Filipino Suffers Extreme Burns after Cupping Therapy in a Massage Parlor in Singapore

Massage therapies and treatments are ways to alleviate the discomfort or fatigue of a person. A chef in Aljunied Avenue, Singapore decided to visit a massage parlor hoping to soothe his backaches and pains. After a cupping therapy session, he allegedly got severe blisters and burns from the therapy.

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Visiting a spa and massage place is one way to enjoy a relaxing day off from work. There are many treatments like getting a massage, scrubs, and other therapies that relieves tensions in the human body. There are also some therapies or treatments that help in providing comfort. However, it is important that you are careful to check the quality and the establishment before going for these treatments. In a recent post online, the experience didn’t seem quite the same for a chef who wanted to relax at a massage parlor.

ofw chef suffers massage cupping in singapore
Right Image: Screenshot from Facebook: @xinjiapoyan 

Singapore Expat Sufffers Intense Burns and Wounds from Cupping Therapy

The chef, identified as John Rey, suffered damages on his back after a cupping therapy in a massage parlor in Aljunied had gone wrong. Remembering the experience he had at the parlor, John said that the burns were very nasty and the staff who handled his cupping therapy did not appear to be very experienced.

Below is a post on Facebook online about the alleged incident.

The cupping therapy or Ba Guan is a common treatment for body ailments in the ways of Chinese Medicine, it is a traditional method that helps relieve blood flow, inflammation, pain, relaxation, and well-being. It is a type of deep-tissue massage, special cups are put on your skin to create a suction.

The 36-year-old chef shared his photos on a social media website but was deleted. The photos displayed the degree of his wounds. It’s not very relaxing after seeing the effects of cupping therapy.

The experience of Chef John Rey may serve as a reminder for us all to be careful when deciding to do the therapy or not. Perhaps, it’s best to ask first if the equipment and the therapist are licensed to operate.

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