Pinay OFW Nurse in England Passes Away due to Cancer, Treatment Delayed due to COVID-19

A Filipina nurse in England died after succumbing to cancer. She had delays in some of her cancer treatment due to current health crisis. According to a report shared by DailyMail and a post on a GoFundMe page, a Filipina friend shared the story of Anna Fernandez, 44 years old, who died peacefully at home in the presence of her family and close friends.

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Working abroad may be difficult for most Filipinos as experience many challenges like being homesick, dealing with employers, etc. However, most of these OFWs strive to face the challenges in their daily lives and overcome the struggle they encounter.

A Pinay Nurse based in England Died due to Cancer

According to a friend’s claim, a Pinay Nurse died of cancer illness because her treatment was delayed because of the health crisis. She was described as a generous and hardworking person.

The 44-year old nurse, Anna Fernandez, was first diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 38. Her cancer was showing no signs of progress until earlier this year. She passed away last month.

Anna was a mother of two children, she died at her home in Solihull, West Mids. The trained nurse was battling her colon cancer for 5 years and had good results. Unfortunately, the tumor came back again and had to undergo cancer treatment. She did not survive, she died after celebrating her youngest son’s birthday.

Anna’s friend, Jen Tulay Navarrette claimed that her treatment was allegedly delayed due to the health crisis. They met while in a hospital in Birmingham working at the admissions unit. Jen started a fundraising page on GoFundMe to help finance the memorial service for Anna.

She said her friend Anna was diagnosed with colon cancer at the young age of 38. Additionally, she said that Anna was brave, who has a strong faith in God, and received support from family and friends that let her win against the sickness and had remission for about 5 years.

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According to Jen, she asserted that the biopsies of Anna should have been examined in the USA but was never sent.

A spokesperson from The University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation extended its condolences to the Fernandez family. They said that Anna was a respected nurse and colleague and that she will be missed by many who’ve worked with her.

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