OFW Children’s Circle to Launch Soon – OWWA

The OWWA is establishing a Children’s Circle to help the children of overseas workers who were left behind by their parents in the Philippines.

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Susan Toots Ople, DMW Secretary and chief of the Migrant Workers’ Association of the Philippines, and Benny Laguesma, the Labor Secretary, approved a resolution last week for the establishment of a children’s club for the OFW community.OWWA Eyes Launching OFW Children’s Circle

OFW Children’s Circle Soon to Launch, Aims to Assist Children of Overseas Workers – OWWA

It is imperative to organise the OFW Children’s Circle to achieve their potential in community and nation building. It will also address the societal impact of labor migration such as separation from their OFW-parent, negative effects on their well-being and mental health, and help them cope with the negative effects and social costs of migration and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the resolution said.

The goal of the OFW Children’s Circle is to provide a safe environment for children who are left behind by their parents. Through a variety of activities and programs, the group aims to improve their social skills and develop their civic involvement.

The board of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) approved a proposal to establish a community of OFW children. According to Hans Cacdac, the creation of this group was one of the orders of President Ferdinand Marcos. Aside from sports and recreation, the organization also plans to conduct various activities such as financial literacy and civic involvement.

We will form groups of OFW children in the Philippines left behind by their OFW parents and address their societal needs in terms of cushioning the negative effects of the absence of their OFW loved ones,” Cacdac said.

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