Coreteam Manpower Services Inc. Job Agency in Philippines

CoreTeam Manpower Services Inc. (CMSI), is a duly-authorized land-based recruitment agency in the Philippines licensed to source, select, and recruit manpower using the latest technology for deployment to its accredited clients in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, and North America.

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Since it was founded in 1996, Coreteam Manpower Services Inc. has since automated its operations, allowing them to maintain a large database of overseas Filipino worker talents and keep track of every single one while expanding their overseas placement and deployment operations.

They also managed to expand their operations through three different subsidiaries—CoreTrades Academy, Inc., Master Staffers Consultancy Inc., and CoreTeam Constructions & Contracting Inc.—while maintaining the same high quality and competitive service.

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What is Coreteam Manpower Services Inc.?

Coreteam Manpower Services Inc. (CMSI) originated in 1996 as Carr Constructions Inc., Manpower Division. It was established by four competitive young professionals with the goal of becoming the partner of choice for companies looking to expand their team efficiently. The team is led by their desire to succeed, borne from being both masters and servants pioneering the manpower consultancy and placement industry.

Coreteam’s humble beginning has long vanished after it evolved into the present-day Coreteam Manpower Services Inc. established a full fledged training and assessment Center called CoreTrades Academy, Inc., to aid in recruitment and also to help Filipino professionals achieve their goals in life for themselves and their families, and thus the community and the nation, by acquiring gainful overseas employment. Coreteam is also involved in local manpower placement, construction and contracting, Joint Ventures, and other businesses through their other subsidiaries.

For over 25 years, Coreteam Manpower Services Inc. has managed to place numerous Filipino professionals in various fields across the world. They also proudly believe that through the years, they have remained as innovative as a recruitment agency can be, all while maintaining their integrity and consistently exceeding their goals. To Coreteam, to succeed is not an option, but a necessity, which is why they have continuously prospered in the competitive global recruitment industry even after over two decades.

List of Job Vacancies at Coreteam Manpower Services Inc.

From its humble beginnings as Carr Constructions Inc. Manpower Division, the recruitment agency founded by four competitive young professionals with a vision has evolved into the reputable global recruitment agency that is Coreteam Manpower Services Inc. They grew to have some subsidiaries and expanded their operations worldwide while promising to place valuable talents in the following fields:

  • Logistics
  • Transport
  • Air Freight
  • Cargo insurance
  • Project Forwarding
  • Road Transport
  • Sea Freight
  • Supply Chain

Thanks to their popularity and good reputation built over years of networking and excellent service, Coreteam has managed to forge relationships with some of the biggest companies including:

  • Parsons
  • AYTB Group
  • Dubai Aluminum
  • Cappo
  • Multiserv
  • Shoaibi Group
  • Sendan
  • Ras Girtas Power
  • MIS Arabia
  • Lamprell
  • Jaddarah Workforce Services Company
  • CB&I
  • Crescent Transportation Co. Ltd.
  • CTCI
  • Delmar
  • Emirates Global Aluminum
  • Emirates Aluminum
  • GMS Offshore Contractor
  • M.S. Al-Suwaidi Industrial Services Co. Ltd.
  • Al Rawafed Agriculture
  • Arabian Consolidated Trading (ACT) Group

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How to Apply for a Job via Coreteam Manpower Services Inc.

If you found Coreteam Manpower Services Inc.’s achievements or partners interesting and would like to start your work abroad journey by trying your luck with one of their job openings, then you will need to learn how to get through the competitive application process that this famed agency employs.

Luckily for you, this article not only lists everything there is to know about the prestige of Coreteam Manpower Services Inc., but also everything an applicant would need and want to know to be able to successfully secure a job with one of Coreteam’s global partners.


Naturally, just like in everything else in life, preparation is essential. Having said that, it is imperative for an interested applicant to know what they will need to be able to successfully secure a job. In the case of Coreteam Manpower Service Inc., these should be in the form of preparing for the requirements and checking that you have the qualifications for the job that you are applying for.

Before everything else, however, it’s best to get the following prepared:

  • Resume with detailed job description
  • Employment Certificates
  • Certificate of Trainings and Seminars Attended
  • Valid copy of Passport and NBI Clearance
  • 3 pcs. of the Most recent 2×2 Photo

Application Procedures

Sending a job application that sums up your factual education and work experience is the first step to securing a job. It’s also like handing a business card to your potential employer, only, that it is a more detailed version that usually includes all confidential candidate information for both recruiters and hiring personnel to review.

The application procedures may vary per company, but for Coreteam Manpower Services Inc., the application process goes this way:

Step 1: Visit the Coreteam Manpower Services Inc. (formerly Carr Constructions Inc. Manpower Division) website at
Step 2: Hover your mouse over the Jobseekers tab and click Job Openings or you may go straight to the Job Openings page by clicking this link:
Step 3: Search for your desired job from among the available positions in your field of expertise by scrolling through the available jobs posted on the Coreteam Manpower Services Inc. website.
Step 4: Once you have picked a job that you desire and believe you are qualified for, it’s time to do your homework and research the hiring companies. Make sure you understand how the company operates and everything about the company to validate your belief that you are indeed a “good fit” for the position you are looking to get hired for.
Step 5: Once you’ve done your fair share of research, then it’s time to prepare for the actual application process, starting from your resume/CV.
Step 6: Head back to the Coreteam website’s Job Openings page by visiting
Step 7: Scroll to your desired job and click Read More to see the details of the job post and access the online application form.
Step 8: Fill out the attached form with your complete details including the following information:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Contact number
  • Desired position

Step 9: Upload your resume/CV. Click Browse, Select your file and click Open.
Step 10: Check that all the information included in the form is thorough and accurate and hit the Submit button.

Once submitted, Coreteam reviews all the resumes and cross check them to see if they match the client requirement. They will then reach out to the applicants for further instructions regarding the application. They then conduct an initial interview with the applicant to ascertain the suitability for the position and verify all the credentials and experience certificates before presenting the candidates for client interview.

Coreteam will then coordinate with the client all the interview schedules and arrange for the applicants to be available on the appointed date and time. Usually, the interview is held at the Coreteam offices with the client’s representative, though there are some cases where the client likes to conduct interviews in a hotel.

In some cases, Coreteam is given the responsibility of selecting the candidates for interview and selection, so they screen the candidate based on the specs and requirements provided by the client and simply provide a list of shortlisted applicants to the client.

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Do note that sometimes, the recruiters will ask you to submit additional items like your references and cover letter so make sure you have them all ready so your application will proceed smoothly.

Also note that the Coreteam recruiters/evaluators may take some time to sort through all the resumes and applications they receive so while you may be tempted to follow up soon after applying, you must wait for at least about two weeks before reaching out to check the status of your application. This gives them enough time to sort through all the candidates, plus it makes you look more professional.

After two weeks, you may send an application follow-up letter in the form of an email or call the office to ask about your application status.

Video: Coreteam Welcomes New Hires in Japan

To see for yourself just how Coreteam takes care of its new hires right until they reach their workplace or target destination, please watch this video.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For applicants and clients who need more information on what Coreteam Manpower Services Inc. offer, here are some of the common questions and answers that will help you understand them even more:

1. What services does Coreteam Manpower Services Inc. offer?

Coreteam Manpower provides a full range of recruitment and placement services to all their stakeholders. This details the range of their services on offer which include sourcing and advertising, pre-screening, hotel booking, interview and selection, candidate document processing, training and trade testing, processing, mobilization, family assistance, vacation assistance etc.

For client and applicants alike, the Coreteam services mostly cover the following:

  • Interview & Selection
  • Pre-Screening
  • Training & Assessment
  • Sourcing and Advertising

2. Does Coreteam have accredited training and assessment facilities/support for applicants?

As an agency accredited by NCCER (National Center for Construction, Education & Research) of Florida, USA, Coreteam has standardized training processes in all crafts including Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation, Pipeline, Management, and Safety. Through the NCCER, Coreteam maintains a standardized training process that helps develop the specialized knowledge and skills required of craft workers and technicians employed in the construction, maintenance, and pipeline industries.

3. How does Coreteam Manpower Services Inc. fulfill client requests for talents in various positions overseas?

Coreteam Manpower Services Inc. manages and maintains a large database of applicants for various trades and disciplines so they will be able to readily provide resumes of available candidates for client review and selection. However, for larger requirements, they sometimes resort to actual field recruitment, advertising, and even training so they can come up with the required number of candidates in various positions overseas.

4. Does Coreteam Manpower Services Inc. advertise for open positions?

Yes. Sometimes, there are cases when Coreteam advertises for open positions, especially when the client requires a large number of applicants. In cases like these, Coreteam coordinates with their clients regarding the medium of advertisement, as well as advertisement design and contents, dates, publications, and ad cost involved. After the client approves, Core team will then place the ads and collect, sort, and review the resumes for further action.

5. What are the hottest opportunities available at Coreteam Manpower Services Inc.?

As far as opportunities go, most of the hottest jobs that Coreteam successfully fulfills generally include positions in the Engineering and Oil and Gas industries. The jobs generally involve Logistics, Transport, Air Freight, Cargo insurance, Project Forwarding, Road Transport, Sea Freight, and the Supply Chain.

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6. How will I know if I was included in the list of shortlisted candidates?

Successful applicants generally hear from the Coreteam recruiters for further instructions after they make the initial evaluation in the application. They are then scheduled for an initial interview so they can gauge the jobseekers’ suitability for the position and verify all the credentials and experience certificates before they are slated for client interview which may happen either at the Coreteam office or at a hotel with a client representative.

In some cases, however, Coreteam is given the responsibility of selecting the candidates for interview and selection, so they screen the candidate based on the specs and requirements provided by the client and simply provide a list of shortlisted applicants to the client for approval and further selection/evaluation.

7. If I failed the Initial Assessment, can I still have a chance to apply for work abroad?

Yes, naturally. Just like in every application, some applications will be disregarded for insufficient qualifications or simply because there are better suited candidates to fill the limited number of job openings. This, however, doesn’t mean the end for the applicant.

They are always welcome to apply for a new job that matches their qualifications and interest or they can simply wait for Coreteam to match their profiles with new jobs, should one open up.

8. Are there other requirements aside from the ones listed as documentary requirements during the application?

Yes. Depending on the position applied for as well as the location for deployment, applicants may be required to submit more documentary requirements before their application can progress further. In any case, these requirements will be communicated to the applicant by the Coreteam staff and will generally be required towards the latter part of the application process or prior to the actual deployment.

9. If I still have some questions or concerns about the Coreteam Manpower Services Inc., how can I reach out to the right personnel?

For inquiries, concerns, or requests for further information, applicants may contact the recruitment agency directly by calling any of the following contact numbers:

Smart: 09989741432, 09989741433, 09985700865, 09985891652, 09989741434
Globe: 09178044013, 09178043421, 09176240992, 09178043514, 09176240593
Tel. number: +63 2 534 2862 / 746 0952 / 381 2244 / 5342862

They may also send an email to the following addresses so a Coreteam staff or recruiter may handle their concerns or contact them for further instructions.

For Clients:
For Applicants:

Coreteam also takes in walk-in applications, so applicants may also visit the agency to submit their CV for immediate screening at the office of Coreteam Manpower Services, Inc. which is located at 481 San Rafael St., Plainview, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

10. How can I stay updated on job openings at Coreteam Manpower Services Inc.?

For updates on the latest job openings, interested applicants may regularly visit the Coreteam Manpower Services Inc. website and check the Job Openings tab by clicking this link:

11. Is there any way to verify if the job posting from Coreteam Manpower Services Inc. is legit?

Yes. Applicants may head on out to the Coreteam website or even reach out to the Coreteam staff via phone or email if they have doubts regarding the veracity of the job posts. Applicants also need to remember that the official Coreteam staff do not charge applicants any fees for facilitating/scheduling interviews for any position.

At this time, Coreteam CoreTeam Manpower Services Inc. has issued a statement saying that they are not hiring for any applicants for the UK and Canada or asking for any payments using GCash as of the moment. They warned applicants from emails sent out by the following individuals who were apparently asking for a payment of Php 3,000 for a webinar or a face-to-face interview with the client (for UK and Canada).

Cynthia Andres – Accounting Manager
Pracedes Bernabe – Head Cashier
Email address:
Landline no.: 02-75093629
Mobile no.: 0967-3326426

They are also urging applicants who have heard from these people to report the said email and contact numbers as Fraud to the NBI anti-cybercrime group.


As a reputable manpower agency in the Philippines, CoreTeam Manpower Services Inc. (CMSI), dedicated over 20 years into expert sourcing, selecting, and recruiting manpower. But having prided themselves for being an innovative agency, they have always kept appearances using the latest technologies not only for deployment to its accredited clients in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, and North America but also for the training and assessment procedures that they employ.

Though fraud and scammers are inevitable in most online settings, Coreteam proudly opens all its communication channels to ensure both applicants and clients that their dedication to succeed and deliver beyond expectation remains the same through the years.

Having said that, they also vowed to continue innovating, so that they may be able to adapt to the changing needs of all the industries they serve – true to its promise to be the most dynamic recruitment agency in the market for good.

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Contact Information

If there’s ever a need to reach out to Coreteam Manpower Services Inc., then everyone if free to do so by reaching out through the following contact information:

Coreteam Manpower Services Inc. Manila Office
481 San Rafael Street, Plainview, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Smart Lines: 09989741432, 09989741433, 09985700865, 09985891652, 09989741434
Globe Lines: 09178044013, 09178043421, 09176240992, 09178043514, 09176240593
Tel. No.: +63 2 534 2862 / 746 0952 / 381 2244
For Clients:
For Applicants:
Operating Hours: Mondays – Fridays 9:00am – 6:00pm, Saturdays 9:00am – 3:00pm

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