Husband Shocks OFW Wife with Savings from Remittances Worth Php 300,000 and Finished House

A Filipina overseas worker from Kuwait was pleasantly surprised when she found out that her husband had saved her remittances she had been transferring throughout the years of her work overseas. The total savings had amounted to PHP 300,000 which is very big amount considering that they have 2 children. Rodelyn Fortes, an OFW, had no idea that her husband Rogelio had been storing a significant portion of her monthly ‘padala’.

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Majority of OFWs are always sending remittances to their loved ones back home and in some cases, these remittances are not enough because the family are depending on the OFW to provide for them. But this is a welcome story and we hope that dependents will also find ways to earn extra income at home and also learn to save money.

Husband Shocks OFW Wife with Fully Finished House, Savings from Remittances Worth Php 300,000
Screengrab taken from a video posted by GMA News Online / YouTube

Husband Welcomes Back Home OFW Wife with Fully Finished Home, Savings from Remittances Amounting to Php 300,000

According to a report by GMA News Online, Rogelio opted not to squander them, and on occasion, when he had extra money from his job, he even pitched in.

Rogelio surprised Rodelyn with their savings—both in paper dollars and coins—when she returned to the Philippines.

Ang ginawa ko para makatulong ako sa asawa ko, nagpursige akong mag-ipon. Lahat ng ipinapadala ng misis ko imbes na bawasan ko dinadagdagan ko pa kasi nga nag- store ako (What I did to help my wife is to save up diligently. All of what my wife sent us from her work abroad, I kept and instead of taking out money off it, I tried to add more to it from what I earn from my job),” Rogelio said in a GMA News report.

Rodelyn was likewise taken aback by the fact that their home was now completely repaired and they even have a new sidecar.

Hindi ko lubos maisip na ganun ang maiipon nya kasi magkano lang naman ang sahod ko doon sa Kuwait (I never imagined that my husband could save up that much because I wasn’t earning a lot back in Kuwait),” Rodelyn said.

The couple’s children even shared that based on what they have seen from what their parents have been doing, they too believe that saving up money is an important thing to do to reach your goals, whether as a person or a family.

What an encouraging story! Indeed, often, it’s not about how much we earn, but how disciplined we are in what we do with what we have. In their case, the couple demonstrated excellent teamwork, where the husband supported his wife by being diligent in saving up the money she earned from working abroad. We hope that more people can pick up a lesson or two here, and aspire to do the same thing in their lives.

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