Living in Taiwan: Pros and Cons for OFWs

Moving to a different country is perhaps one of the biggest decisions any person can make. Making this decision is one thing, but choosing where to move is a different story altogether. You need to properly weigh the pros and cons, studying every aspect of the country – like the terms and conditions in a manual – before ultimately saying ‘YES’ with no reservation to this new opportunity.

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One of the best places to begin life anew as an expat is Taiwan. In this guide, we will share some of the pros and cons of moving to this haven for expats in 2021. Make sure to read until the end to learn more.

Living in Taiwan: Pros and Cons for OFWs

OFW Guide: Pros and Cons of Living in Taiwan in 2021

Moving to Taiwan, a country that has become a refuge for expats, is one option to immediately change the course of your life. There aren’t many reasons not to take the leap, with a welcoming community offering up amazing street cuisine and a metro system that will have you soon forgetting about your old, rickety route to work.

Also Read: Living in Taiwan: Pros and Cons for OFWs

Why Choose Taiwan?

Taiwan is one of the world’s tiniest nations. Nonetheless, it is one of the richest countries on the planet, both monetarily and in terms of quality of life.

Taiwan is sometimes disregarded by travellers traveling through Asia, but those who venture off the usual route quickly become enamored. From the breathtaking vistas of the Alishan Range to its incredible history dating back 20,000 years, there is something for every traveller.

But why is it a popular choice for expats wishing to leave their old lives behind? Expats ranked Taiwan third out of 64 countries for quality of life and eighth for work/life balance, according to Internations Insider Report. Taiwan has risen to the top of the list of expat destinations.

Moving to Taiwan will place you in one of the world’s safest countries. This includes a welcoming culture that has welcomed the LGBTQ+ community. With a world-class healthcare system, a reduced cost of living, and subtropical weather, it’s easy to understand how life may be fulfilling here.

Listed below are some of the pros and cons of living in Taiwan:

Living in Taiwan: Pros and Cons for OFWs


PRO: Affordable accommodation is easy to find

Accommodation in Taiwan can be pricey in some regions, but finding an affordable place that meets an expat’s needs, even if they only know English, will not be difficult. There are numerous specific social media groups for foreigners looking for lodging for extended or short-term visits in the nation.

CON: May not meet Western standards

The disadvantage to staying in Taiwan is that residences aren’t all that contemporary and are often quite modest.

Humidity has a significant impact on accommodation. In the summer, apartments in Taiwan can become hot and humid, and while most have air conditioning, cooling them down will result in expensive utility expenses.

Living in Taiwan: Pros and Cons for OFWs

Quality of Life in Taiwan

PRO: Taiwan is safe

Taiwan is a safer place than many foreigners are accustomed to. Most cities allow you to wander about alone, even at night.

CON: Air pollution is a reality

Taiwan is plagued by severe air pollution. This is especially true in larger cities like Taipei. Even before Covid-19, it was usual to see residents wearing face masks. There are sometimes occasions when air pollution is so severe that citizens are urged to stay indoors.

CON: Taiwanese cities can be crowded

Taiwan’s major cities are notoriously congested and noisy. Expats may be surprised by how densely populated the cities are. Expats who are used to peace and quiet will find it difficult to adjust to the noise and bustle of Taiwanese cities.

Living in Taiwan: Pros and Cons for OFWs

Getting Around in Taiwan

PRO: Excellent public transport options

Taiwan has great public transit. Trains, subways, and buses are among the various modes of transportation available in the country. In addition, public transportation is relatively inexpensive. This makes it simple and inexpensive for expats to travel throughout the country.

PRO: Google Maps is available

Many foreigners find it difficult to navigate in Asian nations since navigation apps in their native language are unavailable. However, newcomers should be confident that they can continue to use their favorite navigation tools, such as Google Maps, in Taiwan.

CON: Strict rules on public transport

Taiwan has very strict rules when it comes to using public transport. This especially applies to the subway system. Some expats may be shocked to find that they aren’t even allowed to drink water on the subway. The reason for these strict rules is to keep the subway system clean.

CON: Driving can be dangerous

Many expats in Taiwan prefer not to drive. This is due to the fact that roadways are often congested and risky to travel on. Many Taiwanese use scooters and appear to disregard traffic laws. This can be difficult to adjust to. Expats are consequently recommended to use public transportation.

Living in Taiwan: Pros and Cons for OFWs

Weather in Taiwan

PRO: Winters are mild

Taiwan’s winters are famously mild. During the day, average lows vary between 54⁰F and 58⁰F (12⁰C and 15⁰C), while night-time temperatures in Taiwan’s northern region can drop to the mid 40⁰F range (below 10⁰C).

CON: Summers can be extremely hot

Summers in Taiwan can be difficult to adjust to. Temperatures can reach extremes, with highs ranging from 80⁰F to 87⁰F (27⁰C to 31⁰C). Summers are made even harsher by Taiwan’s high humidity, which significantly raises real-feel temperatures.

CON: Typhoons and heavy rain occur frequently

Taiwan, like many Asian countries, experiences an annual typhoon season. Taiwan’s typhoon season typically lasts from July to September. Extreme rain showers, thunderstorms, and strong winds characterize this season. Expats must invest in appropriate raincoats and umbrellas if they want to endure Taiwan’s rainy season.

Like many other places in the world, living in Taiwan has both advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, it’s important that you do your research first to know everything there is about the country you wish to move to. Let this short article be your guide to help you decide whether Taiwan is the right country for you or not.

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