Research Reveals Exercise Brings More Happiness than Money

Maybe you’ve been told many times already that something as simple as exercise can bring a positive impact on your life – you may have taken this as a small reminder that’d be nice to do, but too difficult to pursue given how much you try to beat the clock to earn more than what everyone else does or to chase the kind of success that you wish to achieve.

However, if we’re talking about long-term happiness, in consideration of one’s quality of life, state of mind, and overall outlook on life, apparently we’re picking the shorter end of the stick if we prioritize money over our health. Continue to read below to know why. . .

Research Reveals Exercise Brings More Happiness than Money

Invest More in Health than Economic Status to be Happy – Study

Researchers at Yale and Oxford recently established the significant relationship between exercise and one’s mental health than economic status, as shared in a report by Business Insider.

According to the study, a person who exercises daily feels bad for 35 days while inactive ones feel bad 18 days more.

And while people may not be accepting of the idea at first, the study also pointed out that trying out sports activities would bring stability to a person’s mental health as an effect of socialization.

The scientists collected data about the physical behaviour and mental mood of over 1.2 million Americans.

In line with the study, the participants were asked to choose from 75 types of physical activity and how frequently they are unwell mentally in performing those.

Of note, these participants were also asked about their income.

Interestingly, the results showed that people who stay active tend to be happier.

It may be contested that happiness is a state of mind, and varies from one person to another.

However, this is only but an excuse and a larger burden that we put upon ourselves, because we all know that as we get older, we do not remain as strong, fast, and fit as we were during our younger years.

While on the other hand, there is no end to work, and most of the time, too much time put on work could even lead to physical challenges due to high stress and low physical activity that come along with it.

Perhaps the biggest surprise in this is not the exercise exactly, but the fact that our body needs to perform this as part of its basic functions in order to maintain health, and therefore, get more out of life or to be happy.

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