Why you Need to Keep your Options Open when Working Abroad

When working as an OFW, one misconception is that you should only choose the job that suits your profession. This gives limitations to those who didn’t finish college or those who didn’t go to school at all. If you are planning to work abroad, you should keep your options open as this is what most OFWs do once they land their feet in the country where they want to work.

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For example, even if you finish nursing, you should not limit yourself to accept jobs that are only for nurses. There are still other jobs like caregiving and giving assistance to medical practitioners abroad. There are also instances where this opportunity is applicable. There is this one news before about a Filipino who initially worked as a janitor in Canada and after some time of working hard, he became a licensed nurse there.

As you may know, working abroad is not always easy. You won’t find jobs easily, especially if the competition is high among applicants. You may  need to find a job that is not aligned with your profession so you can survive and eventually make your plans workout, like for example, a fellow OFW in Canada who worked as a janitor then became a nurse. In this blog, we will help you find out why you need to keep your options open when working abroad.

career options ofw
Working overseas, you might end up with a career that you did not study for.

What happens if you limit yourself to one profession?

So, if you are wondering what will happen when you limit yourself to one profession, this area will say it all. There are a couple of things that might actually happen when you give yourself limits when looking for jobs and here are they:

  • You won’t find a job immediately.

If you limit yourself to one profession, you won’t find a job immediately. There is stiff competition abroad. It’s not only Filipinos that look for work in other countries. There are also other expats who are fighting for your spot. If you don’t have a degree, employers are likely to choose those who are more qualified than you. If you stick to one profession and you always get rejected because you are not that qualified, you won’t find a job as timely as planned.

  • You will spend more.

Since you will look for a job longer than your plan, you will spend more money. You will have to allocate more allowance as you prolong your unemployment. Note that opportunities are now always unlimited, especially if you are just looking at one profession or industry. If you are abroad and you only have a budget to spend, you will need to be resourceful. You will need to look for another source of money, which is a bit challenging since you are not considering other opportunities than your actual profession.

  • You will not grow.

The sky is the limit. Whether you are working in the industry you preferred or not, you will grow if you let opportunities come your way. However, the opposite will happen if you don’t allow yourself to try other jobs. You will not grow. You will not find any room for improvement. You will be stuck in your current position, which is not really ideal if you are looking for a good career abroad.

Limiting yourself in one profession is not always ideal as you are also limiting your opportunities. If you want to grow while working abroad, you need to consider other jobs outside your profession. There are a lot of available jobs wherever you go. You just need to find what will fit your skills, competence, and knowledge.

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sacrifice why you need to keep options open working overseas
sacrifice, perseverance, and hard work, it’s not easy working overseas

4 Reasons Why you need to keep your options open when working as an OFW

There are a couple of reasons why you need to keep your option open. If you are looking for career development in other countries, consider these reasons:

1. More opportunities will come to you.

When you keep your options open, more opportunities will come to you. The competition will not matter anymore once you decide that you can accept any type of job. Opportunities will flow endlessly, which means that you will have more options to choose from.

2. Your growth will be remarkable.

They say that experience is the best teacher. Although you won’t get a job related to your profession, it’s good for your experience. Not everyone is given the opportunity to work abroad and get a job. Your growth will be remarkable because you are going to have experienced differently than what you are expecting. You will grow more and find the improvements that you need to work on. Keeping your options open will help you grow and experience what other people won’t go through.

3. You can plan your career carefully.

Getting a job that isn’t your profession doesn’t mean that you are actually forgetting your profession. It’s just a short-term plan so you can make moves on how to achieve your dream career abroad. As you work on the job you don’t prefer, you can save money and gain experience that you can use when you apply for the position you really want. In other words, you can plan your career carefully. Again, opportunities are limitless when you open yourself to other jobs.

4. You don’t have to go back home.

Some people have the tendency to go back home when they don’t find a job abroad. Since looking for a job is not as easy as it seems to be, people lose hope and exhaust their money as they find the job they love. But, when you don’t limit yourself to only one profession, you don’t have to go back home. You can spend your time abroad until you earn enough experience, enough money, and even residency in the country where you are working. There’s so much to enjoy if you grab the opportunities that come to you.


Working abroad is not easy but if you let yourself adjust to the new environment, you will get used to the feeling, especially when you are looking for a job that doesn’t match your degree. It’s better if you can find the job you love but don’t limit yourself to one profession only. Allow yourself to try new things and don’t be afraid of changes.

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