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How to Request for a PSA Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) Online

A Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR), as the name suggests, is a certification issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) stating that a person has not yet married. The CENOMAR, also known as a Certificate of No Record of Marriage or a Certificate of Singleness, is one of the conditions for obtaining a marriage license.

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A single person is defined by law as someone who has never been married. If a person was formerly married but divorced or widowed, he or she is classified as “unmarried.” However, if a person’s marriage was annulled or declared void ab initio (not legitimate from the start), and the person has not previously contracted marriage, the individual is still deemed single.

How to Request for a PSA Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) Online

Guide on How to Get CENOMAR Online

A couple cannot receive a marriage license for a church or civil wedding without a CENOMAR. The CENOMAR demonstrates that a person has not already contracted marriage and is unattached. The Family Code of the Philippines considers any marriage in which one person is still alive to be null and void. Bigamy is a crime under the Revised Penal Code if an individual enters into a second or subsequent marriage before the prior marriage has been lawfully dissolved or the absent spouse has been certified presumptively dead.

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Aside from marriage, a CENOMAR is required for certain jobs and positions that need the candidate to demonstrate that he or she is single. It may also be required when applying for a fiancee visa. For Filipinos who desire to marry in another nation, Philippine embassies may also request a CENOMAR.

The only agency authorized to issue the CENOMAR is the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). It is also the central repository for marriage records in the Philippines, receiving copies of marriage certificates from local civil registrars.

Requesting a CENOMAR Online

Obtaining a CENOMAR, like many other government transactions nowadays, is possible via the Internet. This eliminates the need to apply for this certificate at the PSA office. This is especially handy if the requester lives abroad and lacks the tools to request records in person.

Unlike other civil instruments, CENOMAR has no specific prerequisites. Filling out an online form and supplying basic personal information is all that is required to apply for a CENOMAR.

Documentary Requirements:

  • Complete name of the person to be certified
  • Complete name of the father
  • Complete maiden name of the mother
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Complete name and address of the requesting party
  • Number or copies needed
  • Purpose for the certification

Requesting via the PSA Serbilis Website (10 Steps)

You can order your CENOMAR online from the PSA Serbilis website (formerly e-Census). Your document will be delivered to you within 3 to 13 working days.

STEP 1: Go to the PSA Serbilis Website (

STEP 2: Click the button “Click here to request now” or access this link.

STEP 3: Read the terms and conditions carefully. Select the “I Accept” option.

STEP 4: Enter your contact and delivery details, such as your home location, phone number or mobile phone number, and email address. Then, press the “Next” button. Once you’ve confirmed the details, click “Confirm”.

STEP 5: Select CENOMAR from the Request Summary page.

STEP 6: Fill out the request form as thoroughly and honestly as possible. Hit “Save” once you’re done.

STEP 7: Confirm that your information is correct, and then click “Confirm.” Otherwise, to make changes, click “Change/Edit.”

STEP 8: You’ll be returned to the Requests Summary page. Click the “Submit” button.

STEP 9: Pay Php 430 per copy for local delivery and $25.30 for international shipping. PSA Serbilis accepts a variety of payment methods, including credit card payments online, BDO online banking, and Unionbank online banking. You can also make a payment at the Bayad Center.

Note: If you choose to pay at a BDO or Unionbank branch, bring a printed copy of the acknowledgement page with you.

STEP 10: After payment, expect delivery in 3 to 13 working days (6-8 weeks for abroad).

Requesting via the (8 Steps)

The website is another option for requesting your CENOMAR online.

STEP 1: Go to At the top of the page, click the “Order Now” button (or click this link).

STEP 2: Select “Certificate of Singleness / CENOMAR.”

STEP 3: Select your reason for requesting the CENOMAR.

STEP 4: Fill out the CENOMAR application form. When you’re finished, click “Continue.”

STEP 5: Fill in the name of the individual who will be using the CENOMAR. If you are requesting a certificate for yourself, fill in the last field with “Owner of the Certificate.” When you’re finished, click “Submit.”

STEP 6: Fill out your contact information, delivery address, and, optionally, the name of the authorized representative who will receive the documents on your behalf on the Checkout page.

Tick the box next to “I verify that all of the information I’ve supplied is accurate and correct,” then click “Continue.”

STEP 7: Pay for your CENOMAR using an online payment method such as Visa/Mastercard, Bancnet, or Gcash, or an over-the-counter payment method such as Metrobank, Bayad Center, 7-Eleven, or a Bancnet ATM. The cost of each copy is Php465.

STEP 8: After payment, expect delivery in 2-7 working days.

Validity of your CENOMAR

Keep in mind that the CENOMAR is only valid for 6 months from the date of issuance.

If you require your CENOMAR within 1-2 working days, it is best to make your request at the nearest PSA office. Walk-ins are welcome at the PSA office. Simply fill out the CENOMAR form (which you can get here) and bring it to the counter where CENOMAR certifications are processed.

A list of PSA offices across the country can be found here.

That’s it! Requesting your CENOMAR online has never been easier. Whatever purpose you may have for this document, if you keep a copy of this guide on hand, you’ll be sure to get your document as smoothly as possible.

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