.

The “fake” voters list aims to defeat the people’s right to vote, by telling voters that they are not registered on the list of those who can vote this coming mid-term election in May.

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