[VIDEO] Domestic Helpers Dancing on Tiktok, Pulling Ward’s Hair

The spectacular rise of social media influence in our daily lives has lured more people, both young and old, from all corners of the globe into the bandwagon of generating content for attention — whatever it takes. As a result, strange behaviors have grown more prevalent in today’s society.

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This was the case with the domestic helper in a viral video, who pulled her ward’s hair to attract attention from TikTok viewers. May we remind all OFWs to make sure we avoid unnecessary posting of images, videos, and other content online especially when at work. May we also try to analyze our actions to make sure no one is harmed whenever we make videos. Even if we may think that we are creating content for ‘fun’, let’s make sure that we don’t hurt others.

[Viral] Domestic Helper Draws Flak on Social Media after Video Shows Alleged Abuse on Ward for Tiktok

According to a news story from Kuwait News, the domestic helper was seen dancing to a song before calling her charge to join the video.

Based on the video, the helper suddenly grabbed her ward’s hair, who appeared to have a disability, as they danced to the music.

The woman who was supposed to care for the child appears to be failing in her responsibilities as a guardian. It’s also apparent that the kid has a difficult time getting along with her because of his disability.

Here is the actual video uploaded by Kuwait News:

Suppose you were the parent of the child in the video. What would you do if your kid was harmed in this manner? Would you report the helper to the authorities for abusing your child?

Nevertheless, this is a strong reminder for all domestic workers to properly look after their charges, especially when they’re not around their parents.

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