6 Best Reasons to Watch The Fabulous Fashion K-drama

If you’re still a hangover from Emily in Paris, here’s another alternative you can watch! The Fabolous is set in Seoul rather than in Paris, but it still has the same vibes and can make you feel good inside! It’s not your typical K-drama since it’s edgy, cool, and at the same time funny too!

The Fabulous should be your go-to whenever you need some fashion inspiration, friendship feels, and something to watch to entertain yourself! You shouldn’t miss out on this series since it has all the fun elements you’re looking for if you’re an aspiring fashion designer or want to work in the fashion industry. You can binge-watch this series and enjoy the roller coaster ride!

1. Heartwarming plot and interesting characters

The plot of The Fabulous revolves around four young adults who, although being inexperienced, decide to try their hands in the fashion industry. Actor Choi Min-ho, who plays Ji U-min, a photographer, says that in the program, his and Ji’s characters do not just talk about chasing their aspirations and goals; they actually do it. Director Kim elaborates, saying that the students’ willingness to persist in the face of adversity is indicative of their character. All the fans around the world can relate to how much these guys assist each other out and encourage one another to be better. In the real world, working in the fashion industry is not all glitz and glamour, it has a lot of twists and turns that not everyone know. The fashion industry can be tough to get into and sometimes workers tend to be underpaid but they are all there for passion. OFWs who are aspiring to pursue a fashion career can definitely learn a thing or two from the series.

If you’re a fan of Choi Min-ho then you should definitely watch the fabulous, you’ll also see the stellar performances of other South Korean actors Chae-Soo bin and Kim Min Kyu, and more! You’ll love the cast and there memorable performances which is what makes the series a binge-worthy series, since you’ll can’t get enough of it! Fashion and k-drama actors and actresses that are enticing to watch, are definitely worth losing sleep for!

2. The memorable friendship in the story

The best part of each episode of The Fabulous is when the four friends get together at the end to either celebrate or lament their day. The friendship we share is just what I’ve hoped for. As it turns out, this was planned all along. “As we move on with our lives, rather than the butterflies in the stomach, we really need loyal friends when we have a bad relationship or are having a hard time in our employment,”

Director Kim says. “Having reliable people on your side during times like these is crucial. The traditional adage goes that when you share your joy with another person, it doubles, and when you share your sorrow, it halves. Each of these four friends faces challenges in life, but they lift each other up and motivate one another to pursue their goals. It’s the type of friendship everyone should strive to find and maintain.” Yes, its true that you need true friends in time of trouble and this show will shed light on that adage as well.

3. It doesn’t follow the cookie-cutter K-drama trope

Director Kim Jung-hyun explains that upon reading the script for The Fabulous, he was struck by how different it was from the norm. It was easy and risky, he says. “When reading from the screenplay and allowing my imagination to fill in the details, I had a blast.”

While the moment in which a shirtless Choi lustfully rips a string of pearls from Chae’s neck is risqué by K-drama standards, viewers expecting the rest of the series to be just as edgy will be disappointed.

And yet, the subsequent “will they or won’t they?” game generates a lot of energy. And the representation of the friendship among all four is endearing and a touch of juvenile.

The smoldering screen presence of Seon-ho should have been better utilized, as Joseph is frequently reduced to various “gays in fashion” cliches. If you’re bored with the usual romance trope k-dramas usually has then you can tune in to this show to have a palate cleanser. Its easy to watch and get lost into especially if you’re the type who loves fashion.

4. A fashion-forward show like Emily in Paris

Some of the show’s DNA appears to have been lifted straight from Netflix’s Emily in Paris, a comedy also about the fashion and luxury goods marketing industry.

It wavers between making light of the industries’ bloated egos, fickle personalities, and influencer creep and taking them too seriously. The Fabulous, though, enjoy themselves immensely in the process. What it lacks in subtlety, though, it more than makes up for with the endearing charm and starry-eyed chemistry of its two main romantic characters.

5. Perfect for aspiring media practitioners

Of course, K-dramas are not an accurate portrayal of real-life jobs; however, it’s still fun to see fashion-related jobs represented in the show; whether you’re an aspiring fashion designer, photographer, or marketer, here’s a show that you can relate to!

6. You can binge-watch it easily since its light and funny

If you’re looking for a show that will fill the in-betweens and be light and enjoyable to watch, then this show is perfect! Sometimes life can be stressful, and OFWs tend to seek comfort in watching shows to deal with homesickness or the daily routine. The fabulous offers a colorful escape with the beautiful clothes, the stunning fashion shows, and the drama that happens in between takes and masterpieces. You can see that not everything is perfect, and there’s always room for mistakes.

The fabulous is the perfect series to watch if you want to getaway and is looking for fashion inspiration, its also a good alternative to those who love watching fashion-forward shows like Project Runway or Emily in Paris. You can learn a thing or two about the South Korean fashion scene and styling.