Ateneo Junior High Bully in Viral Video Dismissed from School

A recent video showing a Junior high student bullying other students in various parts of the campus has surfaced and became viral. It showed the student showing his superiority by beating other students. Plenty of celebrity personalities and netizens were disgusted by the behavior of the student.

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The responses has also promoted parents and concerned viewers to follow up so a plan of action can be done to the said bully. In a recent report, the bully was dismissed from the school.

Ateneo Junior High Bully in Viral Video Dismissed from School
Image: Ateneo de Manila University/Facebook

Ateneo Junior High Bully in Viral Video Gets Dismissal

Nowadays people can easily access and share anything on the internet to help promote a cause, raise awareness, or to ostracize someone. Whatever the reason may be behind the posts shared online, it opens the eyes of the public to things which may not have been given due attention had it not been readily communicated via the internet.

However, behind the filtered campaigns of people and brands on social media, a dark side exists in the seemingly mundane activities of common people in their daily lives, as well. A recent uproar on social media has exploded when a video of a junior high school student bullying another student within the premises of the Ateneo de Manila High School emerged and instantly became viral.

Here is the news video report of the dismissal of the student, by GMA News

According to Ateneo de Manila University president Fr. Jose Ramon T. Villarin, S.J., the junior high school student shown in the viral video has already been dismissed, according to a report by GMA News Online.

Fr. Villarin shared through a Facebook post, that after a thorough investigation which included listening to all parties involved, has been conducted regarding the case, a decision of the administration is to impose the highest penalty of DISMISSAL on the student caught to have been involved in the bullying incident inside the comfort room of the school.

What this means is that the identified student will no longer be allowed to come back to Ateneo.

Viral Video of Small-Frame Student Bullying Bigger Schoolmate

Below is the news report from GMA News

As per Villarin, he has already informed the parents of both the students involved in the incident about the university administration’s decision on the case. He also mentioned that the school has offered the families continued support as they deal with this challenging time.

Furthermore, he also shared that the investigation is still on-going as there are still other matters to be explored about the incident.

Moreover, in response to this situation, the school has also formed a special task force that will dig deeper into the bullying situation within the campus so as to review existing measures and systems, as well as to offer appropriate solutions to establish a safer and bully-free environment in Ateneo.

At this point, Fr. Villarin urged everyone to help the involved parties heal instead of further adding fuel to the flame. He noted that everyone, too, has the power to stop fighting one another, if we can muster the courage to do so. And the first way to achieve this is to refuse adding fuel to the fire and helping the children heal from the incident.

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