How to Import Cars to the Philippines

how to import car to philippines

One of the status symbols that Filipinos abroad get to invest in are cars. Cars are ultimate symbols that you have made it. For some, the flashier the car, the better. However, as we know, … Read more

15 Photos: Trip to Hong Kong Disneyland

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Philippine Consulate General in Milan, Italy

Even if you are overseas, you can still communicate with the Philippine government through embassies and consulates. OFWs in Italy can head to either the embassy or the consulate to get their passports, visas, birth … Read more

Philippine Embassy in Budapest, Hungary

For Filipinos who are living and working in Hungary, the Philippine embassy can cater to your needs. The Philippine government works through embassies in order to serve more Filipinos who are abroad. If you need … Read more

Philippine Embassy in Rome, Italy  

Philippine Embassy in Rome, Italy

Filipinos who are currently in Italy, you can refer to the embassy and consulate if you need services from the Philippine government. The Philippines has a presence in Italy and it is evident in the … Read more

20 Things to Know about Rome, Italy

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Philippine Consulate General in Macau

The Philippine Consulate in Macau is ready to serve Filipinos who are in Macau. Filipinos don’t have to go to the embassy of China to avail of the services they need from the embassy. The … Read more