How to Enroll in a Free TESDA Language Course

TESDA is known for providing technical and vocational skills training for Filipino students and workers. But did you know that this agency also provides training on language skills? Japanese, Arabic, and Mandarin are just some of the language courses offered by TESDA.

For overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), having basic knowledge of or even advanced proficiency in the language of their target country is a huge plus. Not only will you be able to communicate better, but also be considered for future promotions, especially in the case of companies that are expanding internationally. Keep on reading to learn how you can sign up for TESDA’s language courses!

How to Enroll in a Free TESDA Language Course
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What is TESDA?

First of all, let us talk about TESDA, which stands for “Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.” As the name suggests, this government agency is the Philippine’s foremost authority on technical-vocational education and training. It is mandated to manage and supervise technical education and skills development training programs throughout the country.

TESDA’s programs cover a wide variety of subjects and skills: agriculture, hospitality and tourism, food and beverage, caregiving, housekeeping, and many more. Also included are communication and language courses.

What is a TESDA Language Course?

During his inaugural address last June 30, 2022, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. emphasized the importance of “sharpening the language skills” of Filipino workers, including OFWs. He mentioned that this would give them additional advantage in the workplace.

With this in mind, TESDA plans to conduct more language courses through its National Skills Language Center (NLSC). In 2021, the center produced 1,148 graduates who studied English Proficiency, Japanese Language, and Spanish Language. Among them are OFWs, BPO workers, and even PNP and AFP personnel.

What are the Languages Courses Offered by TESDA?

As of this writing, the different language courses offered by TESDA are as follows, along with the corresponding course duration or number of hours involved:

  • English Proficiency for Customer Service Workers — 100 hours
  • Basic Japanese Language and Culture — 150 hours
  • Basic Mandarin Chinese Language and Culture — 100 hours
  • Basic Arabic Language and Saudi/Gulf Culture — 100 hours
  • Basic Spanish Language for Different Vocations — 100 hours

Notably, TESDA Deputy Director General for Operations Aniceto “John” Bertiz III has stated that the NLSC is planning to add more language course to the list, such as French, Italian, and Korean.

As for the schedule of training, TESDA’s language courses are generally conducted during these days and hours:

  • Morning Session — Monday to Friday / 7:30am to 11:30am
  • Afternoon Session — Monday to Friday / 12:30pm to 4:30pm

NOTE: There are no evening or weekend classes offered.

In addition, the course availability depends on each Language Skills Institute (LSI), which are located across all regions of the Philippines. Contact the LSI nearest you for their latest course offerings and schedules (see TESDA Regional Sites below).

How to Enroll in a Free TESDA Language Course
Image Credit: TESDA / Facebook


Who are qualified to enroll in TESDA’s language courses? An applicant must be:

  • Filipino;
  • Male or female;
  • At least 18 years old; and
  • A high school graduate.

As you can see, almost everyone is welcome to enroll in TESDA’s language courses. However, priority will be given to those who are “pre-qualified to work locally or abroad” (e.g. BPO worker or OFW). Enrolment is also on a “first come, first served basis.” Nonetheless, if you really want to register for a language course, you can always inquire with TESDA.


Before signing up for a TESDA language course, be sure to prepare the following requirements:

  • Original and photocopy of ANY of these documents: (a) College Diploma or High School Diploma; (b) Transcript of Records; (c) Training Certificate from a TESDA-registered program; or (d) National Certificate or Certificate of Competency issued by TESDA;
  • Original copy of NSO Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate;
  • Three (3) 1×1” and two (2) 2×2” ID pictures on white background;
  • One (1) long brown envelope; and
    Career Profiling (this will be scheduled during enrollment).


TESDA’s language course are FREE. That’s right! You don’t have to pay anything! This is definitely great news, especially since language courses usually cost a hefty sum in most private schools and language institutes.


One way to sign up for a TESDA language class is through online registration. Simply head to this website — — and enter the required information (more on this below). Wait for the agency’s text message or call regarding the next steps for you to take.

A second option is to inquire directly with TESDA’s National LSI in Taguig, Metro Manila, or with the nearest TESDA LSI in your region. Just bring all the documentary requirements and ask about their language courses.

Either way, please be reminded that priority will be given to applicants who have been “pre-selected” or “nearly hired” by a potential employer. Furthermore, enrollment is on a “first come, first served” basis, as stated earlier.

How to Register Through TESDA Online Registration

Here is a step-by-step guide on TESDA’s online registration process, which is essential to enrolling in their language courses — or any other TESDA course, for that matter:

  1. Go to TESDA’s online registration site at
  2. Fill up the form and click the “Create” button. You will receive your Learner’s ID.
  3. Next, select “Qualification,” then enter your last name and Learner’s ID.
  4. Verify your profile. That’s it! Your application is now complete.

After completing the above steps, all you have to do now is to wait for the response from TESDA. You may receive a call, text, or email message.

Video: TESDA Language Courses

To learn more about TESDA’s language courses, check out this video shared via the agency’s Facebook page. It’s an interview on ABS-CBN Teleradyo, featuring TESDA Deputy Director General for Operations, Aniceto “John” Bertiz III. He talks about how interested applicants can sign up for the language courses:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Meanwhile, here some commonly asked questions — and answers — about TESDA’s language courses:

1. What are the different language courses offered by TESDA?

At present, TESDA offers courses on the following languages: English, Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic, and Spanish. More languages will be added to the list soon.

2. What is the schedule of TESDA’s language courses?

TESDA’s language courses are generally held on weekdays (Monday to Friday), from 7:30am to 11:30am for the morning sessions, and from 12:30pm to 4:30pm for the afternoon sessions. However, the exact dates and timings may still vary depending on the location (e.g. National LSI, Regional Training Center, or accredited schools). So be sure to contact the TESDA LSI nearest you.

3. How much is the TESDA language course?

All of TESDA’s language courses are offered FREE of charge.

4. What are the qualifications to enroll in a TESDA language course?

You can apply for a TESDA language course if you are: (a) Filipino, (b) male or female; (c) at least 18 years old; and (d) a high school graduate. However, please note that enrollment is done on a “first come, first served” basis. In addition, priority is given to those who are “prequalified to work locally and abroad.”

5. How to apply for TESDA’s language course?

To apply for a language course, you need to register first through TESDA’s online registration website at After completing your application, wait for a text message or call from TESDA.

Another option would be to inquire directly with the nearest TESDA LSI regarding their language course offerings.


Whether you are an OFW, a BPO worker, government employee, or simply a person who is interested in learning a foreign language, you can sign up for a language course with TESDA. After all, being proficient in a foreign language — especially if it is the medium of communication in your workplace — is a huge advantage. Since language plays an important role in society, it’s always a good idea to have at least some basic knowledge of your target country’s language.

Contact Information: TESDA Central Office

If you have any questions about TESDA’s language courses and other course offerings, you can get in touch with their main office in Taguig, Metro Manila through the following contact details:

Address: TESDA Complex, East Service Road, Taguig, 1630 Metro Manila
Telephone: (02) 8888 5641

Google Map Location

Here is the location of TESDA’s main office on Google Maps, for your reference:

TESDA Regional Sites

Below is a list of ALL the Language Skills Institutes (LSIs) accredited by TESDA. These include the agency’s national, regional and provincial training centers, as well as several schools that are also accredited to conduct language courses:

Region 1

TESDA LSI – Marcos Agro Industrial School
Address: Brgy. Lydia, Marcos, Ilocos Norte
Telephone: (077) 784 7956

TESDA LSI – Regional Training Center
Address: Catbangen, San Fernando City, La Union
Telephone: (072) 242 5584 / 700 0613

Region 2

TESDA LSI – Regional Training Center
Address: Consuelo Village, Pengue, Tuguegarao, Cagayan
Telephone: (078) 844 4224 / 846 8619
Email: /

TESDA LSI – Southern Isabela College of Arts and Trades
Address: Provincial Road, Calaocan, Santiago City, Isabela
Telephone: (078) 682 3924 / 682 8654

Region 3

TESDA LSI – Cabanatuan Provincial Capitol
Address: Old Capitol Compound, Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija
Telephone: (044) 463 1904

TESDA LSI – Korea – Philippines Information Technology Training Center
Address: MacArthur Highway, Tabang, Guiguinto
Telephone: (044) 794 4767 / 794 4520

Region 4A

TESDA LSI – Jacobo Z. Gonzales Memorial School of Arts and Trades
Address: San Antonio, Biñan, Laguna
Telephone: (049) 511 6133

TESDA LSI – Regional Training Center
Address: P. Herrera Street, Batangas City
Telephone: (043) 300 0388

Region 4B

TESDA LSI – Puerto Princesa School of Arts and Trades
Address: Felix Rafols, Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa City
Telephone: (048) 433 2224
Email: /

TESDA LSI – Likha Ka Provincial Capitol
Address: Provincial Capitol Compound, Camilmil, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro
Telephone: (043) 288-2352

Region 5

TESDA LSI – Regional Training Center
Address: San Jose, Pili, Camarines Sur
Telephone: (054) 477 7204

TESDA LSI – San Francisco Institute of Science and Technology
Address: San Francisco, Malilipot, Albay
Telephone: (052) 830 5093 / 830 1874

Region 6

TESDA LSI – Regional Training Center
Address: Zamora Streer, Iloilo City
Telephone: (033) 337 0739

TESDA LSI – New Lucena Polytechnic College
Address: Don Epifanio Sonza Sr. Avenue, New Lucena, Iloilo
Telephone: (033) 526 2015 / 396 0562

Region 7

TESDA LSI – Regional Training Center
Address: Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Banilad, Cebu City
Telephone: (032) 412 7267

TESDA LSI – Provincial Training Center
Address: Poblacion, Jagna, Bohol
Telephone: (038) 531 0018

Region 8

TESDA LSI – Regional Training Center
Address: San Gerardo Subdivision, Barangay Abucay, Tacloban City
Telephone: (053) 321 8249 / 523 9229

TESDA LSI – Balicuatro College of Arts and Trades
Address: Sabang Zone 2, Allen, Northern Samar
Telephone: (055) 300 2125

Region 9

TESDA LSI – Regional Training Center
Address: San Roque, Zamboanga City
Telephone: (062) 991 9586

TESDA LSI – Provincial Training Center
Address: Goleo, Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte
Telephone: (065) 224 2227

TESDA LSI – Dipolog School of Fisheries
Address: Olingan, Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte
Telephone: (065) 212 7248 / 212 5237

Region 10

TESDA LSI – Cagayan de Oro Bugo School of Arts and Trades
Address: Bugo, Cagayan de Oro City
Telephone: (08822) 742 576 / 740 404

TESDA LSI – Regional Training Center
Address: Maria Cristina Road, Maria Cristina, Iligan City
Telephone: (063) 223 6541

Region 11

TESDA LSI – Regional Training Center / Korea – Philippines Vocational Training Center
Address: Buhisan, Tibungko, Davao City
Telephone: (082) 236 0556 / 238 0007 / 0919 388 5250

TESDA LSI – Carmelo de los Cientos National Trade School
Address: Padada, Davao del Sur
Telephone: (082) 272 0295

Region 12

TESDA LSI – Surallah National Agricultural School
Address: Barangay Dajay, Surallah, South Cotabato
Telephone: (083) 238 5111 / 238 3050

TESDA LSI – Cotabato City TESDA Extension Office
Address: ORC Compound, Cotabato City
Telephone: (064) 421 4460 / 421 6108


TESDA LSI – BARMM Regional Manpower Development Center
Address: Rebekun, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao
Telephone: (064) 429 0091

TESDA LSI – Zamboanga Regional Coordination Office
Address: 2nd Floor, LHB Building, Veterans Avenue, Zamboanga City
Telephone: (062) 990 2959


TESDA LSI – Regional Training Center
Address: Magsaysay Drive, Loakan Road, Baguio City
Telephone: (074) 424 8724 / 305 2405

TESDA LSI – Provincial Training Center
Address: Bulanao, Tabuk, Kalinga
Telephone: (074) 423 2126


TESDA LSI – Agusan del Sur School of Arts and Trades
Address: Government Center, Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur
Telephone: (085) 343 7709 / 343 7132

TESDA LSI – Northern Mindanao School of Fisheries
Address: Matabao, Buenavista, Agusan del Norte
Telephone: (085) 343 4201


TESDA LSI – Lingkod Bayan Skills Development Center
Address: Barangay Hall, Dalia Street, Fairview, Quezon City
Telephone: (02) 937 4248

National LSI – TESDA Complex
Address: Building 10, TESDA Complex, East Service Road, South Superhighway, Taguig City

DISCLAIMER: We hope that this guide has been helpful, especially for those who are keen on learning a new language for work and/or career development purposes. Please note that this guide is presented for general, information-sharing purposes only. To know more about the requirements, steps, and schedules of TESDA’s language courses, please visit the agency’s official website and Facebook page.

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