Raffy Tulfo Donates PHP 1 Million to Victims of Typhoon Ulysses

Raffy Tulfo is known by many Filipinos and most especially to OFWs who are in need of help or are distressed. They reach out to him and seek assistance in solving their problems. Idol Raffy Tulfo shares his blessing to the victims of the most recent typhoon, Ulysses. In a video uploaded in his YouTube channel, he shared that he pledged PHP 1 Million from his own pocket.

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In the face of a health crisis, we’re also battling natural calamities. After typhoon Rolly passed, typhoon Ulysses hit the Philippines without much warning. This led to many Filipinos being displaced. Despite the difficulties we encounter, we always give to those who are in need. Check out the video below:

Huge Amount Donated by Idol Raffy Tulfo for Filipino Typhoon Victims

On Raffy’s YouTube Channel, he shared that he and his team are aware of the Philippines’ recent weather crisis. He immediately pledged to donate PHP 1M to provide aid to those who are affected by the typhoon.

Initially, Raffy stated that there are people like Jocelyn, her wife who donated a big amount of money and relief goods for those who were affected in Bicol. He is proud to say that he’ll help the victims by donating his money to the Alagang Kapatid Foundation, He also mentioned that he’ll transfer it immediately.

Raffy spoke with the Executive Director of Alagang Kapatid Foundation, Menchie Silvestre. The conversation started with Menchie’s feelings towards the recent event. She shared her grief for the affected people. Although she knew the hardship every Filipino is going through, she is relieved to hear that Raffy will be donating money to the Foundation.

Below are images shared by the Presidential Communications FB Page regarding the flood that the typhoon caused:


In Raffy Tulfo’s recent show “Wanted sa Radyo”, Sir Raffy introduces news anchor Cheryl Cosim (a member of Alagang Kapatid Foundation and is also the “face” of the foundation.

During their conversation, Cheryl could not express her happiness that Raffy donated a big sum of money. She described how Raffy’s genuine generosity never fades. And even though he’s not a big-time “Idol” yet, he has always been a giving person to the needy.

Take note that the amount came from Raffy’s personal account, not their production company’s account.

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Cheryl and Raffy explained that every help they receive, no matter big or small, everything has value. Raffy’s words wanted to make us realize that we can also help the needy with their extra cash for donations. Cheryl emphasized that they also accept non-monetary aid like relief goods, clothing, and etc. She explained that the smallest things coming from us can be big if combined. And Raffy says, if you don’t have any kind of donation, he reminds us to Pray.

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