8 Best Reasons to Retire in Tuguegarao

Why not find out what makes Tuguegarao City, which is called the “Gateway to Ilocandia and the Cordilleras,” so special? There are a lot of interesting places to see and foods to try in  Cagayan‘s main city. It is becoming a popular place for tourists to visit in Northern Luzon because it has a lot of natural caves, old churches, museums, and tasty foods.

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Tuguegarao has something for every kind of traveler or people who will retire, whether you want a tour of the city’s history, an exciting adventure, or a tasty food tour. Find out why the “Premier Smart Ibanag City” is the best place to live in below.

1. Hot weather

When summer comes, Tuguegarao City is known for having the hottest weather in the Philippines. Tuguegarao is the Philippines’ hottest city. If you were here, you would want to buy an air conditioner or air cooler.

Since the city is in a valley, people should think about whether they can handle the weather here. During the summer, it can get as hot as 40 degrees Celsius, which some people can’t stand. It also puts the city in the top two of the Philippines’ hottest places. Even though it’s hot in our city, Tuguegarao City has a lot of festivals that people from all over the world can enjoy. If you love sunny weather then retiring in Tuguegarao city sounds like a great idea for you!

2. Green City

Ah, to retire in the beautiful city of Tuguegarao will make your life much easier and be a breath of fresh air! The beautiful Pinacanauan River, the Callao Caves, and the Palaui Island are all near Tuguegarao City. These natural wonders have amazing views and are great places to go hiking, camping, or river rafting.

Tuguegarao city is a very green place to live. It’s not too developed, so you can still enjoy a clean environment while still having access to the things you’d want from a city. People who live there are also nice. The crime rate is low, the cost of living is low, and it’s easy to find good work.


3. Rich history and culture

Tuguegarao City has a long history and is full of culture and customs. It has a number of historical places, like the Cagayan Provincial Museum, which shows off the city’s past and culture. If you’re a history lover, Tuguegarao has plenty to offer you!

4. Thriving business and economy

Tuguegarao City is becoming a place where people put money in the north. Its position is so important that it is called the “Gateway to Ilocandia and the Cordilleras.” The regional center of Cagayan Valley and the center of excellence for higher education, science, and medicine in Region 2 are both in the main city of Cagayan Valley.

The city’s economy is doing well, especially in agriculture, tourism, and industrial growth. Tuguegarao is one of the best places to grow corn and rice. It is the backbone of the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority and a starting point for business and trade in the area. It was named the only Digital City in Region 2 because its people are very skilled and it has the right facilities.

During the 47th Philippine Business Conference & Expo last year, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) named Tuguegarao City the 2021 Most Business-Friendly LGU in the City Level 3 Category. If you plan to open a small business once you retire, this city sounds like a gold mine of opportunity.

5. Mouthwatering food and abundance of food scene

People know Tuguegarao City for its amazing food, like Pancit Batil Patong, Tuguegarao Longganisa, and the popular Carabao Milk Candy. People can also enjoy the city’s lively street food scene and try some of the local specialties.

The Pancit Batil Patong, which is noodles with carabao beef, egg, bean sprouts, pork liver, onions, chicharron, and a special sauce on top, is a very famous food in Tuguegarao. Locals add egg as the last topping. You won’t have trouble finding this dish because many restaurants in town serve it. Carabao-made foods like chicharabao, which is like chicharron but made with carabao skin, and pastillas, which are made from carabao’s milk, are also typical of the city.

During the summer, you can do all of these things and more in Tuguegarao. Northern Luzon’s main city of Cagayan is a busy center for tourists and other economic activities. Find out below why it has become a popular place to put money.

6. Vibrant Festivals

There are many events in Tuguegarao City, such as the Pav-vurulun Festival, which shows off the city’s rich cultural history. The event has street dancing, music, and marches with lots of colors.

7. People who are friendly and hospitable

People in Tuguegarao City are known for how friendly and helpful they are. Visitors can learn about the city’s history and enjoy the real friendliness of the people who live there. If you want to retire to this lively city, you should know that the people here are the most friendly and warm you’ll ever meet. Living in the city is quiet and fun at the same time.

Tuguegarao city celebrate the Afi Festival, The provincial capital, along with its local government units and urban barangays, has set up a number of activities and festivals. These include a food and trade fair, a folk song contest, tree planting, a band competition, a pansit festival, a beauty pageant for Miss Tuguegarao, and a street dancing competition that involves a choreographed dance frenzy.

This is done to get everyone in the community, from young people to older people with more life experience, to take part in the event. This is done to teach the culture and promote freedom of speech for the people of Tuguegarao City.

8. Tourism is booming

This Premier Smart Ibanag City of the North is also a big tourist destination. Tourists who want to see the beauty of Northern Luzon can visit a number of historical and cultural places in this area. The places above are all well-known tourist destinations in the city of Tuguegarao. Local treats like pancit batil patong and chicaharabao are also part of the city’s rich history.

In recent years, real estate investors have been moving into Tuguegarao because there is a growing need for places to live there. Modern infrastructure is constantly being improved, which helps cities grow and become more urban and easy to get around in. Some of the places where jobs can be found are agriculture, business, trade, making a living, and schooling.